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  • 1. By Angie Green and Paula Shapiro

2. Hip-Hop LitPhat Lit Gangsta Lit 3. Street Literature Raw, gritty urban stories set in theviolent, dangerous, familiar, and sometimes exhilaratinglandscape of the streets, featuring tough characters (oftenAfrican American) and focusing on themes of interpersonalrelationships and survival by any means necessary. (Honig, p. ix) African American Literature Simply, writings by people of African descent living in the U.S. 4. Same feel as Hip-Hop Lyrics Sensationalizes inner-city conditions Gratuitous Graphic Not African American Literature 5. Settings Urban areas Street life Characters Young adults Females in turmoil Males often are abusive, drug dealers, in jail Plot Action is fast-paced Conflict driven Themes Violence, death, drugs, sex, crime, etc.. Modern Cautionary Tales 6. Writing Styles First Person Street Slang and Hip-Hop Verbiage Profanity Authenticity Write From Personal Knowledge Paperback Covers Similar to Rap Albums 7. Authentic tone, flavor, appeal connected topublishing history Non-conformist attitudes with mainstreampublishing Whiteness Middle/upper class aspirations Market to own communities Authors maintain creative control 8. Self-published Independent publishers Poorly edited Began selling titles from the trunks of their cars Reviews 9. August 4, 1918 April 28, 1992Robert Beck 10. December 15, 1936 October 21, 1974pseudonym: Al C. Clark That credit you dead it, I know heads gettin annoyed,And knew all about a dope fiend before reading Donald Goines -from Can I Live II ReasonableDoubt (Jay-Z) [1999] 11. Began with two street-themed novels Published by Simon & Schuster Large-scale attention Independent authors gain undergroundsuccess Not targeted to teens but they were reading it! 12. www.sistersouljah.comApril 21, 2011Chicago Public Library 400 State StreetChicago, IL 60605 6:00 pm 13. http://www.triplecrownpublications.com/theblog/Vicki Stringer http://www.teriwoodspublishing.com/site.htmlhttp://www.urbanbooks.net Carl Weber 14. Just Like Shakespeare Similar themes oflove, sex, jealousy, betrayal, murder, and revenge Meaningful Reflection of experience Identify with characters Engage at safe distance Entertainment Risk-free thrills Escape 15. Harry Potter phenomenon Teens need books with which they can identify Morals across all cultures Appeals to Picky Readers Confidence Gateway for discussions Reading = Bigger World 16. Read a Book Blokhedz 17. Inappropriate Language and/or SexualContent Glorifies Sex, Drugs, and Crime Exposed To Dangerous Ideas May Emulate Language and Behaviors Negative Portrayal of Women and GLBTs Portrayal of African American Community Reinforces Stereotypes 18. Literary Quality Grammar/Spelling Focuses on Plot Shelving Inclusive Collection 19. Word on the Street Lit Library Journal 20. Urban Grit:A Guide to Street LitBy: Megan Honing The Readers AdvisoryGuide to Street Literature By: Vanessa Irvin Morris 21. aka Ms. Dominohttp://missdomino.blogspot.comhttp://kcboyd.wikispaces.comhttp://www.meganhonig.com http://www.vanirvinmorris.com 22. Street Fiction www.streetfiction.org Street Literature www.streetliterature.com Phat Fiction Wiki www.phatfiction.wikispaces.com Library Success Wikihttp://libsuccess.org/index.php?title=Urban_Fiction/Street_Lit ALA Wikihttp://wiki.ala.org/professionaltips/index.php/street_lit_collection_development_resources KC Boyd (aka Ms. Domino)http://missdomino.blogspot.com