uralchem celebrates its 7th anniversary

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  • 8/12/2019 URALCHEM Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary



    Last Friday marked the seventh anniversary of the foundation of URALCHEM.

    Moscow, Russia (July 14, !14"-- Last Friday marked the seventh anniversary of the foundation ofURALCHEM.

    Ever since it was set up in !!"# URALCHEM has pursued a strate$y of conso%idatin$ assets whi%stimprovin$ the efficiency of &usiness processes# increasin$ productivity and profita&i%ity# as we%% asreducin$ transaction costs. 'oday# URALCHEM is a %eadin$ manufacturer of nitro$en ferti%i(ers.

    Rankin$ first in Russia in the production of ammonia and ammonium nitrate# the company supp%iesmore than )! kinds of products in more than *! countries.

    +ver the past seven years# URALCHEM has &oosted tota% production &y more than , times. n !,the company produced *.!/ mi%%ion tons of its main products and set a record for the production of$ross ammonia at .) mi%%ion tons. Revenue has $rown more than four-fo%d for the past seven years#reachin$ 0." &i%%ion in !,. n terms of profita&i%ity# URALCHEM is one of the industry %eaders# noton%y in Russia# &ut a%so $%o&a%%y. 'he company1s E2'3A $rew from 0!" mi%%ion in !!" to 0*,mi%%ion in !,# with an E2'3A mar$in of )4. 'he company is active%y reinvestin$ its profits. +verthe period of !!" to !,# URALCHEM has invested 0*) mi%%ion in its own deve%opment.

    5enera% 3irector of URALCHEM +67C 3mitry 8onyaev commented# 9'oday URALCHEM is one of the

    %eaders of the chemica% industry. 'his is a company that has mana$ed in a short time to wa%k a paththat has taken many p%ayers in the industry decades: a company that is confident in the future. ;e aredeve%opin$ and %aunchin$ new products# stren$thenin$ our positions in key markets and enterin$ newmarkets. ;e &e%ieve that URALCHEM is set for a %on$-term and sta&%e deve%opment. ts emp%oyees#hi$h%y

  • 8/12/2019 URALCHEM Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary


    @oskresensk Minera% Ferti%isers# +67C in @oskresensk# Moscow re$ion.

    Some of the information in this press release may contain projections or other forward-lookingstatements regarding future events or the future financial performance of URALCH!" #e wish tocaution you that these statements are only predictions" #e do not intend to update these statementsand our actual results may differ materially from those contained in our projections or forward-lookingstatements$ including$ among others$ the achievement of anticipated levels of profita%ility$ growth$ cost

    and synergy of our recent ac&uisitions$ the impact of competitive pricing$ the a%ility to o%tainnecessary regulatory approvals and licenses$ the impact of developments in the Russian economic$

    political and legal environment$ financial risk management and the impact of general %usiness andglo%al economic conditions"