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The latest news, product updates and events at Adaptalift Hyster.


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  • * Terms & Conditions apply. Offer valid until December 6th, 2013. All prices are GST exclusive. All offers are subject to availability at time of order. Offer only valid for minimum 10 weeks rental on selected models. Offer may not be available to all geographic locations nationally. Images are for illustrative purposes only. We reserve the right to correct errors or omissions.

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  • As a company with a heavy focus on implementing the best technology, both for our customers and our staff, we are very proud to bring you the Technology issue of Uptime. In this issue we take a look at how the materials handling industry is shaped by advance-ments and breakthroughs that make our jobs that little bit easier.

    Highlights within this issue include case studies with both Global Manufacturing Group and AWH Pty Ltd. Long-standing customer Global Manufacturing Group, a metal manufacturer, describes how they have benefited from Adaptalift Hysters rental solutions. A more recent customer acquisition of AWH who provide economies in warehousing and export services for Australias wool industry, also explain how teaming up with Adaptalift Hyster has benefited their organisation.

    Adaptalift Hyster is extremely excited to launch the Technical Support Hotline which will have many benefits for our customers includ-ing a decrease in downtime when servicing is required as well as an increase in response times from our technicians. This advance-ment will improve on the job training and provide our technicians with the very best technical support.

    As part of our ongoing investment we have increased the number of forklifts in our Short Term Rental fleet in order to support compa-nies through times of increased productivity. This increase will allow more availability for companies investing in short to medium rental terms over anticipated demanding periods.

    We are also very proud of our recent market success. Adaptalift Hyster made a commitment to investing in infrastructure in order to provide market leading support for our customers which has proved to be successful. With an increase in our market share, we are proud of our improvements and continue to strive to do even better.

    We hope you enjoy our Technology issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any feedback to offer.


    Andrew SatterleyChief Executive Officer

    WelcomeFrom our CEO

  • Contents5 AALH News and

    Updates: National Tech Support Hotline

    5 The Hyster TX Custom Build

    6 Advice from the A-team

    7 Every Day Technologies Changing the Face of Materials Handling

    9 How ForkTrack Technology Improves Workplace Safety

    11 AWH Leading the change in Australian wool storage with Aisle-Master Forklifts

    15 Tyre Saving Axle Design Technology

    17 Did you know:How Forklifts Work?

    18 Moving Awkward Loads - The Benefits of Forklift Attachments

    19 Rental Remedy Works Well for Global Manufacturing Group

    23 The Evolution of the Forklift

    25 Advances in Materials Handling

    27 An interview with Jason KoManaging Director of Speedshield Technologies




    29 Adaptalift Hyster raises funds for the Starlight Children's Foundation

    30 Get Inventive and Win a Lytro Camera





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    The Hyster TX Custom BuildEven with the large range of materials handling equipment now available, there are still instances where a companys application calls for the customisation of equipment, in order to improve upon ef-ficiency in the workplace. As a company, Adaptalift Hyster understands the impor-tance of customisation, in order to ensure the safety of operators and increase pro-ductivity within ones business. A recent example of this is the development of the Sidecar Hyster Forklift, designed and en-gineered for the production of aluminium.

    The custom-made Sidecar Hyster Forklift was developed for use in the confined area of the aluminium smelter. Taking approximately three months to modify, the forklift is capable of operating in areas with extreme electromagnetic fields. This has been achieved through fully insulat-ing and protecting the wiring harness and electrics to prevent any interference with the electrics. Furthermore, the forklift has

    been cut down to an overall height of 1.6m to allow for its use within restrict-ed spaces. The overhead guard has also been cut down and widened to suit the sidecar and the 3-stage mast has been reduced to a collapsed height of 1.6m to match the height of the forklift. Additional modifications include the sidecar frame, which was completely engineered and fabricated to mount onto the existing forklift, with the driving controls and assembly moved and mounted to the sidecar frame. Other features within the forklift include the quick fill attachment for the hydraulic oil that allows for quick refilling and oil sampling and an external hydraulic sight glass fitted for quick oil level detection.

    Through modifying forklifts, such as the Sidecar Hyster Forklift, Adaptalift Hyster, ensures that businesses are using the correct equipment for their applications, effectively reducing risks and enhancing efficiency.

    AALH News and Updates: National Tech Support HotlineLaunching in October, our Service Department will be extending their services to include a National Technical Phone Support Line, where our service technicians can call in and receive assistance and advice over the phone.

    This hotline will be aimed at improving our service among our field technicians nationally. Our technicians will have access to on the spot training and information from suppliers, including attachment queries and problem solving assistance. This will assist in developing our overall national service training. By

    centralising our hotline to work with our technicians, we can achieve higher visibility on any common problem areas including issues with particular forklifts or areas of a forklift creating concern. As a result, we can administer national awareness to these common issues. Service bulletins will be posted to keep our branches updated on products and an online library will be set up with different issues and resolutions.

    Paul Piccinini will manage all technical support calls and emails from both internal staff and customers as part of his role as

    National Technical Support. He will log and case-manage these technical support issues; identifying the root cause of the cases presented and provide solutions to our technicians in the field. Coordinating with Service and State managers, Paul will identify and distribute any technical information or critical cases to our AALH branches nationally. Paul will resolve technical issues with suppliers where required. Additionally, Paul has been with Adaptalift for 3 years and in the industry 28 years and looks forward to the benefits that his new responsibility will bring to Adaptalift Hyster and our customers.

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    Advice from the A-team

    Benefits of Forklifts in Comparison to AGV TechnologyWith interest growing regarding AGV technology, it is important to consider the benefits that forklifts are able to provide: Forklifts have lower ongoing costs compared to AGV technology and have better market proven reliability. Forklift operators are more capable of detecting issues, such as damaged floors and can flag breakdowns and issues with picking

    orders. Forklifts can operate at faster speeds and are more flexible at handling different sized loads and non-repetitive tasks.

    Blog Post: Forklifts VS. Automated Guided Vehicles

    Compressed Natural Gas as an Alternative Fuel When contemplating the use of compressed natural gas for forklifts, it is important to anticipate the capital expense to cover the

    increased costs of actual CNG equipped forklifts from the manufacturer, as this can be overwhelming. CNG equipped forklifts can also be limited in the class and applications in which they operate. Benefits of CNG include; lower fuel costs against traditional ICE fuel options and less price fluctuation. CNG also burns cleaner than


    Blog Post: Alternative Fuel Solutions"

    Advantages of RFID Tags RFID tags carry large data capabilities, such as product maintenance, shipping histories and expiry dates, all of which can be

    programmed into the tag. RFID tags contain high levels of security. Data can be encrypted, password protected or set to include a kill feature to remove data

    permanently. They can also read at faster rates than barcodes, approximately 40 RFID tags can be read simultaneously.

    Blog Post: RFID VS Barcodes: Advantages and Disadvantages Comparison"

    Hydrostatic DriveHydrostatic drive offers a fast and