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  • 1. Once we have recorded the video with your camera, it is time to upload it on the web

2. In order to do so, you should register on the following page: www.vimeo.com 3. Select Join Vimeo 4. And basic which is free 5. And just write down the information you are requested 6. They offer you a better account, but tell them that 'maybe later' 7. You should receive a confirmation message into your mail account; if you do not do so, check the spam or click the 'send me another confirmation email 8. It is time to upload your video; it could take several minutes depending on the size of the video file. So, it is time to start the uploading process and be patient or do another thing :)))) 9. Select the video file from the place you saved it on your computer 10. As I told you it takes a long time 11. Here it is :) Sorry about the picture. Now it is time to embed it into our blog. In order to do so, select embed on the top right corner of the video 12. A code will be given to you. Select and copy it as I show you on the following slides 13. Now it is time to go to our blog 14. And create a new post 15. Where we will paste the video code with 'edit html' selected

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