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  • 1. Uploading Batch Images Adding a Journal Entry

2. Select the Upload option to continue to the upload screen. 3. Select the above link to choose the files you need to upload. 4. You can use the ctrl+click and the shift+click option to select multiple files. You may also upload one at a time. (You know. If your bored.) 5. You can use the trashcan to remove items from the upload. Make sure "Private" is selected so only members can see them. Finally select this button to begin your upload. 6. Gotta love the nice upload screen Flickr has. 7. When the upload finishes you'll be able to add more data like descriptions, tags, etc. Click the link to move along. 8. Look for this box. This is how you put groups of photos into a related set such as a group for a journal entry. Select "Create a new Set..." If you are uploading image to add to a journal you can select one from the drop down box. 9. Enter a name for the set. I used: [Twin's first name] Journal [mm]/[yyyy] The name is up to you and can be changed later without disturbing how the set is displayed on wordpress. Finally select the "Create Set" button. 10. After you create the set and add descriptions (that one is optional) select the save button to confirm everything. 11. On the journal post in wordpress (for this example Jef's August 2011 post) place the above shortcode where you want the gallery to appear. 12. Flickr takes you to a view of image you just uploaded. Select "Your Sets" in the "You" drop down. 13. See the new set we created? (it's right there!) Select the set to view it's images. We'll need a special number from the set. 14. In the url for the set copy the number at the end. Don't copy the slashes. 15. Return to the journal entry (you didn't close it did you?) and place the number into photoset="". See the before and after above. 16.

  • Once you add the gallery you have a few options:
    • Preview the page before you make the change.
    • Publish the journal entry to go live.
    • If you're updating an already created journal you can update an already published journal entry.
  • The choice is yours!

17. And here we are the gallery is added. I must say, it looks great! 18. Have fun!