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  • New Investment Brokerage/Consultancy.

    R oger L e w i s BS c (hons) M R I C S . C u rr i cu l u m V i t ae . September 2015


    Warriner School, Bloxham, 1976-1981.

    Kent School Hostert & Colchester Institute of FE 81-83, A Levels Economics (Grade A) and

    Law (Grade B)

    Polytechnic of the South Bank 1984-1988. 2:1 Estate Management.

    Qualified MRICS October 1990.


    Shell UK, Sandwich Year placement 1986-1987, Based Whitehall London Shell UK Property Division, dealing with general estate management and property taxation for the Shell group of companies. Prudential Assurance Society, London Shop PLC, Hillier Parker May and Rowden 1988-1990, completed training for RICS at The Pru and London Shop working inManagement surveying and Investment and Research rolls reporting to Research Director of London Shop during hostile takeover by Peel Holdings.

    Recruited specifically to assist with the Setting up Of Hillier Parkers London Docklands Office in 1989.

    June 1990 Set up Roger Lewis Docklands. A specialist Real Estate Consultants in London Docklands Commercial Property grew to 53rd largest consultancy in RICS published Data by value of instructions.

    June 1996 Set up Roger Lewis Residential. Sales and Lettings of Residential Properties

    September 1996. Set up Redwell Investments Limited and subsequently a series of SinglePurpose property Development, Investment and Trading companies.

    Including. Telegraph Residential Developments Limited, 42-44 Orchard Place Limited, Hercules Wharf Limited, Westhill House Henley Limited, Rushmills Limited, Lanark House Limited, East14.com, 1-3 Cuba Street Limited.

    The combined group of companies along with the property management companies were all managed and administered by Roger Lewis Docklands with (Roger Lewis as Managing Director) which acted as a management and Marketing consultant liaising with the companies Legal advisors, Architects and other professionals to drive through Planning, sales, purchases and construction of various projects totalling in excess of 100m from1997-2001. The team of professionals and investors totalled over 50 individuals.

  • New Investment Brokerage/Consultancy.

    The companies were systematically liquidated and shareholdings disposed of between 2001 and 2007, Realising some 7.5m of profits from disposals for my familys individual holdings. facilitating a move out of London in April 2003 where I have concentrated on restoring the Belmont Estate from a Derelict wreck in 2003 to a fully restored working Estate in July 2008.

    Re located in April 2009 to Sweden, for Children to attend Swedish Schools, Rhiannon now10 and Rasmus 6.

    Since moving to Sweden I have followed and autodidactic program of study in Philosophy, Musicand Digital signal processing I am fluent in the use of Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems and and have a wide knowledge of technical aspects of Sound engineering and sound modeling.

    After spending 5 years studying widely whilst being a stay at home dad now that both myChildren are in Full Time education I have launced Tychastic Investment Group to Build anew Investment and Development Company based on Ethical and Sustainable principlesFrom Technology through to Financing outside of traditional Debt leveraging fromFractional Reserve Banks. Peer to peer and Direct Equity and Bond capital are all seen aslower risk and more sustainable according to our business model.

    Investment Strategy.

    Transcendent and Ethical property Investment and Development consulting and partnership.

    Building upon a longstanding inquiry into seeing the world of commerce as it is and developing solutions that can sustain-ably transcend the inherent anomalies brought about by institutionalised asymmetric Capital, Credit and Debt structures.This is a new venture focusing upon Investment, Development, Consultancy & Partnering projects in the commercial property sector in the Nordics region, Based in Sweden but covering Denmark, Norway and Finland.

    Transcendent Investment Analysis Transcendant Development AppraisalTranscendant Risk Analysis

    Ap to hlou metstthi "Stand a little out of my sun" Legendary reply of Diogenes the Cynic when Alexander the Great asked him if he had anywish he desired to fulfil version recounted by Plutarch