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Date: 19 June, 2007


1. PROPOSED POSITION: Sr. Institutional Development Specialist2. NAME : Madhav Prasad Joshi

3. PROFESSION: Individual Independent National Consultant

4. DATE OF BIRTH: October 21, 1962


Master's in Arts (Sociology), 1989, H.N.B Garhwal University, Shreenagar (Deharadoon) U.P., India.

Bachelors in Arts (Sociology), 1985, Lucknow University, Lucknow, U.P., India.



Reading WritingSpeaking


Excellent Excellent Excellent


Excellent Excellent Excellent




Local (Tharu, Bhojpuri, Maithali, Doteli)




Member, Competitiveness and Development (CoDe) Institute" October, 2015,

Member, International Journal of Social Science and Entrepreneurship, 2013 Member, Monitoring and Evaluation Professional Group, 2013,

Member, Nepal Development Forum, 2013,

Member, American Sociological Association, 2013,

Member, British Sociological Association, 2013,

Member, Rural Development Group, 2013,

Life Member (MN-364) of Pancheshwor Sewa Samiti, Kusunti, Lalitpur, Nepal; January, 2013

ADB CMS (No.:066255), 16 March, 2012 Founder Member of Team for Human Resources and Action for Development (NGO), Lalitpur, 2012

Life Member (MN-124) of International Network on Participatory Irrigation Management (INPIM) Nepal Chapter, Kathmandu, March, 2011

Life Member of Kusunti Nayanagar Vikas Samaj (CBO), Lalitpur-13, Nepal-December, 2005 Member of Rural Development Foundation (NGO), Nepal, 2001.

Chairperson/Founder Member of Merit Foundation (NGO), Bhimdatta Municipality, Kanchanpur, Nepal, March, 1993.

Life Member of Family Planning Association Nepal, January, 1993.

9. EMPLOYMENT RECORDs:FROM 01 MARCH, 2016 TO PRESENT (intermittent inputs);

Employer: Joint Ventures of CMS Engineering Consult Private Limited, Full Bright Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. PROJECT: Technical Assistance for Implementation of Component-A; Irrigation Infrastructure Development and Improvement Irrigation and Water Resource Management Project-Additional Financing (IWRMP-AF) Far, Mid and Western Regions (IDA Credit Nos. 4515-NP and 5344-NP; Grant Nos. H338-NP and H902-NP) Department of Irrigation, Lalitpur

Client: Dol/GoN

Budget : USD 50 MillionsContact Person: Mr. Liaquat Rabbani PMP/Team Leader; Mob: ; E-mail: POSITION HELD AND DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Training Management Specialist; Frequently field visit and monitoring the activities of Sub-projects (SPs) on capacity building of 83 WUAs in 40 districts of Western, Mid Western and Far Western regions.

Assist the Office of the Project Director (OPD) in conducting training seminars and workshops involving Irrigation and Agricultural staff, other government officials and key farmers to improve DOI's capabilities in participating and supporting participatory irrigation development.

Assist in orientation and training of trainees in the application of the participatory strategy and in understanding the basic principles of the irrigation sector program,

Assist in training the selected NGOs as to improve their capability to work as a facilitator between WUAs and IDD/IDSD/GBOs and to take up the WUA strengthening activities;

Prepared three years training plan for WUAs, ToRs of WUA capacity building through involvement of NGO and Social and Environmental monitoring of the SPs and formats of voluntary land donation, social mapping, Users list, SE monitoring, project completion and trainings Provided project orientation training to AOs, Accountants, Engineers and staff of the Agriculture offices and Institutional building training to WUA farmers at the SPs areas. Assist in the environmental study like Social and Environment Management Plan (SEMP) of the Farmer Managed Irrigation Schemes (FMIS) Sub-projects,

Develop co-ordination linkages among Division, Sub-division, RID, DADO, RAD, DoA, DoI and DOA and line agencies at the district, Regional and Central levels.

Assist Irrigation Divisions/Sub-Divisions on grievances of land acquisition, resettlement and compensation issues of sub-projects.

Assist to prepare Resettlement Action Plan (RAP), Gender Action Plan (GAP), Indigenous Peoples Development Plan (IPDP), Vulnerable Peoples Development Plan (VPDP) including Dalit,

Help in integrating identified social gender development needs and concerns in the establishment and strengthening of WUAs and irrigated agricultural systems;

Assist and advise the DOI staff and selected NGOs to implement specific training programs to introduce improved training programs/methodologies and capabilities through non formal training and communication skills to WUA and other farmer groups for their effective involvement in the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of sub project/groundwater clusters.

Frequently visit the sub-project sites with IDD/IDSD/GBO staff and facilitate to interaction with the farmers on their concerns and promote solutions as well assist in solving the problems encountered by AOs and FOs.

Encourage the promotion of women/dalits and ethnic groups on beneficiary participation in the sub-project implementation and management through WUA/existing CBO within the locality. Assessment of FMIS surrounding the IWRMP Sub-Projects.

Assist and advise for devising mechanisms to effectively involve the potential water users belonging to diverse ethnic groups, different land holdings, tenancy and gender status in the FMIS.

Regular monitoring and provide suggestions to Divisions/Sub-Divisions on Sub-project implementation activities based on the World Bank Social Safeguard Policy.

Monitoring the agreed mitigation measures and complains and monthly, trimester and annual reporting.

FROM: 08 DECEMBER, 2014 TO 07 SEPTEMBER, 2015;

PROJECT: Irrigation and Water Resource Management Project (IWRMP)-B,

Employer: Department of Irrigation (DOI), Jawalkhel, Lalitpur, GoN

Budget : USD 50 Millions

Client: The World Bank

Contact Person: Mr. Sashi Bd. Bisht-Project Director Mob. 9841268881 E-mail: sbbisht@wlink.com.npPOSITION HELD AND DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Institutional Development Specialist (IDS);

Assist Irrigation Management Specialist (IMS) in preparing annual program and budget for Water User Association (WUAs) and System Management Unit (SMU) staff capacity development,

Assist IMS preparing management transfer agreement documents for three new Irrigation Management Transfer (IMT) sub-project with IDP vision plan and other information,

Prepare WUAs Institutional Development Plan (IDP) for new and ongoing project site WUAs,

Prepare bench mark status of institutional profiles of three new additional project site WUA for progress monitoring,

Prepare annual work plan of IDS input with indicators of achievement,

Visit project sites frequently for assisting WUAs and SMU staff in preparing annual program, training materials and Training of Trainers (TOT) conduction as well as be resource person as and when needed,

Assist IMS in preparing project report supporting with necessary information about WUAs and project progress,

Develop Terms of Reference (ToR) for out sourcing services required for special ID tasks,

Submit the report to IMS.

Prepare and submit an Inception report within six weeks of the beginning of the consulting services and to including a time bound integrated work plan showing expected activities and output for the consulting team. The work plan is to be monitored and updated in the annual report,

Prepare and submit progress report to the IWRMP office of the Project Director (PD)/Office of the Project Director (OPD) and trimester and annually in formats to be agreed with DoI. Prepare and submit a terminal report on all of the consultant teams activities,

Prepared WUA Formation and Implementation Guideline-2072 (WUAFIG) as a member of WUAFIG preparation committee dated 5 July, 2015,

Prepare and submit of the project completion report of the IWRMP before the termination of the services.

FROM: 01 FEBRUARYTO DECEMBER, 2014; (11.2/31pm intermittent inputs)

Employer: Building Design Authority (P) Ltd. Kathmandu, NepalPROJECT: Community Awareness and Participation Program

Client: Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Improvement Project, Project Implementation Directorate/Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited, Government Of Nepal (GoN)

Donor: ADB loan No. 2776 NEP (SF)

Project Cost: UD$ 30 Millions and Program Cost NRs. 106478655.71

Contact Person: Mr. Badri Nath Bhatta-Team Leader Mob: 9841847591 E-mail: badri_bhatta2003@yahoo.comPOSITION HELD AND DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Community Mobilization Expert (CME);

Assist KVWSIP/PID in implementation of Community Awareness and Participation Program (CAPP) and Plan.

Assist PID in conduct baseline information collection/survey.

Disseminate information about the Investment Program to the target groups especially women. Build stakeholders' awareness on the long-term benefits and short-term inconvenience of the Program in order to gain full support to the beneficiaries towards the Program.

Make the Beneficiaries aware of their responsibilities, including issues such as user charges and property tax reform etc for achieving the goal of the program.

Worked on 25km. of road rehabilitation after pipe lay