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RESUME Azimuddi n (Care of Ms. Rekha Mahajan) Mobile: +917084813226 Project Mechanical Engineer Plumbing, fire fighting, HVAC sidazeem@g mail.co m Job Objective: Poised to contribute in the field of Mechanical Engineerin g with a leading organizati on & develop my skills as a project

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Azimuddin (Care of Ms. Rekha Mahajan)

Mobile: +917084813226Project Mechanical EngineerPlumbing, fire fighting, HVAC

[email protected] m

Job Objective:

Poised to contribute in the field of Mechanical Engineering with a leading organization & develop my skills as a project Mechanical Engineer in the competitive environment and to implement them professionally.

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A total of around 6-years’ experience as a Mechanical Engineer in Saudi Arabia & India. Skilled with all Mechanical System Installation, testing and commissioning, troubleshooting and design calculation for building related mechanical services i.e. plumbing, firefighting and HVAC system which includes pumps, plumbing fixtures, Sprinklers system, water mist system, chillers, AHU, FCU and various equipment installation with depth Knowledg

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e of International codes like NFPA,ASHRAE,UPC. Fair understanding of project management planning, organizing and technical aspects including implementation troubleshooting and analysis. Possess strong analytical problem solving and organization abilities.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE : Presently associated with

Haramain Gate for Construction LLC a subsidiary of Saudi Bin LadinAbdullah Third Expansion Project for Holy Haram and Surrounding Area Makkah kingdom Of Saudi Arabia from February 2011 to till date.

DESIGNATION: Project Engineer Plumbing, fire fighting and HVAC



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e to demonstrate a strong track records of working to deliver a complex site projects including all kinds of mechanical Equipment installation (i.e. pumps,chillers,AHU,FCU etc) with co

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mmissioning and troubleshooting for an engineering construction group.

Estimating and preparing the Material Take off (MTO) for project materials & Approval of Project Mater

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ials (Mechanical).

Develop Sample Approval, transmittals, method statements and RFI to for all mechanical installation including risk assessment and job safety environment

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analysis and inspection test plan and checklist on specification of the projects

Collaborate with project manager and resolved all queries for construction progress and ensure

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d compliance to all safety procedures at site.

Prepares and study technical drawings, specifications and topographical maps to insure the installation and operation conforms to

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standard and client requirement.

Co ordinate with site consultants’ team and higher authorities on daily basis to get the work front secured to complete the projects within timeline

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as per agreed schedules

Direct and co ordinate construction, installation, maintenance support documentation complying with the client requirement

Manpower planning with per

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fect estimation of time frame considering the activities and client requirement.

To act as the project team leader co

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ntrolling all aspects of the works including, planning, administra

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tion, commercial, engineering, site works, documentation and han

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dover to the client.

Perform all daily inspection (IR), materia

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l inspection (MIR) and test of scope and character necessary to

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achieve the quality of construction required in the drawing and

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specification for all mechanical works under the contract perform

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ed ON or OFF site.

Lead on site technical issues root cause anal

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ysis and escalation process manage as built software/technical d

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ocumentation update at site and internally.


MOI Integrat

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ed Police Station Jeddah Khulais Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Page 22: Updated CV Azimuddin

(from February 2011 to December 2011

MOI Integrated Fire

Page 23: Updated CV Azimuddin

Brigade station for civil defense Rabiqh Kingdom of Saudi

Page 24: Updated CV Azimuddin

Arabia (from 2012 to September 2012)

MOI Integrated Polic

Page 25: Updated CV Azimuddin

e Station Yanbu and Amluj Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (from O

Page 26: Updated CV Azimuddin

ctober 2012 to January 2013)

MOI Integrated Border Securit

Page 27: Updated CV Azimuddin

y Guards Building Yanbu Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (from Feb

Page 28: Updated CV Azimuddin

ruary 2013 to October 2013)

King Abdullah Third Expansio

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n project for Holy Haram and surrounding areas Makkah Kin

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gdom of Saudi Arabia (from December 2013 to till date)

Hilden Packaging Machines Pvt. Ltd, MIDC Mumbai as a Production and Planning Engineer2010 to December 2010.

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DESIGNATION: Production and Planning Engineer – Mechanical as a Graduate Trainee


To control quality and prepare test report as per work order.

Support senior Mechanical Engineers and handling all the inventory control works considering the safety and quality equipment.

Maintaining the stock arrange the necessary

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material required on shop floor for satisfactory work operation.

Taking part and prepare snags during Testing and commissioning procedure of rinser, filler and capper machines.


Bhilai Steel Plant Bhilai chassitgarh India.

Duration : Four

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Weeks (23-06-2018 to 19-07-2008)

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Lucknow India

Duration : Four Weeks (04-07-2009 to 02-

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MS Project


B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Integral University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India in 2010

Professional Certification

Post Graduate Diploma in Process Piping Design and Stress Analysis as per ASME B 31.3 and Stress Analysis

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Father’s Name: FakhruddinDate of Birth: 01 June 1984Marital Status: MarriedLanguage: English, Arabic, Hindi, UrduNationality: IndianSCE ID NO: 219230 (Saudi Council of Engineers)


Passport No.: P6712019

Date of Issue: 20/12/2016

Date of Expiry: 19/12/2026


F – 39 Shaheen Bagh Jamia Nagar Okhla New Delhi 110024


Village : AndhaunPost : AndhaunDistrict : GhazipurPin No : 233305State : Uttar Pradesh, India


I consider myself with engineering aspects. I am also confident of my ability to work in team. I hereby declare that the above furnished information is true and

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correct to the best of my knowledge.

Place: New Delhi Yours Faithfully Date: (Azimuddin)