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    Sara El Assaad

  • ARTIST STATEMENT v I am caught between two contrasting ideas of sensuality. On one hand, I see the covert sensuality that is reflective of my Middle Eastern heritage. This

    sensuality lies within the importance of love and familial ties, in keeping with

    the values of a traditional Middle Eastern family. It also lies within the realm of

    Islamic religion and history. Although Islam was never pushed on me, it is

    something I have grown to appreciate. On the other hand, I see a more overt

    sensuality that permeates Western culture. Because I grew up in both Europe

    and the United States, the idea that clothing that exposed skin was taboo or

    otherwise outside of the social norm never occurred to me until recently. It is

    the contrast of these two perspectives on sensuality that I try to capture in

    these works.

  • v My focus on these paintings is not on the face and who the person may be, but is instead focused on the body and what it may represent to someone.

    The figures are all draped to a certain extent, giving a sense that they both

    want to express their sensuality while simultaneously remaining within the

    parameters of their cultures social norms. The sequence in which they were

    painted goes from mostly veiled to almost completely nude, with hints of

    what is used to drape them. This was done to suggest that the female figure

    is breaking cultural boundaries as the series progresses. The subject of the

    paintings does not fully let go of one side of her cultural background,

    neither does she fully embrace another side of her background. She is a

    product of her upbringing in the same way that I and everyone else is.

  • Oil on Canvas 60x72

  • Oil on Canvas 33x50

  • Oil on Canvas 22x26

  • Oil on Canvas 22x28

  • Oil on Canvas 30x40

  • Oil on Canvas 40x32