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  • Unusual Diets By Lauren Winer
  • The Morning Banana DietThe Morning Banana Diet, which consistsof eating a banana and drinking a glassof room temperature water for breakfast,was created in Japan by HitoshiWatanabe. The popularity of this dietcaused a banana shortage in Japan.
  • Raw Vegan DietIt consists of eating only foods that havenot been heated higher than 115 degreesFahrenheit. Venus Williams is on the RawVegan Diet.
  • Twinkie DietThe Twinkie Diet requires you to eatnothing but Twinkies. Nutrition professorat Kansas State University, Mark Haub,lost 27 pounds in two months on this diet.
  • Grapefruit DietThe Grapefruit Diet has been around sincethe 1930s. Each meal on this diet includes 8ounces of grapefruit. Weight loss from thisdiet is mostly fluids rather than fats.
  • Cayenne Pepper DietThe Cayenne Pepper Diet lasts 10-40 days.The lemonade concoction includes lemonjuice, water, maple syrup, and cayennepepper.
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