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  • About 10 percent of the power WFEC delivers to its members comes from hydro (water) projects. But does anyone know where they are located?

    They are delivered through a long-term contract with the Southwestern Power Administration (SPA), one of the four Federal Power Marketing Agencies. SPA markets power from Corps of Engineer operated dams as an agency of the Federal Government. Cooperatives and municipals have a preference in purchasing this energy.

    Primarily, the projects are on the Arkansas and Canadian Rivers in eastern and northeastern Oklahoma, and on several rivers in northwestern Arkansas and southeastern Missouri. Bull Shoals, Table Rock and Eufaula are some of the larger projects. The SPA owns a transmission system connecting most of the lakes

    generation and ultimately interconnecting with WFEC for delivery of the power.

    The SPA markets about 2,400 MW of hydro generation, and WFEC purchases a little over 10 percent of that total. These projects do not continuously generate as some projects do in Washington and Oregon. These SPA projects generate about 25 percent of the time and primarily supply energy during high usage times. The in-flow is not great enough to allow full time generation.

    Water is a valuable renewable, green resource, and even though it is only a small portion of WFECs overall generation mix, it helps diversify the fuels used in the energy we produce.

    Roulet Report

    September 14, 2012


  • Gary Krellenstein was one of the featured speakers at the re-cent WFEC Board of Trustees Strategic Planning Retreat. In his presentation to the Board, Krellenstein noted that WFECs posi-tive attributes far outweigh its potential problems- making it a top tier G&T. The two-day business meeting was held in Norman, Oklahoma.

    Board Retreat Held in Norman

    Gary Krellenstein is Managing Direc-tor of Kroll Bond Rating Agency Inc.

    WFEC Manager of Marketing & Commu-nications Mark Faulkenberry provides an update on load management.

    (L to R) Keith Bonham, Southwest Rural Electric As-sociation; Jennifer Meason, Cotton Electric Coopera-tive; and Boyd Lee, Caddo Electric Cooperative, lead a panel discussion on distribution members effort to manage electric load.

  • Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, Its Off to School We Go

    Teaching kids good financial habits, like saving, gives them the best opportunity for a financially stable future. To help kick off the school year, we held a live Q&A with National CPA Financial Literacy Commission members Kelley Long, CPA, and Clare Levison, CPA. Here are a few of the top questions and answers.

    What are some tried and true methods to help kids take pride in earning and saving for big stuff, whatever that may be?

    If your child is younger, have him or her create a decorative chart to help track the progress toward their goal. Post it on their wall so they can update it each day or week.

    My son will start his first after school job next week. Im unsure whether to continue to give him a weekly allowance. What do other parents do? What is your recommendation?

    I would end the weekly allowance 03261 unless he is truly doing things at home that you feel warrant payment (such as baby sitting younger siblings, mowing the lawn, etc.). Although the average child with an allowance gets $65 per month, according to a recent AICPA survey, what you decide to do should depend on your familys personal financial circumstances.

    Should the money my child receives for babysitting and other after school jobs go toward a college savings account? How can I explain to her the importance of saving for college even though its several years away?

    Its important for kids to have some skin in the game when they head off to college, so having her earn some of the money that will go to pay for it will definitely increase her chances of a successful college experience. Rather than having her put away ALL of the money she earns, consider letting her keep part of it to spend as a reward for the work. That way shell stay motivated to keep accepting those baby sitting jobs but will also be helping to defray the cost of her future education. Source: feedthepig.org

  • Hunter Aiden Pulis has arrived!

    He was born on August 27 at

    5:39 p.m. and weighed 8 pounds,

    and was 20 inches long.

    Proud parents are Amanda and Matt Pulis. Proud

    grandparents are Gary and Mechele Perry and Wayne

    and Sonja Pulis. Mechele Perry is a compensation

    specialist, and grandpa Wayne, recently retired, held the

    position of chief transmission operator.

    Welcome New Baby

  • Fireplace Efficiency: Dont Let Energy Savings Go Up in

    SmokeBy Kelly Trapnell

    Your fireplace creates a warm, cozy atmosphere during wintry weather, but dont let it add unnecessary dollars to your electric bill.

    Fireplaces heat the room theyre in but at the expense of the rest of the house. Most of the heat in traditional fireplaces goes up the chimney instead of warming living space, and the draft pulls heat from other rooms. So if your thermostat is located away from the fireplace, it will work harder to maintain room temperatures for the rest of the house.

    Fireplace inserts help boost energy efficiency. However, emissions from old inserts and fireplaces without inserts are up to 20 times worse than using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-certified wood stoves, pellet stoves, or gas/oil furnaces. So look for an EPA-certified insert if you want to supplement your homes heating.

    If you dont have an efficient insert but love a crackling fire, follow these safety measures and to improve efficiency.

    Seal those cracks - While sealing drafts around your home, dont forget to check the chimney. Smoke and heat that escape through cracks can pose a fire hazard. Its best to hire a professional to fix cracks in high-heat areas.

    Fight the draft - If you plan on a long-lasting fire, lower the thermostat to save energyjust be prepared to wear a sweater in other roomsand resist the temptation to crank the temperature back up after the fire goes out.

    Clean sweep - A National Fire Protection Association standard suggests having your chimney and fireplace inspected once a year, and cleaned or repaired when necessary. Even if you dont use your fireplace often, an annual inspection will find any blockage from animal nests or other deterioration.Batten down the hatch. Keep the chimney flue closed when not using your fireplace to prevent conditioned or heated air from escaping.

    Choose your wood wisely - Wood thats dried at least six months provides the best heat, so avoid any thats wet or newly chopped. And the 05753 harder the tree species, the longer your fire will burn. This makes ironwood, rock elm, hickory, oak, sugar maple, and beech good choices. Store wood off the ground and away from your house to remove the threat of termite infestation, and cover the top to lessen moisture but leave the sides open for circulation.

  • Online Banking


    Convenience on the go



    Cooperative Employees Credit Union

    The Anadarko Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the Culpepper & Merriweather

    Circus at the Anadarko Fairgrounds on Wednesday, September 26 at 5:00 & 7:30 p.m.

    Adults: $9.00, Children: $6.00

    The Circus is Coming to Anadarko

  • TRUCKLOADNow Thats A

    of Savings

    New - 3.00%* Used - 3.50%*


    * With approved credit * Terms and conditions vary

    Rates as low as ---

    LOWR8T$. .

    Cooperative Employees Credit Union

  • Enter WFECs new Co-op Connections Card Contest Save Big to Win Big. How much have you saved using your Co-op Connections Card? We want to know. Send

    in a list of all the savings you have received on all local, regional, prescription, Healthy Savings Discounts and the VIP Savings program and you could win CASH.

    We have heard of several WFEC employees saving hundreds of dollars on prescriptions, Healthy Savings discounts and various other discounts in the Co-op Connections program. Now you can not only save on purchases and services through these programs, but you could win CASH. You might even be featured in upcoming Connections Card articles.

    This new contest will run quarterly, with the first one ending on Dec.31, 2012. Entries can be sent in anytime after Sept. 1. The first drawing will be held on Jan. 4, 2013. Fill out the attached form each time you save money using your Co-op Connection Card and send to Maria Crowder before Jan. 4, 2013. Anyone sending in 1 to 4 entries will have their name entered in the drawing once. Five or more entries will earn two submissions for the prize drawing. One lucky winner will be drawn from all eligible submissions. This quarters prize will be $100. The contest will run through August 31, 2013. We are always looking for more businesses to join the Co-op Connections Card program. If you have any suggestions for local, regional and national businesses that you would like to see enrolled in the Connections Card program, please fill out the bottom of the the attached form and we will follow up.

    For more information on the connection card program, visit: http://www.connections.coop/index.php?coopID=40

    For more information on the new healthy savings discounts visit: http://www.connections.coop/healthysavings.php?tag=nav

    For more information, or to sign up for the new VIP savings: https://www.myvipsavings.com/splash.aspx

    If you would like a new card, or additional cards for family and/or friends, please contact Maria Crowder at Ext. 4371 or B