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<p>INTRODUCTION Present, petrol pumps are time consuming and require more</p> <p>manpower. To place petrol stations in distant area it is very costly . Problem sorted out by the use of unmanned petrol pump. The payment is done by electronic clearing system. These petrol stations easily monitor with the video capturing and alarming system over the time by a central control unit.</p> <p>PICTURE OF UNMANNED PETROL PUMP</p> <p>FEATURES Todays consumers are more mobile and more</p> <p>demanding than ever. The worlds most consumer-friendly fuel pump. Centralized control unit Security from the outside</p> <p>HARDWARE REQUIREMENTDisplay Card Reader/Optional Printer/Optional Intelligent Meter Proportional Valve Coupling Connected Drive Mechanism Nozzle and Swivel Submersible Pump</p> <p>BLOCK DIAGRAM</p> <p>ELECTRONIC COMPONENTSRectifier 1N4007 Transformer 909( 1 Amp) Serial port converter MAX 232 Microcontroller PIC 16F72 Opto-coupling MOC3041 12V Collector 4N35 SCR BT136 Power Darlington 13U407 Solenoid valve</p> <p>INTERNAL DIAGRAM OF ELECTRONIC COMPONENT</p> <p>OUTDOOR NETWORK</p> <p>RECTIFIER 1N4007Rectifier is a device</p> <p>which convert AC to DC. This is a FULL WAVE RECTIFIER. In this rectifier two diode are selected through bridge combination.</p> <p>TRANSFORMERTransformer is the device</p> <p>which transfer energy from one circuit to another by magnetic flux. This is a step down transformer. In Step down transformer Np&gt;Ns.</p> <p>MICROCONTROLLER PIC16F72It has 3 I/O ports. It has 22 I/O pins It has 8 bit ADC. It has 8 bit interrupt signal. It has FLASH MEMORY. Its frequency range is from</p> <p>4MHz-20MHz. It is widely used in inverters. It is economic</p> <p>SERIAL PORT CONVERTER MAX 232It is used to interface</p> <p>between PC and microcontroller. It has TWO serial input and output from PC. It has TWO input and output to microcontroller. It is TRANSRECEIVER.</p> <p>OPTO-COUPLER MOC 3041It has LED and photo-</p> <p>detector. It transfer signal over optical conductivity. It work as isolator between micro-controller and AC supply. It prevent from BACK CURRENT from AC supply.</p> <p>SCR BT136SILICON CONTROLLED</p> <p>RECTIFIER It work as a switch/relay intended for use in applications requiring high bidirectional transient and blocking. Typical applications include motor control.</p> <p>ISOLATOR 4N35Isolation Interfaces with common</p> <p>logic families It has 6-pin package Lead-free component It optically transmit data to anther end</p> <p>POWER DARLINGTON BU407It is N-P-N Transistor</p> <p>combination. It is combine parallel form It amplifies the voltage It is three pin device</p> <p>SOLONOID VALVEIt is a device which</p> <p>convert electrical energy to mechanical energy . It is used for fluid control. It is a electromechanical valve. It is 3 port device.</p> <p>SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTProgramming in C Programming in Visual Basic</p> <p>PROGRAMMING IN HI-TECH CIt is used for the</p> <p>programming of the micro-controller This software is made by Hi-tech incorporation.</p> <p>VISUAL BASICVisual Basic is a</p> <p>programming language. It provide graphics enable run setup. Graphics used for easy access for USERS. It makes a setup USERFRIENDLY.</p> <p>PROBLEMLarge installation cost. Awareness about UNMANNED PETROL PUMP. If network fails then whole system will collapse.</p> <p>FUTURE APPLICATIONUNMANNED PETROL STATION WAS REQUIRED</p> <p>FOR YEARS TO FULFILL REQUIREMENT OF CONSUMERS OVER THE WIDE AREA.IT IS NOT LIMIT ED TO PETROL BUT</p> <p>AVAILABLITY OF CONSUMERS GOODS AT REMOTE AREA OR DISTINCT AREA.IT MAKES THE WORLD MORE COMFORTABLE</p> <p>AND MORE SAFER.</p>


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