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Unlocking the potential of your UX team

Unlocking the potential of your UX teamDanny Setiawan, Lead UX, The Economist | 13 Sep 2016

| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |AgendaQuick IntroductionAt The EconomistEmpowering your UX team


| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |My Background315+ years of experience in Product Design and UX

Has worked with established brands (The Economist, Yahoo!, Microsoft) as well as startupsCURRENTLY Lead UX at The Economist UXD Instructor at General Assembly Product/UX mentor at Starta Accelerator

| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |Empowering your UX Team4

At The Economist

| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |

2014UX was seen as a blocker/approverUX was included at implementation stageWhats the difference between UX and BA?TodayUX is seen as core member of Cross- Functional TeamUX team is included at every stage Can we validate this with real users?5

| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |Pivotal Project 1/2Platform migration for our flagship app in 2015Biz benefits: Significant cost savings and free features as the platform gets updatedWe chose the platform used by our colleague (diff. department)Process: Migrate then get UX to review (approve)6

| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |Pivotal Project 2/2UX raised potential risk or losing subscribers due to usability issue/habit disruptionTo mitigate, we proposed an approach we call Usability Test Driven Development. Usability Test to define feature prioritizationWe decided to measure usability by using System Usability Scale (SUS) with beta users7

| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |The WinsProof of how UX activities deliver business value The cross-functional team is aligned on a common goal to optimize UX to achieve business goalUX team is empowered to contribute more and stakeholders understand what UX team offers8

| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |Empowering your UX Team9

Empowering your UX team

| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |EmpowermentTo give ability and opportunity to make a differencePurpose




| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |PeopleAssess your UX Teams capability,:User ResearchInteract Design and Information ArchitectureVisual DesignPrototyping Build towards teams of T-shaped UXers to optimize flow (1 UX responsible for end-to-end process)11

| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |T-Shaped UXUser ResearchInteraction Design/ IAVisual DesignPrototypeLevel 1Level 2Level 3Visual DesignVisual Design12

| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |ProcessInclude UX in every step of the process: to define problem, ideate on potential solutions, prototype and testing them (not just to implement pre-defined solution)Challenge UX to measure effectiveness of their work (part of testing solution)Get other cross-functional team members involved in UX activities (i.e. observe usability test)13

| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |

Design Thinking Process14

| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |Lean and Design Thinking


| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |PurposeEverybody wants to make a difference (including your UX Team ).Align what UX does to a business goal. Choose a metric to measure baseline and end-goal.Bring every conversation back to that metric.Share the progress regularly and give access to everyone in your team to view it in their own time.16

| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |Pirate MetricsAcquisitionActivationRetentionRevenueReferral

Source: Master of 500 hats - Dave McClures blogFrom leads to trying out productFrom new user to returningFrom returning user to payingFrom paying user to advocate17

| @dsetia_1 | #UnlockingUX |Empowering your UX Team18

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