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Unlocking ROI with UX, in Pharmaceutical Marketing.


  • 1. Good experiences

2. Bad experiences 3. stuck in a cycle Patient in recovery 4. Doctor searching for answers and finding nothing 5. Rep bouncing from call-to-call getting nowhere with their customers 6. Unlocking ROI with UX Understanding the users behaviour & expectations EXERCISE; Patient perspective Evolution, not revolution Inspiring Action Form has a function Get them involved Over and over, Better and better DISCUSSION; Tools and techniques to help 7. UX is not just testing wire-framing about technology about expensive processes one persons job 8. Know your user like you know your friends Emotionalise, not mechanise Habits, quirks and behaviours You are not one of them. So look at things from their point of view 9. Challenges of a rep 10. You can learn a lot from not a lot It doesnt have to be expensive Small can still be powerful Low tech high value 11. Online questionnaires A few ideas for research UX Labs Virtual labs Telephone interviews Small focus groups 12. Its the insight that really counts 13. Exercise; Patient perspective 5 minute brainstorm Make a difference Improve patient lives 14. A hospital patient is bedridden. They spend most of their time in their room. They are lonely and depressed. A more positive frame of mind, would help. What can we do? 15. Who would you rather be? Facebook vs MySpace Google vs Yahoo Apple vs Blackberry Pharma A vs Pharma B 16. Maintain perspective 17. The bigger picture: The attention economy 18. Information isnt enough Just because you tell me its good for me that doesnt mean Ill do it 19. Need motivation and information 20. Types of Persuasive Tech (Dr BJ Fogg) Conditioning Reduction Tunneling Customisation Suggestion Self-monitoring 21. HALO EFFECT Attractive design fosters positive attitudes easily used quickly accepted forgivable for fault engage emotionally 22. Im using these tools to help me with my recovery because they look like they were made by Apple. Im going to prescribe treatment A because I thought their website looked incredible My eDetails glossy graphics have made loads of sales this week. My recoverys progressing and the tools really help because theyre engineered to support me I could quickly and easily find all the information I needed to make an informed decision Ive had some really valuable discussions lately; my eDetail has allowed me to drive at the topics each HCP has been interested in. 23. Development in healthcare 24. Iterative development 25. Go hard and fast: Design sprints Day 1: Understand the problem Day 2: Generate a wide variety of ideas Day 3: Selectively develop some of these ideas further Day 4: Prototype Day 5: Carry out user research on prototypes 26. Rapid Prototyping Tools 27. The more effort you invest in getting your UX right The less effort the user needs to put in to gain value from it