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Unix Shell Scripting Advanced


  • Unix Shell Scripting Advanced - Duration: 8 hrs / 76 tutorials

    Introduction Time Loops TimeAbout this Course 08:53 The while Loop 05:45Course Structure 04:11 break and continue 05:10What is the UNIX Shell? 06:01 Numerical Calculations 07:03Which Shell? 04:47 The for Loop 02:37What is a Shell Script? 09:11 Chapter Exercises 01:18Your First Shell Script Exercise Solutions 08:37A Basic Script 07:50 Text ProcessingThe echo Command 04:16 About Filters 08:16The read Command 11:46 grep 02:08Shell Basics Revisited 13:21 Regular Expressions 11:16Special Characters 08:05 sort 04:33Comments 05:12 sed 10:04Chapter Exercises 03:36 awk 1 16:03Exercise Solutions 06:38 awk 2 02:47Running a Shell Script Chapter Exercises 07:26Running a Script on the Command-line 14:29 Exercise Solutions 07:26Running a Script from within vi 05:13 FunctionsYour PATH and bin 05:37 Program Structure 04:21Script Interpreters 07:18 Defining and Calling a Function 06:36CGI Scripts 05:49 Function Parameters 09:29Shell Programming Features Function Return Values 06:56Shell Variables 08:44 Functions in Other Files 02:50Environment Variables 08:02 Case Study: The yesno Function 07:22The Trouble with Quotes 1 15:12 Chapter Exercises 04:54The Trouble with Quotes 2 03:08 Exercise Solutions 06:57Grouping Commands 03:22 Command-line ParametersLine Control 02:53 Using Command-line Parameters 07:18Chapter Exercises 08:03 Using shift 03:58Exercise Solutions 04:45 Using set -- 04:49Introducing the Course Project 06:02 Using IFS 03:32Course Project Solution 06:02 Usage Messages 07:20Conditional Code Chapter Exercises 04:03True and False 08:37 Exercise Solutions 07:16Conditional Command Execution 05:17 Advanced ScriptingThe if Statement 04:50 Debugging 09:17The else Clause 04:02 Default Values for Variables 03:17The elif Clause 03:58 Temporary Files 03:36Using test 1 21:54 Preventing Abnormal Termination 12:34Using test 2 09:49 Chapter Exercises 02:56Using test 3 03:01 Exercise Solutions 11:21The case Statement 07:50 The End 01:36Chapter Exercises 07:50Exercise Solutions 07:50