university recruiting essentials: how to make your brand memorable with on-campus events

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University Recruiting Essentials: How to Make Your Brand Memorable With On-Campus Events Information provided by:

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In this presentation you will learn how to implement best practices in creating an on-campus event. Decide on which on-campus events should be part of your university recruiting strategy and discover how to attract the students you want to attend your on-campus events. Visit the AfterCollege Employer Blog for more information on University Recruiting - Also sign up for the AfterCollege Free Webinar Series: University Recruiting Essentials -


  • University Recruiting Essentials: How to Make Your Brand Memorable With On-Campus Events Information provided by:
  • Why On-Campus Events?
  • Employers Must Make Their Brand Stronger!
  • Where Should You Invest?
  • -Info Sessions -Affiliate Programs -Classroom Presentations -On-Campus Recruiting -Other Events On-Campus Events
  • Building Your Brand is a Long Term Investment -Often no immediate return -Like planting a seed - then reaping the rewards later -Need support from upper management -Recruiting and branding is a year round effort
  • Branding Is Important! -Do you believe college talent is the pipeline to your future success? -Hiring an intern or full-time entry level college graduate is the result of your branding No open positions? - You still need to have a presence on college campuses -Can still have impact on students you want to attract in the future
  • Where to Recruit? -Target schools with Programs, Geography, and Rankings that interest you -Where are your top competitors looking for talent? -Do you have Corporate Alumni?
  • -On-Campus Recruiting is a recruiting method used by employers seeking to hire interns and entry-level employees from some of the brightest and most talented college students -On-Campus Interviews, Career Fairs, and other networking events are all forms of On-Campus Recruiting -Sign up for a Free AfterCollege Webinar for more information on how to improve your strategy What is On-Campus Recruiting?
  • -Place for students to discover and speak with companies looking to hire them -Build Brand so that students, know, trust, and aspire to join your company -Become one of the elite recruiting companies - Start early and connect with students Career Fairs
  • KPMG Campus Recruiting Schedule -KPMG is one of the Elite on-campus recruiting companies -Start early - stay on-campus year round -Include on-campus recruiting schedule on company website
  • -Teach students about: -Company -Industry -What type of work done -What might the students do once in the organization -Prime way to advertise company culture Information Sessions
  • Every School Does Things Differently -Can set up Info Sessions through General Career Center, Department Career Center, Student Groups, and Even Independently Ex: Michigan University - Department Career Center
  • Corporate Affiliates Program -Can be good way to influence curriculum, build faculty relationships, get your organizations brand in front of right students, and encourage student participation in on-campus events -Choose best people from your organization to influence students (Upper Management and Hiring Managers) Ex: Brown University - Engineering Corporate Affiliates Program
  • Remember: Targeting Information Sessions towards honor society student groups helps you narrow down your audience to the Top Students
  • -According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Recruiting Survey - Relationships with Faculty is the most effective way to brand your campus program -Career Fairs are the second most effective -Connect with faculty who have most contact with students -Often Grad Assistants and Teaching Assistants communicate most with students -Great way to get into classrooms for Info Sessions Faculty Relationships
  • You Need to Educate Students on Your Industry!
  • -Students dont always understand what opportunities could be available at the company - even with a strong consumer brand -Ex: AT&T: Working for AT&T does not mean one will make or sell phones every day - There are different departments with different functions which students need to be aware of -Finance, IT, Marketing, Management, Sales and many others are all departments students could start work in
  • Provide Real Work Examples -Get Students Excited -Show them the types of things they might be engaged in at your company -Be Memorable! -Interesting New Product? -New Research being performed? -Show The Students!
  • Other Fun Events... ...Student Competitions!
  • Hackathons are great for student engagement -Employers can sponsor event and have representatives attend -Include Tech Talks and Info Sessions throughout event -Find the students you want to engage with your brand -Be Creative!
  • How can I tell if my on- campus recruiting is working?
  • -Student custom surveys or student focus groups are great ways to measure how students perceive your brand -AfterCollege Employer Popularity Index - Tracks the number of students who have followed your company and can be represented at an individual university level -If you are interested in learning more about this contact an AfterCollege representative or reach out to me ([email protected]) and I will put you in contact with the correct person Measuring Brand Awareness
  • -Measuring ROI is about measuring your brand recognition -Measure the students throughout their time engaged with your University Recruiting program -Keep track of students or applicants with tracking system Measuring Return on Investment -Important to be comprehensive and consistent in keeping in contact with students
  • ATS vs. CRM Application Tracking System (ATS) vs. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - - Tools to input information from students engaged with at event - Find way to track where you met student and if they continue to engage with your company around career information - Need unique source code for each event - Track where students first interacted
  • Remember to track your Top Students! -Make notes in CRM about your top students -Track students you believe are unique -Relevant experience -Particular classes -Interesting stories to add to company culture -Engage students early - reengage with them over time
  • -Some companies now consider New Grad Hires as: -Someone 1-3 years out of school and their first professional position -You can Credit these hires to the success of your University Recruiting program! Start Now!
  • -Making your Brand stronger starts on-campus -Information Sessions, Corporate Affiliations, Classroom Presentations, Career Fairs, and other on-campus events are all ways to boost your brand awareness among students -On-campus recruiting is a long-term investment -Track students and keep in contact -Be memorable! Key Takeaways
  • Contact: [email protected] Twitter: @JenRutt Questions?
  • AfterCollege specializes in helping employers drive targeted student traffic to their events. Keep that in mind if you do not have an existing pipeline to use to evangelize your event. We have the connections to help you. AfterCollege Can Help!
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