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University of Louisville Cardinal Marching Band Band Day 2016

Panel Discussion CBDNA Athletic Band Symposium

University of Massachusetts June 2, 2017

Amy Acklin

Associate Director of Bands

Jason Cumberledge Assistant Director of Bands

History of UofL Band Day

4th annual event in 2016 Observation versus on-field performance Growth from 60 to 950 participants

Band Day Schedule Facilities and Planning

Indoor football practice field Marching band practice field Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium


Sectionals staffed by UofL Faculty Drill Mass band music rehearsal


Halftime of Wake Forest vs- Louisville, November 12, 2016 Mass band performance of America the Beautiful (Carmen Dragon/Jay Dawson)


Staff Schedule Saturday, November 12, 2016 Wake Forest -vs- Louisville

11:30am PARKING OPENS Park in Patrick Henry Hughes Band Field parking lot.

Band staff will attend parking lots. Band TAs will staff the lot, direct band directors to registration tent.

12:00pm REGISTRATION Registration begins at Patrick Henry Hughes Band Field. Band

Directors will pick up final schedule, packets, tickets, t-shirts, and meet your Band Day Guide. Your Band Day Guide will escort you throughout the day in the stadium and show you to your seating area. Students may bring a sack lunch to registration if desired. Meal vouchers cannot be used until game time. Band Day Guides pickup sign for your band.

1:00pm STORAGE Band Day Guides will walk bands to the Trager Center to

store instrument cases. Transit under Eastern Parkway and along Floyd St. The storage area will be monitored for security throughout the day. Band TAs: Monitor storage area throughout the day, rotate duties

2:00pm REHEARSAL Enter Gate 10. Rehearsal will be held in Papa Johns

Cardinal Stadium. Attendance at the rehearsal is mandatory for Half-Time performance participation. All members should have their INSTRUMENT, FLIP FOLDER, & MUSIC ready for the rehearsal. Rehearsal will begin in sectionals before the full band is assembled. Parents and Chaperones may watch rehearsal from the lower level stadium seats. Band Day Guides, change into uniform and eat lunch after delivering band to rehearsal areas. Parents should be directed to sit in lower level West Side stands. Performers and Band Directors with wristbands can report to field.

3:00pm PRESENTATION The University of Louisville School of Music and Admissions

Department will provide a brief presentation to all students. 3:15pm STORAGE Following the presentation, your guide will take you to the

Trager Center to store your instruments in a guarded area. Instruments will be left at the Trager Center until the 2nd quarter, returned after halftime, and picked up at the conclusion of the game. Exit Gate 10. Atherton and Oldham County HS students stay on field for pregame flag instructions.

4:45pm CARD MARCH Band Day members will get to observe Card March festivities!

Your Band Day guide will take you to the Card March Area at 3:45pm. Following Card March, you will be escorted to your


stadium seats. Atherton and Oldham County HS students report to Gate 10 for pregame.

5:30pm ENTER STADIUM Present game tickets at Gate 4 or 5 to enter the stadium. 6:40pm PRE-GAME Watch the Cardinal Marching Band Pregame Performance

from your seats! Atherton and Oldham County HS students report to seats. Exit field near Gate 10, then go up the stairs to stands.

7:00pm KICKOFF Start of Louisville v/s Wake Forest Football Game. TBD 2nd QUARTER Band Directors and Performers ONLY: At the end of the 1st

Quarter (0:00 on the clock) walk to Gate 1 to meet your Guide. Band Day Guides will escort your band to the Trager Center to retrieve band instruments and get ready for the Halftime Performance. Band Directors must be wearing a provided wristband for field access and to reenter the stadium following halftime. Parents and Chaperones will remain in the stadium. Band Day Guides: front sideline performers will leave back of Trager Center, back sideline performers will leave front of Trager Center. Performers will be staged behind the walls at Gate 10 and 11 and enter the field for Halftime after all areas are clear of team and cheer. Front sideline will enter field from Gate 10, back sideline enter from Gate 11.

TBD HALFTIME The CMB will perform their Patriotic Half-Time Show (band day members will watch from the sidelines). Following the first musical selection, BAND DAY MEMBERS will join the CMB on the field to perform America the Beautiful. Following Half-Time, Band Day Guides will escort your band back to INSTRUMENT STORAGE at the Trager Center where instruments may remain for the rest of the game. Band Directors are kindly asked to assist with the staging and directional movement of the high school students immediately before and after halftime.

TBA END OF GAME Our games typically last 3 - 4 hours. The CMB closes with the playing of the UofL Alma Mater from the

stands. Band Day Guides will escort you back to INSTRUMENT STORAGE at the Trager Center to retrieve your instrument and escort you to the Patrick Henry Hughes Band Field parking lot for dismissal.

UMASS BAND DAY An overview for CBDNA Athletic Bands Symposium June 2, 2017

History (Development Office)

2017 will be our 33rd Annual Started with 3 bands, now 70 bands High Schools and Junior High School

Overall Philosophy

Join the Minuteman Band For a Day Play music that reflects identity of UMASS Band An easy day for visiting band directors Everyone can participate Recruitment through seeing and feeling the excitement

Spring preparation & student coordinators Mass mailing (generic and returning) Website presence Student coordinators

Ensuring musical success

Musical selections matter Orchestration choices to ensure success Percussion = pulse and tempo control

Facilities McGuirk Alumni Stadium vs. Gillette Stadium Pros & cons Seating for visiting bands, equipment storage, personnel routes Coordination with Athletics seating has always been available Coordination with Police

Logistics & student responsibilities Drum Majors, Field Staff, Equipment Staff, Bus Greeters (1-2 per visiting band), Parking Crew, Seating team

Conclusion Determine a philosophy Create an event that fits your abilities, strengths, and resources Not one size fits all

Stephen Lytle, Director Kent Covert, Associate Director

109 Presser Hall Oxford, Ohio 45056 (513) 529-9739


BACKGROUND: Miami University had held a traditional band day event nearly every year since the 1950s. In the past, the event had easily drawn many bands but tastes changed and it had become harder and harder to attract participants. The event was due for a makeover. FIRST ATTEMPTS AT REFORM: My first Band Day at Miami was in 2010. After reviewing past practices, I made some changes...

Instituted a 5th Quarter option that allowed bands that requested, an opportunity to perform their own show following the game. The MUMB always performed at the end.

Added opportunities for HS bands to perform in our tailgating areas. Seated all HS bands around us in the stadium. In previous years, they were seated away

from us. Expanded Athletic Department logistical support. In the past, they marketed the event

but were largely absent day-of-game. This caused issues with buses, parking, managing gates, etc. as necessary details were not always communicated to all game-day staff or the duties were assigned to less-capable department employees.

CONTINUED CHALLENGES: By 2015, the last year we held Band Day...

We were struggling to attract ten bands. Ones that did attend tended to be non-competitive and small. Miami football was routinely in the bottom ten in rankings.

Many high school students were not enthusiastic owing to being compelled to attend. Miami students still felt disconnected from the HS bands. It was a juxtaposed

experience rather than an integrated one. Vast majority of bands left immediately following half-time. Department of Athletics was increasingly vocal about wanting to see tangible income

from event. o There was no charge for bands to participate, the belief being that these bands

would bring their own entourages of parents to games, purchasing tickets and concessions. Unfortunately, most bands brought only their chaperones.

o There was a proposal to charge each student a fee to participate. I was adamantly opposed, citing that we could not, via a high school band director, compel them to participate while simultaneously charging admission. I considered it a STRONG negative recruitment tact and was prepared to withdraw our support of the event.


Needed a new model. This idea was freely borrowed from Jeff Fuchs at UNC. Design as a true recruiting event. Accept students who wished to attend and participate. Honors Band model is a known commodity and experience.

Wanted to create a true immersive experience for the HS students AND my own. The idea was to become an MUMB member for the day. Participants were adopted into our sections, rehearsed with us, ate lunch with us, did our pregame concert with us, performed on field with us, and were in the stands with us, not beside us, for all in-game play.

I was willing to charge a participation fee for this model. The students were self-selecting to attend and a participation fee is expected in this type of experience. Fee was to be $20 including lunch, t-shirt, parking, and game admission for one adult. Family discounts were provided for additional tickets.


Miami had won less than five games in three years as of September 9th, 2016, the date of the event. I would have called fifty students a success. We had 135 register.

The number and variety of high school programs reached increased dramatically, including students from competitive programs that otherwise would not have participated.

MIAMI students were far more engaged, embracing the day as their own rather than a day that took away from their opportunity to perform. It was like each section got new little brothers and sisters.

o We had a 2.5-hour delay owing to lightening. Even with this and attempting to keep kids engaged, most stuck with us to the end.

Logistical needs were drastically reduced. WAY EASIER! o No buses and support vehicles to manage before and after games. o No coordination needs between our personnel and booster clubs, directors, etc.

Why cant we park here? Can our boosters set-up their own lunch operation? We want to bring in our own water.

Athletics was able to recoup some cost of investment. I was much better able to personally connect with visiting students. I was able to collect data on each participant, making recruiting for future events easier. Anecdotally Ive heard from several area directors who had one student out of their

band attend only to have them come back excited about the experience and eager to have friends join them. Im hoping to see the results of this organic marketing in 2017.


Were increasing fee to $25 in 2017. Music doesnt matter. I purchase published music that Ill have use for throughout

season. It is about the experience. This model is a far-richer experience. By the final year of our old model, we had a great division of labor with Athletics but

this change has made things easier for everyone with less drain on personnel resources. This is a true recruiting event with my students as the main ambassadors. This event

was done BY them, not TO them. Dr. Stephen Lytle Associate Director of Bands Miami University Oxford, OH (513) 529-9739 office (919) 414-6934 mobile

MUMB honors Band Day

For more information or to register, visit

or call the Miami Athletic Ticket Office at (513) 529-4295.

Miami Football vs. Austin PeaySaturday, September 9, 2017

Yager Stadium | Oxford, Ohio

$25 Registration FeeFee includes: Game Ticket, Band Day T-Shirt and Lunch

For High School Age Band Members


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