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  • 7/25/2019 University of Louisville Board Bios


    Sandra Frazier

    Sandra Frazier has over 20 years of public relations and community relations/investor relationsexperience at both the corporate, not-for-profit and agency levels. n 200!, she founded "andem#ublic $elations, a bouti%ue public relations, communications and mar&eting firm. "andem's

    clients include Fortune !00 corporations, non-profit organizations, public institutions, smallbusinesses, and public affairs campaigns.

    Sandra serves as a director of (ro)n-Forman *orporation, and the +lenvie) "rust *ompany.She served on the ouisville and Southern ndiana (ridges uthority, )here she served assecretary and member of the uthority's executive committee.

    She serves on the boards of 2st *entury #ar&s, +reater ouisville, nc., "he entuc&y *enter,eadership ouisville, and the ouisville oo. She served as a co-chair of the 2st *entury #ar&s*apital *ampaign, and as the co-chair of the ouisville oo's +lacier $un capital campaign,)hich successfully raised over 12! million for the organization.

    Sandra has significant experience in higher education governance currently serving as a trusteefor ollins *ollege and (oston 3niversity. dditionally, she has served on the (oston 3niversity(oard of 4verseers, as )ell as on the 5ean's dvisory (oard of the (oston 3niversity *ollegeof *ommunication.

    She is a past participant in the year-long $oc&efeller Foundation #hilanthropy 6or&shop and7ext +eneration eadership #rogram, and previously served as a board member of ctors"heatre, 5o)nto)n 5evelopment *orporation, "he 7ature *onservancy 8entuc&y *hapter9,"he ibrary Foundation, the :uhammad li *enter, and the ollins *ollege lumnae (oard.

    She is a past recipient of the Silver nchor )ard by the Friends of the ouisville 6aterfront anda recipient of the "o)er )ard for Service by #resentation cademy. n 200, she )as honoredby (oston 3niversity's *ollege of *ommunication as a distinguished alumnus for service andleadership to profession; and in 20, she )as the recipient of the yman ".

  • 7/25/2019 University of Louisville Board Bios


    5r. 6right serves on the *lar& :emorial ospital (oard of "rustees and is a volunteerultrasonographer at 6oman's *hoice. e is also a former member of the Strategic #lanning*ommittee for $eeths-#uffer School 5istrict in :us&egon, :i., a former*hair for the #aul "ulane*ollege *ode of *onduct, a former member of the dvisory *ouncil for the *hristian :edical and 5entalssociation and a former member of the dvisory (oard for St. >lizabeth/*atholic *harities.

    e and his )ife ntrepreneur-in-$esidence )ith *hrysalisAentures, the venture capital firm he co-founded in BBC )ith 5avid 4 of *hrysalis portfolio company ppriss, nc., a ouisville-based company that provides innovative information technology solutions to assist la)enforcement efforts and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of criminal Dustice agencies.ppriss' services include A7>E, the nation's defacto standard for automated victimnotification, and :eth*hec&E, )hich helps la) enforcement trac& purchases of over-the-countermedications used in the production of methamphetamine.

  • 7/25/2019 University of Louisville Board Bios


    :r. *obb served as the founding #resident and *>4 of +reater ouisville nc., ouisville'sleading economic development organization, from BB until 2000. (efore Doining +reaterouisville nc., :r. *obb )as a managing director of *hrysalis from BBC until BB. #rior toco-founding *hrysalis, he )as the Founder and *>4 of "he *obb +roup, the )orld's leading

    publisher of ne)sletters for personal computer users, )hich )as successfully sold to publisheriff-5avis.:r. *obb holds a (achelor of rts from 6illiams *ollege, magna cum laude, and a :aster ofScience in ccounting from the 7e) =or& 3niversity +raduate School of (usinessdministration. e is a three-time nc. !00 *>4, a three-time entuc&y >ntrepreneur of the =earand a member of the

  • 7/25/2019 University of Louisville Board Bios


    %ohn &. Schnatter

  • 7/25/2019 University of Louisville Board Bios


    n BBG, arl +ravesSr., Founder, *hairman, and #ublisher, (lac& >nterprise magazine; ugh :c*oll xecutive 4fficer, (an& of merica; and "ed "urner, *hairman, "urner>nterprises, nc. n 20,

  • 7/25/2019 University of Louisville Board Bios


    7amed 5elivery 4perator of the =ear among pizza chains in the 3nited ingdom by the

    #izza and #asta ssociation 8200!-200G9

    Aoted P(est #izzaP in more than 00 3.S. mar&ets over the last several years, including in

    os ngeles, 6ashington 5.*., tlanta, 5allas, ndianapolis, 4rlando, noxville and#hoenix

    *ompany Founder and *hairman

  • 7/25/2019 University of Louisville Board Bios


    'lysses Lee Bridge(an %r.

    3lysses ee (ridgeman, 4 and 4)ner of (ridgeman Foods, ouisville, y. since :ay BHH. :r. (ridgeman is an 4)ner and serves as the #resident of

    >$< nc.

    e has been an ndependent 5irector of *hurchill 5o)ns nc. since September J, 202, and)as previously an ndependent 5irector of

  • 7/25/2019 University of Louisville Board Bios


    :ost recently, :r. Sahney served as #resident ? *>4 of 4mnicare, a former Fortune !00 leaderin the long-term care and specialty care industries. n this capacity, :r. Sahney led several &eyinitiatives for this pharmacy services company, including the implementation of a ne) drugsourcing strategy and the launch of a business process outsourcing plan, both of )hichcontributed to nearly C percent gro)th in annual adDusted operating income and a percent

    increase in operating cash flo)s. :oreover, through a transformation of 4mnicare@s operationsand a strategic repositioning, :r. Sahney led the company to a JB percent total shareholderreturn 8compared to a B percent return for the S?# !009 during his tenure as *>4 thatconsummated in the 12. billion sale to *AS ealth in ugust of 20!. n recognition for hissignificant returns )hile leading 4mnicare, :r. Sahney )as named to Fortune's list of K"he bestperforming roo&ie *>4s of the Fortune !00L.

    #rior to being appointed #resident and *>4, :r. Sahney held roles of increasing responsibility)ith 4mnicare. (eginning in 200, he led the design and formation of 4mnicare@s Specialty*are +roup 8S*+9 from five separate business entities into one cohesive operating segmentthrough a focus on gro)th, operational excellence and accountability. :r. Sahney realized

    immediate results for S*+ )ith the ne)ly formed group generating double-digit year-over-yearrevenue gro)th every %uarter under his leadership until his role expanded in 202 to also includefull operational accountability for 4mnicare@s ong-"erm *are +roup. (y the end of 20C, :r.Sahney had established and implemented a multi-phased operating plan to increase sales,improve retention and create greater operating efficiencies in the ong-"erm *are +roup,culminating in the company@s first full year of net organic customer gro)th in over ten years.

    :r. Sahney also has a history of leading healthcare services companies from conception to rapidgro)th. s the founder of $x*rossroads, :r. Sahney transformed a start-up into one of thenation@s fastest gro)ing specialty pharmaceutical services )hile serving as companies that heultimately leveraged into a 12J0 million sale of the company in 200!, four years follo)ing itsformation. #rior to founding $x*rossroads, he held a variety of leadership positions )ith*ardinal ealth )ith responsibility for patient services businesses and corporate businessdevelopment. From 200H to 200, :r. Sahney managed a personal healthcare investment fund.dditionally, he utilized his industry leadership and experience driving successful turnarounds to)or& closely )ith large healthcare organizations and private e%uity firms in a strategic advisorycapacity.

    :r. Sahney graduated )ith a (achelor of rts in >conomics from #unDab 3niversity and a:aster of (usiness dministration from *larion 3niversity.


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