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ELECTRON PRECIPITATION EFFECTS ON CHEMICAL COMPOSITION AND CLIMATE. E. Rozanov, L. Callis, M. Schlesinger, F. Yang, N. Andronova and V. Zubov. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA PMOD/WRC, Switzerland NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center , USA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USAPMOD/WRC, SwitzerlandNASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, USAUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USAMain Geophysical Observatory, RussiaELECTRON PRECIPITATION EFFECTS ON CHEMICAL COMPOSITION AND CLIMATEE. Rozanov, L. Callis, M. Schlesinger, F. Yang, N. Andronova and V. Zubov

  • OutlineMotivationExperimental set-upResults

  • Motivation

    The simulated responses of ozone and temperature to solar irradiance variation over the 11-year solar cycle do not agree with the solar signal extracted from the observational data

  • Hood (2002)Ozone (%), Solar max - Solar minRozanov et al 2005

  • EEP => NOy => O3 Mechanism proposed by Callis et al. (1991)

  • GOES >2MeV

  • 1987, 60-70 N and S2D model (Callis, 1997)

  • UIMESO: Model historyST GCM/PC

    MST CCMUIMESO24L (50 km)40L (105 km)

  • UIMESO: what is inheritedHorizontal grid: 4o latitude by 5o longitude Dynamical core (FD)Representation of the surface and tropospheric processesChemical solver (implicit Newton-Raphson)Advective transport (Hybrid scheme)

  • UIMESO: what is new (1)Model top at 105 km ( 40 layers in vertical direction) Non-orographic GWD according to Alexander and Dunkerton (1999)Solar heating due to oxygen absorption Chemical heating due to 7 reactions (Mlynczak and Solomon, 1993)Heating efficiency for Hartley and Ly- bands (Mlynczak and Solomon, 1993)NonLTE parameterization of Fomichev et al., 1998

  • UIMESO: what is new (2)Photolysis rates for Ly-, Schumann-Runge continuumNO photolysis according to Minschwaner and Siskind, (1993) Several new reactions Updated reaction coefficients and absorption cross-sections (JPL-2000 and recent papers) Additional NOx and HOx source due to EEP eventsNOx and HOx fluxes from the thermosphere

  • Experimental set-upControl runExperimentTwo 10-year long run:SST/SI from AMIP climatologyNo NOy source from EEP NOy source from EEP for 1987

  • Annual changesRozanov et al (2006)

  • Rozanov et al (2006)

  • GOES >2MeV

  • Rozanov et al (2006)Rozanov et al (2005)Hood (2002)

  • ProblemsToo intensive downward motions, too high NOy for EEP run, too low CH4, H2O and ozone in winter time over high-latitudesToo high NOx and too low ozone in the stratosphere due to probably overestimated O1D production Weak GWD from Alexander and Dunkerton (1999) parameterizationWarm mesopause, absence of westerly winds in the MLT region in summer

  • Problems2D e- ==> NOyNon-LTE QBO

  • ConclusionsThe electrons have significant effects on the ozone, temperature and dynamics in the stratosphere.

    Tropospheric changes are observed as well

    The reasons why for EEP run CCM overloads the stratosphere with NOy are not clear

    New runs with strong GWD are necessary


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