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University College GroningenBA / BSc Liberal Arts and Sciences

Agenda for todays webinar

IntroductionUniversity College Groningen and the Liberal Arts and Sciences programmeAdmission requirements Fees and scholarshipsStudying in GroningenQ & A sessionClosure

UCG Liberal Arts and Sciences

Emphasizes freedom of choiceEncourages to think across borders Develops superb academic skills Deals with important societal questionsIntegrates academic and social activities

Is about a good meaningful life!

UCG programme structure3 years undergraduate programme intensive and challenging curriculumMajor programme 90 credits; Core programme 60 credits; Minor programme 30 creditsFirst year: Academic Core 30 credits, Electives 30 credits Academic Core 15 creditsMajor 20 credits Minor 10 credits Academic core 15 credits Second year: Academic Core 25 credits, Electives 35 creditsMajor 10 creditsMajor 10 creditsMajor 10 creditsAcademic Core 25 Credits Free Format Major/Minor(5 credits)Third year: Academic Core 5 credits, Electives 55 creditsStudy abroad (20 credits Minor + 10 credits Major)Major 10 creditsMajor 5 creditsAcademic Core 5 credits Bachelor Thesis 10 credits

The Programme at UCG Year 1Global Challenges(Learn about the complex global challenges of today)

Research & Methodology(Learn to ask the right questions before you tackle a problem: Logic, math, statistics, philosophy of science)

Integrative Projects (Apply academic knowledge and skills with creative approaches to global societal challenges)30 credits (core)


Humanities30 credits (electives)

The Programme at UCG Year 2 and 3Choose from 3 majors or choose the free major and select any combination of courses (examples below from a wider selection)Year 2 Major (35 credits)Core Research & Methodology (15 credits)Core project (10 credits)

Year 3Study abroad (20 minor + 10 major =30 credits)Major 25 credits (incl. 10 credit capstone Bachelor thesis)Core project (5 credits)

After UCG

Graduate with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (Title depends on your major program (Humanities, BA; (Social) Sciences, BSc)Develop broad/deep academic knowledge + creative problem-solving skills transferable to many career perspectivesPrepare for a masters degrees and careers in a variety of disciplines, e.g. business, government, NGOs, the arts, scientific research and more

Admission and Selection

Het middelbareschooldiploma (Certificado de Concluso de 2 Grau / Certificado de Concluso de Ensino Mdio) is dus niet voldoende,

Apply via Studielink and OASAdmissions on rolling basis 120 places availableSelection: assessment of grades and (video or) letter of motivationNetherlandsVWOGrade 7 overallInternational BaccalaureateInternational Baccalaureate Diploma32 pointsBrazilPlease note: Certificado de Concluso de 2 Grau / Certificado de Concluso de Ensino Mdio is not sufficient. You need at least 1 year of higher education in order to be eligible.Curriculum and grades are subject to evaluationEnglish and MathsYou need to demonstrate proficiency in English and Maths this can be done via your previous education or with a TOEFL or IELTS test

Fees and Scholarships

Scholarships2 scholarships (non-EU only) and 4 partial tuition fee grants

Tuition FeesEUNon-EU4,000 per year12,000 per year

Living CostsAccommodationOther CostsApprox. 450 per month (furnished room inc. gas/electricity, water, WiFi)Approx 400 - 600 per month (books, food, social activities etc)

Campus LifeUCG is a residential City College with a vibrant academic and social community.

Academic campus buildingBrand new teaching spaceKey location in city centre of GroningenLibraryScenario labs & international classroomKitchen/lounge area

AccommodationCity centre location (next to train station)Shared bathroom and kitchen (8-10 students)5 minute-walk from University College campusSport and social facilities on ground floorMake close friends in an international environment

Social Life at University College Groningen

Caerus - several committeesor start your own!Social activities: sports events, camping trips, dinners, partiesAcademic activities: guest lectures, skills training, excursionsMeet students in Groningen and other UCs in the Netherlands

Studying in Groningen

Groningen top student city (50,000 students)Many associations and committees outside of UCG as well Turkish Student association within the University of Groningen as well! with fresh fruit, meat and vegetables three times a weekTurkish grocery stores with authentic productsVibrant student community: make close friends in an international environment!

Find out more!

(Virtual) Student for a Day: register for selected dates or for the online experience via website or e-mail to ucg@rug.nlWeb Class: starts early Spring, sign up from February 1stWebinars: Get a taste of all the majors that we offer through online

Q & A

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