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<ul><li> 1. A slice of our hard workU n ive r sal Favo U r ite</li></ul><p> 2. Hello, were Universal Favourite;a very different creative agency.We are an intelligent bunch of design,strategy and business thinkers who arenever satisfied with adequate.Were passionate about what we do.And we love who we do it with. 3. We focus sharply through five critical lensesYour brand;Your business objectives;The user experience;The visual solution; andEmbedding it.Which means, we understand your projectfrom all the angles that matter to youand your end-user, end-to-end. 4. Were the agency you didnt think existed,until you found us.(And we know youll be happy you did.) 5. 1ART S E R I E S HOTE L G ROU P BOUTIqU E LUxU Ry fIvE-STAR HOTE LSArt Series Hotels Websites 6. 2 ART S E R I E S HOTE L G ROU P BOUTIqU E LUxU Ry fIvE-STAR HOTE LS The Olsen Hotel Identity Systemlogos &amp; brandmarks advertising temPlates invitationin room comms.E OLSEN HOTELororm iipsum d o l o r e TH LLem psum d o l o rTake a sip from THE OLSEN HOTE L ...... our billabong Opening Autu m n 2010 JOIN US FOR ANunc ut lorem neque. Ut in sollicitudin eros. Sweet SunkissedMINI BAR INFORMATION . . Etiam laoreet sem et. sem tempus varius. Nullam auctor tempor nibh eu hendrerit.Sum m e rCHAPEL ST Suspendisse enim velit, placerat non venenatis...non, commodo ut lectus. Maecenas in com- modo lorem.... ...www.theolsen.com.auA SPECIAL OFFER Headline goes here Indulge your creature comforts at The OlsenBook your accommodation before end of February 2010to receive a dinner for two at xxxx. lorem ipsumBookings 1800 123 456.... ...Lab illaut utet omniamet quatur, officiet hic totatisDATE10 MARCH 2010ea con reped quunt faccae ant am, odicatem.VENUE The Olsen, 123 Chapel Street, PrahanBorerum recti odi dolestiae quodis eum nus et ab RSVP28th February 2010incil inis rest, cuptas mo voluptasCONTACT 1300 222 333 ...www.theolsen.com.auThe Olsen, premiering in a prestigious Chapel Street address in February 2010, will intimately blend the works of Australias greatest living painter Dr John Olsen with the renowned style of architects Rothe Lowman. PREMIERING 2010 Promotional comms. www.theolsen.com.au Art Series Hotel Group www.theolsen.com.auArt Series Hotel Group www.theolsen.com.auArt Series Hotel GroupHotel WebsiteEnjoy our local fareYour daily doseSave 20% Save 20%identity styleguide 4 . 0 c o l o u r pa l e t t e3.0 typography 5 . 0 a p p l i c at i o n e X a M p l e spriMary colour palette secondary colour palettetertiary colour palette type facespriMary BRAND all aBout olsens artEstaProEstaProItalic SwashesFusce velit turpis,suscipit id dictumGift Vouchervarius, iaculis vel dui.Sed imperdiet nibh a ......nunc dapibus feugiat.Its a bigIts a bigProin adipiscing, arcuvitae fringilla sagittis,TOFROMbeautiful bathbeautiful bathmetus nunc. Enjoy a stay at The Olsen quis risusscelerisque purus sollicitudin viverra.Donec et ante nec nulla imperdietconsequat et quis lacus. Sed sagittis,orci id commodo interdum. LEVEL 3 Brand essence deviceVALUEVALID UNTIL Abc60 pt Abc 30 ptAbc12 ptAbc60 pt AbcLorem ipsum dolor 30 pt... Abc 12 ptChapel StreetSouth Yarra, VICwww.theolsen.com.auFor reservations, contact 1800 278 468RESERVATIONS 1300 123 456Art Series Hotel Group gift voucher wallet (cover) inside voucher (reverse)colour pAlette | IdentIty overvIew ASHg typogrApHy | IdentIty overvIew ASHgApplIcAtIon exAmpleS | IdentIty overvIew ASHg 7. 3ART S E R I E S HOTE L G ROU P BOUTIqU E LUxU Ry fIvE-STAR HOTE LSIdentity, Campaign and Message Strategiesidentity usage guidelinescamPaign strategy 010CAMPAIGN PROFILE CAMPAIGN PROFILE 033Hotel IdentityWord of MouthGuidelinesOverviewBranding ratios (cont)In-room communications Word of Mouth has a processe.g. amenities, room service door hanger, compendium Core propositionthe in-room experience is centred around feeling immersed in the artists personality. Whilst the room is a mix of thehotel, aSHG and external branding, the hotel identity should take on the strongest voice (see the ideal mix below).Art Series Hotel Group is a range of boutique luxury hotels with design inspirations based from some of PROMOTION Australias most premier Artists. Audience &amp; talkers ADVERTISING WORD OF MOUTHIdeal branding mixSALESPEOPLE 3rD PArTyCUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Understand the audience, where they spend time, what they do, like and wantHOTEL ID 70% ASHG ID 20% brAnDS 10% Who will tell their friends about you? [Identify our inuencers as early as possible, then educate and look after them] Topics What will they talk about? [Must be interesting, relevant and authentic] Tools How can you help the message travel? [what channels are being used and to who] Activities/events Opportunities/environments for WOM seeds to be planted. WOMcore propositionCAMPAIGN STRATEGY BRAND IDENTITY &amp; CAMPAIGN MESSAGEOther considerations CAMPAIGN STRATEGY BRAND IDENTITY &amp; CAMPAIGN MESSAGE 045audience &amp; talkers Taking part When should you join the conversation? topics TrackingMessagingroom service door hanger artworkLiability notice What are people saying about you?toolsemergency exit information What are the topics that are most engaging people?GuidelinesCompendium cover/folder minibar menu Washing bag pillow menu artwork What channels or tools are most effective?activities/eventsStationery setIn-room dining menuLaundry price listCustomer feedback form RespondingCompendium contents restaurant brochures Bathrobesned Kelly figurine Breakfast menu form amenities taking part, tracking, respondingtV channels list After listening to and getting involved in the conversation, what are the opportunities? toilet paper sticker Where should you change tack? Sustainability message Internet instructions Spa brochures power adaptor messageCampaign guidelinesGuidelines for non-campaign related outputs no smoking signApplies to:Applies toAdvertising, PR, Promotion, WOM, Events Guest facing in-hotel communications (e.g. hotel key, advertisements, signage) ASHG Identity Strategy, for Art Series Hotel Group (Mark and Troy) | 06 October 2009Art Hotels Campaign Strategy PID, for Mark and Troy (Art Series Hotel Group) | 06 October 2009 In-room communications (e.g. sustainability messaging, room service communications, amentities)1 The Living Fearlesslybrand essence is at theheart of any output 1 The Living Fearlessly brand essence2 There must be ais at the heart of any outputconceptual linkbetween the brandessence and output 2 There must be a conceptual link between Living the brand essence and output 08FearlesslyCAMPAIGN STRATEGY - THE CULLEN CAMPAIGN STRATEGYCAMPAIGN STRATEGY - THE CULLEN CAMPAIGN STRATEGY 0494 The link needs to essenceLivingbe communicatedFearlesslyessence concept 3 Where appropriate, The Cullen identityconceptHotel Identity5 Where appropriate, The is applied to any audience-facingcommunicationCullen identity is applied communicationsto any audience-facingidentityGuidelinescommunications identityphraseMix Diagramphrase4 Phrase is only applied to the hotel key and the compendium cover page6 The phraseTHE ART OF[LIVING FEARLESSLY]Usage Hotel promotions, advertising and initiativese.g. artist in residence program at the olsen must be articulatedSPONSORSHIP To ensure the message does not reach over-saturation, the phrase The Art of [Living Fearlessly] is only applied in e.g. Midsumma &amp; Tropfestthe hotel identity (e.g. the Cullen) is used for all hotel-related communications. this includes: the communications is primarily be branded with the hotel identity (e.g. the Cullen logo, hotel imagery or artwork),Whos Involved certain instances:LAUNCH PARTY 1with the aSHG logo taking a secondary position. ART SERIES HOTEL GROUP (ASHG)ACTIVITESCAUSES Hotel promotions, advertising and initiativesAn example hotel wrap / packaging LAUNCH PARTY 2UNIVERSAL FAVOURITE (UF) compendium cover page In-hotel communications A Cullen Walking Tour could be organised around the brand essence values of innovation, challenging yourself 85% HOTEL ID15% ASHG ID MINT PARTNERS (MP)and living in the moment Living Fearlessly (conceptual link) visitors book column [opportunity for ASHG to capture what Living Fearlessly means to their guests]LAUNCH PARTY 3AMALGAMATED HOLDINGS LIMITED (AHL)The identity is comprised of: It would include visits to sites which have an edgy or slightly confronting element to them(e.g. eateries with unusual menus or sites with compelling/innovative interiors or a rough &amp; tumble history) The phrase is used in these instances to establish a link between the overt messaging of the campaign and theEARLY ADOPTERSHOARDING implied message values conveyed within the in-hotel experience. the hotel logo The promo materials communicates this conceptual link to the audience (e.g. Take a walk on the wild side) aSHG Logo The phrase The Art of [Living Fearlessly} is included on The Cullen branded promo materials PARTNERSHIPS All other communications will embody the values of Living Fearlessly through elements such as language or toneINDUSTRY PROMOTION of voice, The Cullen visual identity and imagery. EVENTS / STUNTS CHALK WALK the hotel colour palette artist ImageryArt Hotels Campaign Strategy PID, for Mark and Troy (Art Series Hotel Group) | 06 October 2009 Logo Device LOYALTY PROMOTION EMERGING ARTIST Guest font (e.g. avance for the Cullen) PROMOTION Corporate Font PRFor more information please refer to the Cullen Styleguide pdf. STAFF PROMOTIONBranding ratios PRESS /QANTASBLOGGERS INFLIGHT MEDIAthe hotel identity takes on a stronger voice and the volume on the aSHG branding is turned down on hotel- SOPHISTICATEDrelated communications. For in-room communications, the aSHG identity is kept to a minimum.TRAVELLER INFLUENTIAL EMAILS LAUNCH CAMPAIGNAVANT CARD OFFLINEMX FACEBOOKSOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN BLOGGER OUTREACH DIGITAL DIGGFACEBOOKADVERTISINGONLINESTUMBLEUPON ASHG WEBSITEWWW.THECULLEN.COM.AU TWITTER Hotel-level communication sample postcard invite to the melbourne Cup corporate tent ASHG Identity Strategy, for Art Series Hotel Group (Mark and Troy) | 06 October 2009 Art Hotels Campaign Strategy PID, for Mark and Troy (Art Series Hotel Group) | 06 October 2009 8. 4 CAnTE E n On E Of AUSTRALIAS mOST wE LL-knOwn An d wE LL-R E S PECTE d CAnCE R CHAR ITI E S Now What Brand &amp; Identity Developmentlogomark identity aPPlicationsbrand Positioning researcHAll Together Now Suggested Now What Direction Unsuitable Cutting EdgeBland Hand Made Abstract Inconsistent Personal Vibrant ChildishFunHeavily Contrasted ObviousInclusiveStylisedWell Presentedidentity aPPlications datedocjob no 15/04/09 Research &amp; References r1, v01 CAN_J003 page no. 9 of 9 Copyright Universal Favourite Pty Ltd CanTeen - Now What Brand DevelopmentnoW WHat styleguide NoW What Exclusion Zone2.4 NoW What Primary Logo &amp; Tagline 2.3 xNoW What Colour Palette &amp; Usage3.0 xx Colour versionsPrimary PalettePMS Black C/UC:0 R: 0M:13G: 0Y:49B: 0K:98hex: #000000 Black &amp; white versions PMS 637 C/UC:55R: 136 xM:0 G: 209Y:9 B: 216x x K:0 hex: #88D1D8Secondary Palette Clearing space around logo PMS Black C/U (12% tint) The Now What logo and logo/tagline combo like their The exclusion zone should always be at least the width of the personal space. To respect this, we use whats called an o in the logo (as shown above) Use of primary logo with taglineUsing the tagline and alternative versions C:M:02R: 230G: 230 exclusion zone. This makes sure that these identity elementsThe Now What tagline is your space for taking on cancer.Alternative versions of the logo/tagline combinations can be used if the primary combinationY:6 B: 230K:13hex: #E1DBD3 stand out and are clearly visible and distinguished from other On marketing and promotional material, the logo and taglinePrimary Colour Palette will otherwise be lost in the background colour of the material, e.g. if youre placing the logo and Secondary Colour Palette surrounding elements. tagline on a blue background, consider using a combination where the background of the tagline should be used together unless specified by the Now WhatOur colours are part of our expression.A secondary colour palette is available to be used in The exclusion zone applies to all applications of the logo andis red or yellow. There is also a single colour version available for use. Marketing Team. They help to communicate our brand identity. conjunction with the two primary Now What colours. logo/tagline, regardless of the medium being used.Dont attempt to recreate the logo or tagline PMS 7404 C/U The configuration shown above is the primary logo and taglineThe colours are:Colour should be used sparingly however and it is Tagline shape is colour specificC:0 R: 255 combination and should be used as a first choice.preferable to limit the palette on a per-application basis. YouthfulM:9 G: 217 Dont change the colours of the logo elements Y:79B: 0 Logo files available on request (PMS, CMYK and RGB). Strong and confidentK:0 hex: #FED900 Dont stretch or alter the proportions of the logo or tagline Appealing to our users, both male and female, Dont rotate the logo in any direction and also accessible to others The logo and tagline mark should not be reproduced smaller than 25mmPMS 192 C/U Fresh and fun PositiveC:0 R: 239M:100 G: 70NOW WHAT Style Guide Warm, open and inviting Y:68B: 88 8 of 20 Copyright CanTeen K:0 hex: #EF4758NOW WHAT Style Guide7 of 20 Copyright CanTeen NOW WHAT Style Guide11 of 20 Copyright CanTeen 9. 5CAnTE E n On E Of AUSTRALIAS mOST wE LL-knOwn An d wE LL-R E S PECTE d CAnCE R CHAR ITI E SNow What Brand Overview 10. 6COTSwOLd fU R n ITU R E I n dUSTRy LEAdE RS Of H IG H- qUALITy, fAB U LOUS fU R n ITU R ECotswold Furniture Website 11. 7COTSwOLd fU R n ITU R E I n dUSTRy LEAdE RS Of H IG H- qUALITy, fAB U LOUS fU R n ITU R EVisual Identity and Collateral 12. 8COTSwOLd fU R n ITU R E I n dUSTRy LEAdE RS Of H IG H- qUALITy, fAB U LOUS fU R n ITU R EThe Cotswold Collection Brochure 13. 9TH E I n S PI R E fOU n dATIOn H E LPI nG m I LLIOn S Of yOU nG PEOPLE LEAd HAPPI E R LIvE SReach Out re-brand, Identity Development &amp; Website 14. 10TH E I n S PI R E fOU n dATIOn H E LPI nG m I LLIOn S Of yOU nG PEOPLE LEAd HAPPI E R LIvE SReach Out re-brand, Identity Development &amp; Collateralbrandmark &amp; logo systemreacH out collateralstyleguide 2.3 lOgO eXClUsION ZONe Inspire Foundation 2009 x x Inspire Foundation 2009 x x xxx xx3.3 COlOUR Usage Inspire Foundation 2009WEB We always want the Reach Out logo to stand out fromWe have set some guidelines for the amount of space The exclusion zone is to always be at least the distance between the bottom edge of the its surroundings, make an impact and look consistent that should be used around the logo when its for webM of .COM and the outside bottom edge of the logo border (shown above). each time we use it. or print. This space is called the exclusion zone andits shown above with the primary logo. The samerules apply to the version of the logo with the tagline.COLOUR USAGE PRO...</p>