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Universal Brotherhood. Heavenly father wants universal brotherhood to grow among all children of mixed castes , creed and cultures. God the Creator and Universal Brotherhood. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Heavenly father wants universal brotherhood to grow among all children of mixed castes , creed and cultures.2

At the beginning of all our prayers we bow before the God who created the heaven and earth because he is the only source or fountain head of all the world.God the Creator and Universal Brotherhood3

Almost all religions and systems of philosophy teach that God created this world.God the Creator and Universal BrotherhoodScientists explain the beginning of creation through Big Bang theory,But this explosion which creation started millions of years ago, cannot say anything clearly about the energy behind the explosion.4

It is natural that the creator has love for all that he has created.God the Creator and Universal BrotherhoodThose who grow after and in divine nature will develop this cosmic vision.The unity in diversity is a unique feature of creation.


Jesus Christ gave light to see all human beings on an equal footing above the barriers of caste and creed.The Vision of the Kingdom of GodThat ye may be the children of your father which heaven : for maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. Matthew 5:456

Jesus Christ exhorted us to build the kingdom of God by loving one another , doing good to other and loving even our enemies as the children of God. The Vision of the Kingdom of GodHe himself travelled on spreading goodness without any concern for caste and creed. He taught us to rise above pride and ill will and kindle love.7

Its Gods will that the Church shall be the symbol of Kingdom of God, in this world.The Vision of the Kingdom of GodA place with no difference to any body and should cherish brotherhood.. For ye are all one in Jesus.Church has the responsibility to spread the light of the Kingdom of God but in India barrier raised by caste system still prevails.8

The Indian who presented the most powerful and practical philosophy of universal brotherhood was Gandhiji.Gandian PhilosophyPraising Gandiji s attributes the great poet valathol wrote the poemEnte Gurunathan( my Mentor).9

Gandiji vision was The whole world is my home:Gandian PhilosophyThe grass and the worm are also its members.We win as we renounce( surrender).Humility( humbleness) is the growth upwards.Vasudeva KudumkamThe prayer for well being chanted by all ages of the pastLoka Samastha Sukino Bhavanthu.10

Gandhiji fought till the end of his life to wipe out caste ,creed hatred to human unity. Gandian PhilosophyThe Hindu Muslim conflicts at the dawn of independence hurt him deeply. ,He told his Hindu Bretheren:I will end my fast only when circumstances are such that every Hindu gets ready to give his life to save Muslims.


Bishop Paulose Mar Gregorious is a great thelogian philosopher was a strong spokesman of universal brotherhood.Remaining committed to the Christian Orthodox tradition, he took and open and broad attitude to other faiths and systems of thought.In his book Freedom and Authority he heartily shares with us his motto commitment to one tradition and openness to all. He emphasized the need to face the problems without consideration of caste creed denomination, culture but on the basis Humanity.12

Our world now is a reduced to a small one because of development in science and technology.Science and TechnologyIn this modern world we should work hard to provide all men the basic needs and preserve dignity human.A peace based on justice and fraternity has to be made real with the help of the achievements of science and vision and power of religions.God wants a globalisations which answers everybodys welfare.13

I should be leading and implementing the universal brotherhood ,with helping my society and understanding my society. Being active in church and helping church needs, Understand Bible , and make a close relationship with God by practicing his advices ,being the role model by leading a honest Christian life. Accepting the challenges and proving as a good friend to my peers and friend.

Finally as a person with Punctuality and self-discipline to achieve my final GOAL and perfect happiness in God.14