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  • 1. Refinance StrategyRefinance Strategy

2. United Advisory Partners, Inc. provides financial advisory servicesto middle-market businesses, working closely with clients todevise the appropriate capital structure to support theirownership requirements and growth strategies. By havingexperienced professionals devoted exclusively to the financingneeds of middle market businesses, United AdvisoryPartners, Inc. is able to offer its clients access to the premierinstitutional debt and equity sources. United AdvisoryPartners, Inc. maintains relationships with private equityfirms, venture capital firms, factors, banks, leveraged buyoutfunds, mezzanine lenders, insurance companies, and financecompanies. We assist our clients in structuring the terms of thefinancing, addressing inter-creditor issues, coordinatinginvestor/lender due diligence, and working with all partiestowards a successful closing. 3. Types of FinancingGrowth FinancingMany middle market companies need capital to help finance rapidinternal growth or growth through acquisition. United AdvisoryPartners, Inc. assists companies in developingcomprehensive, achievable growth strategies. We advise our clients onappropriate capital structures which involves recommending strategiesfor a mix of debt and equity, balancing the concerns of over-leveragewith the concerns of ownership dilution. We can assist platformcompanies in arranging the necessary financing to fuel the rapidexpansion through an industry consolidation. 4. Family Succession StrategiesUnited Advisory Partners, Inc. can help family owners structure a financingwith outside capital that allows the senior members to achieve liquidityand satisfy their estate planning objectives, ensuring that the company hasadequate capital to meet its long-term growth strategies while maintainingfamily ownership.Management BuyoutsUnited Advisory Partners, Inc. helps operating managers acquirecompanies from their present owners. Managers often lack the necessarycapital to acquire the company from the selling shareholders. UnitedAdvisory Partners, Inc. will recommend strategies to finance theacquisition. We work with management to structure a financing solutionthat provides the company with the proper blend of debt and equity toconsummate the acquisition and to provide sufficient working capital tosupport future growth. 5. Debt RefinancingUnited Advisory Partners, Inc. assists client companies in securingappropriate financing to support the current and projectedoperations of their businesses. We maintain relationships withlocal, regional and money center banks for traditional loans, but alsowork closely with a significant number of non-traditional lendersincluding cash flow lenders, asset-based lenders, factors, equipmentleasing companies and sale/lease-back companies.United AdvisoryPartners, Inc. is also capable of introducing structuring lendingsources that provide mezzanine financing in situations where thefunding requirement cannot be completely fulfilled by a seniorlender. 6. RecapitalizationsFinancing often requires the owners personal guarantee. UnitedAdvisory Partners, Inc. assists owners in completing a financingtransaction that allows them to retain operating control of theircompanies but provides personal liquidity, net worthdiversification, and the elimination of personal guarantees onfinancing. In the process they gain a financial partner that can assist ingrowth and diversification strategies for the company, as well aspotential exit strategies for the owner