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1. THE TV AND FILM INDUSTRY 2. AIMS Understand the structure of the tv and video industry in the UK Understand funding of tv and film industries Understand developing technologies in the tv and film industries 3. TELEVISION: PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTERS For the people REMIT Inform Educate Entertain To get the Licence fee, the BBC HAVE TO do these things 4. ACTIVITY Make a list of what kinds of programmes the BBC show? How much is the licence fee? CLASS DISCUSSION: Should we pay for the BBC? 5. WHO ARE THE BBCS COMPETITION? 6. VS. ACTIVITY: Find a list of the most popular program mes on each channel. Which channel wins? 7. FILM: STUDIOS & CONGLOMERATES Comcast 21st Century Fox 20th centry fox Fox searchlight Blue sky studios 8. WHY IS IT A PROBLEM TO HAVE A FEW OWN SO MUCH? http://mediaculturesociety.org/2013/01/30/media-convergence/ 9. THE WAY CONGLOMERATES ARE STRUCTURED Vertical When the two or three stages of production are owned. 1. Production: (making it) 2. Distribution: (marketing it) 3. Exhibition: (showing it) 10. THE WAY CONGLOMERATES ARE STRUCTURED Horizontal When one company owns a range of different companies such as newspapers, book publishers, online or music companies 11. ARE THE FOLLOWING CONGLOMERATES VERTICAL/HORIZONTAL OR BOTH? 12. 20th century fox Sky italia Fox broadcasting tv Fox Music National geographic Fox sports.com 21ST CENTURY FOX 13. ASSIGNMENT 14. VLOG Introduce the BBC as a Public Service Broadcaster and explain what it is How are they funded? How are they structured? (How are they regulated and managed?) How successful are the BBC, have they had complaints about their management of programs, staff or services (find proof) What debates are there about the usefulness of the licence fee? What alternatives are there? What is your opinion? Who are their competition and what programmes rival theirs? What New technologies have they developed and how have these new technologies changed the way we watch/use the BBC? What technological development do you think is next for the way we watch television (the living room of the future?? 15. VLOG Introduce your film company and what they are famous for What are some of their most successful box office films? Who are their competition? How are they structured (who is the conglomerate that owns them, are they are a part of a horizontal, or vertically integrated structure integrated what other things do the conglomerate own, what other companies do they have links with?) they How much money is the conglomerate worth? Are they successful? What debates are there about the power of the few media companies? What is your opinion? What New technologies has the film industry developed? What technological development do you think is next for film? 16. EXAMPLES? 17. DEADLINE TBC