unit8 lesson4 journey to the antarctic warm up let’s enjoy the wonderful antarctic

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  • Unit8 lesson4Journey to the Antarctic

  • Warm up Lets enjoy the wonderful Antarctic

  • the clever penguins

  • the cute seals

  • What do people do in the wonderful Antarctic?

  • sailing

  • Setting station for researching

  • Japanese catch and kill the whales there

  • VocabularyNorwegian n. preparation n. sledge n. shock n. goal n. ambition n. exhausted a. hopeless a.

  • cheerful a. distant a. within prep. sadness n. function n. patience n. nationality n. aim n.

  • on ones way break down run out of carry on

  • Why is the passage entitled The Race to the Antarctic ?Its about the race between one group of______ explorers led by Scott and one group of _______ ones led by Amundsen ,who tried to get the honour to be the first to make it to Antarctica.EnglishNorwegianPre-reading

  • Look at the title and photos and guess the answers to these questions.(1) Which Pole did they race to? (2) When did they go? (3) Who reached the Pole first?

    The South Pole.1910-1911.Amundsen.

  • Read fast to get the main idea of each partPara 1

    Para 2-4

    Para 5-8

    Para 9The return journey which was of great difficulty.The race to the South Pole was on.Scott and his companions became heroes because of great courage.Amundsens team won the race.

  • Reading Strategies: Dealing With Difficult WordsRead the sentence the word is in and decide what kind of word it is. ,.Read the paragraph the word is in and try to work out the meaning from the context.

  • Reading Strategies: Dealing With Difficult WordsCheck the context to see if the meaning fits. Now use a dictionary to check the exact meaning of the word.

  • Read the text carefully. Are these statements true or false?Scott and Amundsen started their journeys in the polar spring.Scotts use of sledges and horses was a success.Amundsen traveled more quickly than Scott.When they got to the Pole, Scotts team had a celebration.Captain Oates went for a walk and died in a snow storm.Scotts latest letter was to his wife.TFTFTT

  • 1.Why did Amundsen succeed while Scott failed?Because Amundsen reached the Pole first.Because Scotts companions died half way.Because it was too cold in Antarctica.Because Scotts sledges broke down and his horses disagreed with the cold and the wind there.Choose the best answer.

  • 2. What did Scotts team achieve?They became rich for the trip. They got nothing but pity. They became the first to reach the Pole. They collected rocks that proved Antarctica had once been covered by plants.

  • 3. Why did Scott and his men become heroes?They showed great courage all the time.They collected valuable rocks.They died for the expedition.They made great contributions to the world.

  • 4. Did Scott and his men survive at last? A. Yes, they did. B. No. They all died a heroic death. C. All died but Scott. D. Only Scott died at last.

  • 5. Whats the writers attitude towards Captain Scott and his team? He is mildly critical. He is strongly critical. He has full of respect for them. His attitude is not clear.

  • Read and find the following expressionsPara 1- Para 3 receive a message from the race to is on food bases in preparation for polar winter the first to pull the sledges make rapid progress have serious difficulties with..

  • Para 4- Para 5 prepare for the return journey be shocked goal of ambition history of exploration be soon exhausted run out of food weather conditions hopeless situation be cheerful

  • Para 6 on ones way back carryall the way with s.b. prove that in the distant past at one time the next to have great difficulty walking walk to ones death it is the act of hope to

  • Para 7 Para 8 carry on spend some of ones last hours doing a letter full of sadness!What a price to pay! shock the world fail to win the race to the Pole makeinto heroes

  • Find these words in the text and decide what kind of words they aresledge Nounbreak down run out of Adjectiveambitionhopeless Phrasal Verbscheerfuldistant Prepcarry onwithin shocked

  • Match the meanings !sledge 1.stop functioningbreak down 2.without hoperun out of 3.insideambition 4.equipment used for moving hopeless on snowcheerful 5.continuedistant 6.extremely surprisedcarry on 7.happywithin 8.far awayshocked 9.something you want to achieve 10.having nothing left41109278536

  • Vocabulary: Word BuildingComplete the sentences. Make nouns or adjectives from the words in brackets.1.They had done so much ______ (prepare) that the actual task was easy for them.2.Without food, water, or a map, their situation was ______ (hope).3.Even with all her problems, she is still ______ (cheer) every day.preparationhopelesscheerful

  • Vocabulary: Word BuildingHe wanted to get away from everything so he moved to a _______ (distance) land.Everyone experienced _______ (sad) at the terrible news.All the exams have different levels of _______ (difficult).distantsadnessdifficulty

  • Word Buildingexploredexploreexplorationpolarorganisedorganiseorganisationpatientlypatientpreparedpreparepreparationambitiousambitiouslycourageouscourageouslysuccessfulsucceedsuccesssuccessfully