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  • 1. Industrialization & Reform
    Unit # 1

2. Essential Questions
1. Who benefits and who suffers during the times of profound economic change?2. How does the economy affect where and how people live?3. How does immigration affect the immigrants and the society that they enter?4. How can people change society?5. Did this period of industrialization and reform move American closer or further away from its founding ideals?
3. Unit Overview:

  • Industrialization

4. Causes 5. Economic Terms & Philosophies 6. Geographic factors 7. Robber baron or Captain of Industry? 8. Labor 9. Working Conditions & labor demands 10. Labor Unions 11. StrikesImmigration
Push & Pull Factors
The Immigrant Experience
Ellis Island
Nativism and restricting immigration
Muckrakers and the need for reform
Changes Made (state and federal)
12. Assessments:
District Assessment # 1 (Current Topics Letter)
Quizzes (most likely 2)
Unit Test (tentatively Friday, October 16th)
Short Term Assignments:
The Founding Ideals through Images
Assembly Line
Current Events Discussion Immigration in America
Various Homework Assignments
13. What was America like prior to Industrialization?
Communication was far more difficult
Goods and ideas travel slower
Goods made locally without mass production
Most worked in villages and small towns (not cities)
14. What was America like prior to Industrialization?
Women rarely worked, got involved in politics or ever voted
Immigration came mostly from English speaking countries
Federal govt made few, if any, changes (power in the local govt)
15. Causes of Industrialization
# 1 Wealth of Natural Resources
# 2 Inventions and Innovations
# 3 Govt support for big business
# 4 Growing urban population provided:
a.Cheap labor b. Markets for new products
16. Natural Resources
Abundance of natural resources gives America an advantage
Numerous waterways
Expansive lumber industry
Farm surpluses ensure food supply
Coal, iron ore, oil
Growing nation relies on many natural resources
Necessary for U.S. transformation (from agricultural to industrial)
17. Supply of Capital
Where is it coming from?
1) Government is aiding business
2) Foreign investment to the U.S.
3) Formation of corporations
Effect increase in industrial funding and growth
18. # of Workers
Increases mainly due to massive immigration (mostly cities)
Many women and children
Effects More production, but less pay
Child labor, sweatshops, labor disputes
19. Inventions & Innovations

  • Thomas Edison

20. The light bulb 21. Telegraph and telephone 22. Phonograph 23. Electric distributers 24. Other key inventions 25. Bessemer Process process that reduces flaws in iron; mass produces cheap steel 26. railroad tracks (transcontinental railroad) 27. skyscrapers 28. Farm equipment 29. bridges