Unit 9 Can you come to my party? 第五课时 Section B(2c­2e)

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<ul><li><p>1Let's have a party to make Mrs. Black (surprise)2 (improve) my Englishmy mother asks me to read it every morning.3He often goes to school without (have) breakfast.4I'm looking forward to (see) you soon.5Can you think of some ideas (help) me out?</p><p>surprisingTo improvehavingseeingsurprisedto help</p></li><li><p>6Can you other ways to solve the problem? Yesof course.7Yesterday I my sister . It said that she was all right.8I'm meeting my uncle because I haven't seen him for a long time.9Let's some cakes and fruits the party.10Though he is 8 years oldhe can't ride a bike </p><p>think ofheard fromlooking forward toprepareforby nowthink ofprepare...forhear fromlook forward toby now </p></li><li><p>(5420)1Mary is very () to look after her little sister.2You can make the model plane with the ()3I wrote to him last weekbut he didn't ()4I'm very () to see him in the meeting.5They are making () for the coming party.</p><p>preparationsgluegladsurprisedreply</p></li><li><p>(5525)</p><p>6He is so to lose his best friend.7My uncle to visit London two days ago.8We are food and drinks from 600 pm.9Next Saturday is the best time to the party.10How can you make the party a for your teacher?</p><p>surpriseplannedsadhaveservingplanservehavesurprisesad</p></li><li><p>(5525)11____English wellone must have a lot of practice.ASpeaksBTo speakCSpoken DSpeak12He puts the flowers in the shade()____the sun will not burn them.Ain order to Bso thatCso as to Dsuch thatBB</p></li><li><p>13We couldn't finish our work so early ____your help.Awithout BwithCfor Dby14____an EnglishmanJohn is looking forward ________ the 2014 Brazilian World Cup.AOfin BWithforCForat DAsto15Can you help me ____some ways to improve my health?Alook up Bthink ofCthink about Dtalk aboutDAB</p></li><li><p>(5630)16 He is your good news.176Last June I decided to to Shanghai.18How often do you your parents?19 this monthI'm going to learn to play the piano.20Why did she your invitation?take a triplooking forward tohear fromAt the end ofturn down</p></li></ul>