Unit 66 stage lighting operations Assignment 1 - Research different lighting equipment PMD1

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  • Unit 66 stage lighting operations Assignment 1 - Research different lighting equipment PMD1
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  • Different lighting controls 1- Sunlite dongle: Comes with a range of different features such as built in stand alone, which lets you save scenes with out the use off using a laptop. Also come with a range of software programming like colour wheels, palettes, Cycle easy remote witch let you control the light fixtures from you iPad iPhone or Android device with is from a free app. 2 easy stand alone (esa) dongle. ESA is used for architectural lighting then fixtures light moving heads this also bring me to when comprisome between sunlite and esa, with sunlite you can control a lot more fixtures and do a lot more with so would be better for live shows and clubs. 3 avolight Pell expert contorll lighting on arans way 4 avolight sapphire - it is a digital lighting desk it is also touch screem, you can also contorle fixtures, pattan,cue, Shapes and Pixel Mapper effects ect. 5 avolight tiger touch 2 100% brighter 15.6" screen, 10 pageable playbacks, 60 pages, MIDI support for MIDI Notes and MIDI Time code, Dimensions (mm):675 x 435 x 147 750 x 620 x 300N/A Weights:15.2Kg
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  • Sunlite Sunlite is a software based way of controlling lighting fixtures. You can install the software on a laptop and plug in a sunlite USB dongle. 5 features of sunlite: 1)Pages- what you would like to see and control on the screen at one time, allowing you to choose what fixture you see to control. This is useful because it allows the user to lay things out how they find easiest 2)Editor- is were lighting programming is made Lighting fixtures can be controlled with channel faders and saved in steps 3) Timeline is when you can use Drag and drop colour mixing, Pan/Tilt, chaser, wave and gradient effects. Which are all generated for you to make it easier 4)Easy control mean you can have full control over light control from ipad and smart phone which is useful as it allows you to control the desk from anywhere in the venue. 5) Easy show -Bringing together your audio, video, lighting scenes and MIDI timecode, Easy Show provides an effortless way to integrate your full multimedia show. Where would Sunlite be best suited for? I would use sunlite because it will be useful for Dj gigs because it is very protble and easy to learn how to use it or venue like privet venus and funtios. Where would sunlite struggle to meet requirements? When you are at a big venu and festival you would not use sunlite as u may have to control more then one dmx universe for a show depending on the size of they event.
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  • (esa) easy stand alone Esa is a easy way to contorle light using dmx this softwear is use for small permances and at school it is also easy to transport to places It also have 512 channel like sunlite this also mean you can dmx up fixtures and control simply fixtures. The lay out is a lot easyer then the sunlite. On esa you can only have one scene and use steps at once unlike sunlite.
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  • Avolite peal expert This Is a avolite peal expert lighting desk this is a advance lighting desk, this mean that you can search for a lighting fixture and set different programme in different effect use the the desk like pan and till button and save the seen by holding a bottom on top off a fade the used that for the screen u just save. This also have a page scrolled and a digital screen billet in to see what you are doing and you can also plug in a PC monter you can use vigall programme to see what it would look like on screen then when you do the show you know what it be like on screen
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  • Par can 64 A par can is from with a lamp in to cause light to cerate a wash effect on stage to like up the stage it only have one fix beam on like a chauvet intimidator spot 350 witch can have one beam of light unless u up a present on it that would split the disputing of light in to two or mutable line and effect run by dmx, the par can 64 witch is only one and very simply. par-can price range from 26.95 to233.58 because it is a led parcan 64 from showtec Long Nose PAR64 mean that you will get a tighter beam angle out off it then if it was a smaller colder par64 Most par64 accept a 500w or 1000w PAR64 Bulbs 6 Variations of Bulbs Available, are extra wide flood, wide flood,mid flood, narrow spot, very nerrow spot Aluminium Finish Supplied Without Bulb or Plug
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  • Dimmers Pack showtec mutidim A dimmer pack are a peace off equitment for lighting witch make a generic dimm by dmx in witch go back to a lighting deck with is put on to a channle and then use the fade to turn up the brightness up and down 96.00 IEC-Version, DMX 512 4CH. Dimmer Pack Music-controlled IEC Outlets DMX-512 4CH. Dimmer pack 16 built-in programs Chasing speed / Stand-alone function / Master-slave function Connector: 3pole XLR male & female Load per channel: 5 A Total load: 16 A Length: 193 mm Width: 72 mm Height: 260 mm
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  • Dimmer rack Avolites ART 4000 48 ways of Dimming with each 12 ways having its own processor for extra security and reliability. A dimmer rack is a group of dimmer packs put in to o store compartment and mean you can control a lot more genic fixtures and channel on each dimmer pack 48 channels at 16 amps per channel Excellent noise suppression with 250uS chokes 100% duty cycle Double pole circuit breakers available, both live and neutral protected Individual faders for each channel for use as channel test, scene setting or for controlling the on-board memories Two isolated DMX inputs with DMX merge Full softpatch in module - any dimmer channel to any DMX channel on both lines Large back-lit LCD display showing patching, dimmer levels and status No sub menus - 15 buttons each with dedicated function Internal memories for stand-alone operation, each with master fader Link facility to allow module faders to become memory masters for the entire rack or system 16 dimming response curves Output voltage limit from 1% to 100% Mains frequency tracking Input power on Powerloc connectors Loop out Powerloc connectors 24 Socapex outputs 4 Socapex mains input Voltage metering Current metering RCB protection on all channels AUX power 3 x 15A, 1 x 32A 3 phase. www.stage-electrics.co.uk
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  • Moving head A chauvet intimidator spot 350 is a type of moving head you can control them using dmx with you can use a software like sunlite witch you can control the moving head form the laptop or lighting desk, They are intelligent fixture so you can move using dmx and you can also use effect like gobos and change the colour with out have to change the lighting gel or plug in a iec to,the manse with a iec and you can use the moving head with the billet in control. 649.80 DMX Channels: 8 or 14 DMX Connectors: 3-pin XLR Pan and Tilt: 540 deg/270 deg Pan and Tilt Ranges: 540 deg, 360 deg, 180 deg pan/270 deg, 180 deg, 90 deg tilt Colour: 8 + white, split colour continuous scroll at variable speeds Gobos: 7 + open, rotating, interchangeable, indexing, slot-n-lock, continuous scroll at variable speeds Gobo Size: 24 mm outside, 20 mm image, 1.1 mm max thickness Light Source: 1 LED (white) 75 W (17 A), 50,000 hours life expectancy Strobe Rate: 0 to 20 Hz Zoom Angle: 12 deg to 17 deg Illuminance: 9,490 lux @ 2 m Power Linking: 7 units @ 230 V Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging) Power and Current: 285 W, 1.2 A @ 230 V, 50 Hz Weight: 10.3 kg Dimensions: 268 x 340 x 392 mm Approvals: CE
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  • Source 4 No other light offers such optical brilliance. Source Four's revolutionary technology gives you a clean white beam for unequalled imaging, crisp pattern projection, and a bright, even field. The EDLT lens tube option for 19, 26, 36 and 50 field angles makes the Source Four even better for ultra-crisp, high-contrast gobo projections. Source Four the fixture that changed the lighting industry. Source Four combines the energy-saving power with a coolest beam. you can also have barn door put on to narrow and shape the beam using the doors to create shape on stage e.g. light up a specific part of the stage www.etcconnect.comwww.etcconnect.com where I source me info from A source4 is and generic fixture what mean you have to move it around yourself.
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