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  • Unit 6Advertising Campaigns

  • PreparationListening-centered activityReading-centered activity

  • Commerce tradeAdvertisement

  • Commerce tradeDomestic tradeInternational tradeForeign tradeFree-trade areaCommercial channelsCommercial transactionCustoms duty

  • AdvertisementAspects of adsBest-sellingAnalysis of productsTarget audienceDishonest or false claimsMoral issue

  • Listening-Centered Activities listening 1Lower our pricesMasses of sofa bedsView on SundayAt a priceBe packed withPull-out section

  • Listening 1Local papersSensitive skinTake special care ofContain a medicated ingredientLeave dry or tightNew tracks

  • Listening 2Design a restaurant primarily for childrenTarget its ad campaigns at childrenHook childrenBy the timeThe exterior symbols of McDonaldsPlay in safetyA mix of different styles

  • Listening 2The hamburgersThe Trench friesThe milk shakesWant repeat customersHold their annual birthday partyThere is no mess for parents to clean up.

  • Advertising Claims

  • summary of the textThe passage discusses the principles of making advertisements, and introduces six basic techniques.

  • Words, phrases and grammatical points A person unaware of advertisings influence on him is precisely the one most vulnerable to the admans attack.(l11-12)Precisely has two meanings:

  • preciselyAccurately and exactly;: Be here at precisely 4 oclock.,,: That is precisely the reason.

  • Falsehood (L.21)The suffix -hood means the state or time of being something.E.g. likelihood,manhood, brotherhood, neighborhood, childhood, widowhood, adulthood, girlhood, motherhood

  • But note that the use of the number twelve makes the claim far more believable than if it were taken out.morethan ,than-.If-Itthe number twelve

  • inhabitant n. The city has ten million inhabitants.

    inhabit vt.Inhabitation n.Habitant n.Inhabitable adj.Habitat n.

  • belittle vt.He tends to belittle his own achievements.

  • render vt.

    To render thanks To render into ChineseHis fatness renders him lazy.

  • downright adj./adv.

  • This is a downright lie.He is downright rude to me.Jeffs just downright lazy.

  • Modify v. Modifier n.Change:Alter :Vary :Modify:

  • Apt adj. Aptly adv.An apt answerThis shoe is apt to slip.My sister is apt at language.Light-foot was aptly named;we never head him enter.

  • Hollow adj.HollowA water pipe is hollow.Hollow cheeksGive a hollow laughMake hollow promises

  • Affirm vt. The general affirmed the rumor s of an attack.By submitting to male values, they symbolically affirm male superiority.

  • peer vi./n.peek vi.Vi. Peer at/across/throughN.

  • Delight in = take delight in

    They seem to delight in keeping everyone waiting.

  • Pride oneself on something

    Linda prides herself on her ability to speak six languages.The school prides itself on its excellent basketball team.

  • Immunity to advertisingNative inhabitant of consumer landA bunch of liesPlay a minor supporting roleDramatic effectWork below the level of conscious awareness

  • The one most vulnerable to the admana attackHarmless nonsenseRender defenselessAdvertising claimsPersuasive techniques

  • Downright liesFall into category ofBold liesBalance on the narrow line between truth and falsehood by a careful choice of wordsParity productAvoid mentioningAlice-in-Wonderland

  • At first glanceDisintegrate into hollow meaningless on analysisSo whatA mystery ingredient that sounds impressiveDemand the as be withdrawnFlatter the consumerdo what is right for you, no matter what others do

  • After-Class readingPassage 1 insights into advertising Words,phrases and grammatical points

    Coverage n.a. Television coverage of the mass meetingb. CCTV gave the story extensive coverage in the evening news.

  • Frugal adj.

    A frugal housekeeperBe frugal of ones time and money

  • Infer v.e.g. Am I to infer from your words that you think I am a liar.Inference n.Inferential adj.

  • Reliable adj.reliantReliably adv.Reliability n.Im reliant on him because he is reliable.

  • Reservation n.

    Accept the plan with reservationConfirm the reservation

  • Passage 2 Developing n advertising campaign Words,phrases and grammatical points

    Circulation n.A newspaper with a circulation of more than one millionHe has a good circulation.

  • Execute v.

    Execute sbs commandsExecute ones purposeExecute s murdererThe piano is badly executed.

  • Direct at=direct to

    This advertisement is directed mainly at young consumers.Almost all of Luxuns essays were directed at the enemy.

  • Passage 3 advertisement appreciation Words,phrases and grammatical points

    Melt v.melt awaymelt sth. DownSugar melts in tea.Her heart melted with pity.

  • Shed v.

    Trees shed their leaves and flowers shed their petals.Shed bloodShed clothesShed happiness

  • Break up

    The ship was broken up for scrap metal.The enemy ship broke up on the rocks.Break up a word into syllable.

  • Execute v.

    Execute sbs commandsExecute ones purposeExecute s murdererThe piano is badly executed.

  • Execute v.

    Execute sbs commandsExecute ones purposeExecute s murdererThe piano is badly executed.


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