unit 4 our world topic3section b emperor qin’s terra cotta warriors it’s the tombof the first...

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  • UNIT 4 Our WorldTopic3Section B

  • Emperor Qins Terra Cotta WarriorsIts the tombof the first Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

  • The builders used live models,didnt they? There arent any treasures in Qin Shi Huangs Underground Palace,are there?Yes,there are./No,there arentEmperor Qin,s Terra Cotta Warriors are one of the greatest wonders of the world,arent they?Yes, they are.Yes,they did.

  • The Great PyramidIts in EgyptAnd its a tomb of the King Khufu.

  • The Statue of LibertyTheFrenchbuilt it.It was a present for Americans.

  • The Eiffel TowerIts in Paris, France. The French built it for the international exhibition of Paris in 1889.

  • West Lake

  • Peking University

  • Weiming Lake and Boya Tower

  • The Xian City WallIt is 13.75 kilometres long.It is 12 metres high.It is 15-18 metres wide.

  • The Mount QomolangmaIt is 8848.13 metres________high.

  • The Yangtze RiverIt is 6,300 kilometres_________long

  • The Amazon RiverIt is 11-40 kilometres________wide

  • Emperor Qins Terra Cotta Warriors wonder emperor builder live treasure underground palace Egypt tomb exhibition Paris French West Lake Peking University kilometre Mount Qomolangma Yangtze River Amazon River


  • Emperor Qins Terra Cotta Warriors

  • 1.What are the children talking about?2.What did jim think of them?They are talking about Emperor Qins Terra Cotta Warriors.He thinks they are one of the greatest wonders of the world.Listen & answer

  • I.,1.The Great Wall is one of the greatest w______.2.There are many t________inside Emperor Qins tomb, I think.3.We know that some u________ palaces are in Ming Tombs.4. The Yellow River is about 5,460 k_______Long.5.The p________in Egypt are world famous.ondersreasuresndergroundilometresyramids

  • 1.pyramids 2.the Great Wall3.West Lake4.Peking University5.Yellow MountainA.Its the longest wall in China.Its one of world wonders.B.Its a beautiful lake in Hangzhou.C.Its one of the most famous universities in ChinaD.Its in Egypt. Long ago the kings built them as their tombs.E.Its famous for its beautiful scenery.II.III

  • HomeworkWrite a letter to your friend to talk about Terra Cotta Warriors


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