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<ul><li> 1. Unit 3: The Creative Media Sector By Jozie Peaty</li></ul> <p> 2. Film 3. Film Industry TheFilm Industry is the entertainment industries involved in making and distributing movies 4. Film Industry Theseare just some of the production company's in the film industryFounded August 7, 1991 USAFounded April 4, 1923, Hollywood, L os Angeles, California, United StatesFounded May 8, 1912, Los Angeles, California, Unite d States 5. Key Jobs 6. Governing bodyBritish Board of Film Classification BBFC 7. 20th Century Fox Founders- William Fox, Joseph M. Schenck, Darryl F. Zanuck. Headquarters- Fox Plaza, Century City, Los Angeles, California, United States Owner(s)Independent(1935 - 1985) News Corporation (1985 - 2013) 21st Century Fox (2013 - Present) Divisions- 20th Century Fox Animation, Fox Searchlight Pictures Fox Digital Studio, Fox 2000 Pictures, Fox Animation Studio sFox, Atomic Fox Interactive, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Fox Television Studios, 20th Television, 20th Century Fox Television. Famous films- Avatar (December 18, 2009), Ice Age (March 15, 2002), Miracle on 34th Street (November 18, 1994), Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (December 23, 2009), Titanic (December 19, 1997). Awards- won best picture with paramount in 1997 for the Titanic. They also won the same award in 1971 for the film The French Connection and also before that the won in 1941 for How Green Was My Valley. They dont really have a target audience as they make all kinds of films. 8. TV 9. TV Industry TheTV industry is all the people who are involved In broadcasting live television/programs. 10. TV Industry Theseare just a few of the many TV channels on our screensFounded November 14, 1922, Central London, LondonFounded March, 30, 1997, Uni ted KingdomFounded September 22, 1955, United KingdomFounded November, 1, 1992, United KingdomFounded November 2, 1982, United KingdomFounded November, 1990, Osterley, London, United Kingdom 11. Key Jobs A television produces job is to over see the whole video production and they are in charge of the business and financial side of things Examples: Alison Davis produces EastEnders also Stuart Blackburn produces Coronation Street.The job changes depending on the TV show also weather its live or not they are in charge of the placement of the cameras, lighting and microphones. Examples: Ian Hamilton and Stuart Macdonald direct The Chase also Sandy Johnson, John Henderson and David Sant directs Benidorm.The editor works with director to edit the footage and to put it all together to create a story Examples: Alistair McMath and David Mercer both edit Hollyoaks also Hannah Barnes, Peter Elphick, David Horwell, Neil Hunter and Nykki Parker edit pointless.The screenwriters job is to research the story, developing the narrative and writing the screenplay Examples: Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, Stephen Thompson wrote Sherlock also Tony Jordan who wrote EastEnders. 12. The TV Governing Body TheOffice of Communications (Ofcom) 13. ITV Headquarters- The London Studios, Waterloo. Owned by- ITV plc, STV Group plc and UTV Media plc. Chairman- Archie Norman. Sport that ITV has the right to show- The fa cup (football), 2014 fifa world cup (football), UEFA Champions League (football), England coverage includes all home and away games both friendlies and qualifiers (football), tour de France (cycling), the French open (tennis), rugby world cup. Sister channels- ITV HD, ITV2/ITV2 HD, ITV3/ITV3 HD, ITV4/ITV4 HD, CITV Slogan- "Where drama/laughter/life/news lives" 14. Radio 15. Radio Industry Anycompany that is involved in he broadcasting of a radio station. 16. Radio Industry Theseare just a few of lots of radio stationsFirst aired 30 September 1967First aired 7 September 1992First aired1973First aired 14 June 1998First aired 1994First aired 9 July 1990 17. Key Jobs They are in charge of talking on the radio who's main responsibility is to give news, weather, sports, or traffic information they also can host talk shows and can take calls from listeners. Examples: Nick Grimshaw BBC radio1, Emma Bunton Heart Fm.The main job of an Editor is to make sure that the headlines, stories and scripts are factual and comply with the industry standards some may even report the news on the radio show. Examples: Stephen Chilcott is Editor Weekly Business Programs on BBC Radio in London, BBC World Service's Global Business and BBC Radio 4's Moneybox and Moneybox Live,They are in charge of overseeing the whole making of the radio show the producer may also be in control of the technical stuff e.g. sounds and switchboards. Examples: Laura Sayers producer of the Greg James show in bbc radio 1, Josh Andrews Producer of Heart Breakfast with Matt &amp; Caroline 18. The Radio Governing Body TheOffice of Communications (Ofcom) 19. Heart FM Owner- Global Radio Languages- English City of license- London Broadcasting areas-London, West Midlands, East Anglia, South East England, West of England, Devon, Cornwall, North Wales, Cheshire, Wirral Peninsula. Sister stations- The Arrow, Capital, Capital Xtra, Chill, Classic FM, Gold, Jazz FM, LBC, Real Radio, Real Radio XS, Smooth Radio, XFM. Heart stations- Heart Cambridgeshire, Heart Cymru, Heart East Anglia, Heart Essex, Heart Four Counties, Heart Gloucestershire, Heart Hertfordshire, Heart Kent. Heart London, Heart North West and Wales Heart South Coast, Heart South West, Heart Sussex and Surrey, Heart Thames Valley, Heart West Country, Heart West Midlands and Heart Wiltshire 20. Print 21. Print Hereare few of the newspapers and magazines in the print industryFounded 4 May 1896 United KingdomFounded 1 January 1785 United KingdomFounded 2 November 1903 United KingdomFounded April 1993 United KingdomFounded 1964 United KingdomFounded 1988 United Kingdom 22. Key Jobs They can be known as chief editor and executive editor they choose which bits and information is put in the news paper. Examples: John Witherow editor of The Times, Kirsty Tyler editor of OK! magazineThe photographer is in charge of taking photos which are suitable to the subject to go in the newspaper. Examples: Garry Winogrand, Art Wolfe, Sebastiao Salgado and James Nachtwey.They get all the facts and information about the event and write it all up in a article which goes in the news paper. Examples: David Aaronovitch journalist for the times, Josh Clarke journalist for the sun 23. Print Governing Body BritishPrinting Industries Federation (bpif) 24. The Times Headquarters- Wapping, London, United Kingdom Sister Paper- The Sunday Times Type- daily newspaper Owner- News UK Editor-John Witherow Political group- Conservative 25. Online 26. Online Theseare a few websites that are really popularFounded February 4, 2004, Cambridge, M assachusetts, United StatesFounded 2001Founded March 2006, San Francisco, California, United StatesFebruary 14, 2005, San Mateo, California , United StatesFounded 25 December 2007Founded September 3, 1995, Campbell, California, United States 27. Key Jobs These are the people responsible for the picture and the graphics in the website they also think of logos for the websiteThis involves developing the website for the internet Web development can range from developing the simplest single page to the most complex web applications.They create the codes that all internet websites have which directs the website lay out and all the hyperlinks on the website which makes the website work. 28. Mark Zuckerberg Date of birth- May 14, 1984 (age 29) Occupation- Chairman &amp; CEO of Facebook, Inc. Awards- Time Person of the Year (2010) Nationality- American Facts- Co-founder of Facebook in 2004; world's 2nd youngest self-made billionaire (2012) 29. Online governing body Thereisn't one company that looks after the internet but different people still do it e.g. Ofcom overlook the bbc and Facebook employ people who look at there website. 30. Facebook Founders- Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes Headquarters- Menlo Park, California, U.S. Type of site- social media Users- 1.2 billion Target audience- 13 year olds and over </p>