unit 2 my favourite season read and write b. let’s chant

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  • Unit 2 My Favourite SeasonRead and write B

  • Lets chant

  • Sharp eyes swimfly kitesskatemake a snowmanplant trees

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  • ABCDNumber these pictures:

  • Questions:1.What is Zips favourite season? Why ?

    2.Which season does Zoom like best? Why?

  • a lot = manyThey eat a lot.sleep Because I can sleep a long time .wake up Zoom and Zip wake up.

  • Winter comes: can sleep a long time. wake up.Spring comes :

  • What do Zoom and Zip do in winter?

    2. When do they wake up ?

    They sleep.Spring.

  • Its summer. Zoom and Zip _________. why________? asks Zoom . Because ________.Its fall. Zoom and Zip ____________. They_________.Winter comes. Zoom and Zip __________.Spring comes. Zoom and Zip __________. They ________. Why_________________? asks Zip . Because_________________.

  • Read and writeZoom : Come and have a fun holiday with us! In spring, the weather is warm and sunny .We can go on a field trip. In summer, its hot, we can swim in the sea. In fall ,its always sunny and cool , we can climb mountains and enjoy red leaves. In winter, its cold and snowy. We can play with snow. Please join us for fun, fun, fun!Zip : Which season do you like best , Zoom? Zoom : I like winter best. I can have a long sleep. What about you , Zip?Zip : Winter is good, but fall is my favourite season. I can have many many nuts.

  • Ask and answer the questions:Whats the weather like in spring?


    2._______________________________________, Zoom? I like winter best . I can have a long sleep. 3. Whats your favourite season, Zip?

    _______________________________________ The weather is warm and sunny .Which season do you like bestFall.

  • Writing:I like ______best. Its _________.I wear my __________. I can _________...