Unit 10 A Birthday Present working environment (1)

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  • Unit 10 A Birthday Present working environment (1)

  • Learning Objectives:

    the experiencethe first time oral practice about bridge with musicTo train the students speaking and listening abilities about the topic of working environment (1)

  • Step 1 Warming up

    (1) Practice reading with music(2) Tell the gift you get for the first time or the best one you like

  • Step 2 Talk about the first thing you did somethingYour first day at universityThe first present you got

  • Step 3 Self-study on line

    Language pointsMess upBy accidentTo make a fool of oneselfTo make matters worseTo make up for something

  • Step 4: Business English speaking

    Talk about the working environment

  • Language focus

    Describing company performance:The net profit of the company has doubled this year.Production costs have decreased by 30%.Our export volume this year is 12% down from last yeahOur market share in China registered a rise of 7% last year.In 2004, our profits increased by 60%, with the figure reaching 108 million RMB.

  • Compared with the previous year, we had a slight increase in export sales.This quarter we have exported three times as many air conditioners to India as (in the) last quarter.The investment m new business this year has been twice as much as the figure for last yearBy exploring new markets, our company had a net profit of RMB 3 million in the first quarter of this year.The production in October increased by 21% over the same period last year.


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