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    Nicholas Sparks sure does know easy methods to tug on our heartstrings, and this book was noexception. Excluding. except. for a few surprises. Our main character, Logan Thibault, was ayouthful Marine, serving his third tour of duty in Iraq. 1 day he looked down and half buried in thedry dirt and sand was a picture of a particularly pretty date. He picked it up, and has been just thestarting of a long journey who is going to ask, and ultimately answer, the universal question - Doyou're of the opinion in destiny? Well, do you? This wonderful story by Nicholas Sparks just maymake that you just believer if you weren't sure before, locations may restore your faith within adagethat "Everything happens for a reason".

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  • Any players remaining after the game will then place their hands face up on the table, and also thewinner is determined. If a player knows they have lost after someone else reveals their hand, theycan choose to 'muck' there cards, that is, they do not have to prove to them to tenacious table.Action beneficial, when your player is not giving away any information as as to the hands he callswith, and might be also saving face!