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The promotional campaign for your product must communicate its unique selling proposition to the potential customers.


  • 1. Unique SellingProposition

2. Studies show that the most successfulmarketing campaigns always make uniquepropositions to the customer. 3. Your product should have one meaningfuland distinctive reason - a uniqueselling proposition - why it is the bestchoice in the category over all theother productsThis could be a special feature, anexclusivebenefitor performancequality. 4. The promotional campaign for your productmust communicateits uniquesellingproposition to the potential customers. Identify your distinctive buyer segmentsand write a unique proposition for each. 5. Not every difference is adifferentiator.To be effective in motivating people tobuy, the distinguishingcharacteristic(s) must be important tothe buyer,superior to similarproducts, communicable, affordable andprofitable. Amazon CreateSpace 6. USP ManifestoAccording to Reeves a precise definitionfor unique selling proposition has threeparts :1.Eachadvertisementmustmake aproposition to the consumer. Not justwords, not just product puffery, not justshow-window advertising. Each advertisementmust say to each reader: Buy this product,and you will get this specific benefit." 7. 2. The propositionmustbe onethatthe competition either cannot,ordoesnot, offer. It must be uniqueeither a uniqueness of the brand.3. The proposition must be so strong that it can move the mass millions, i.e., pull over new customers to your product!


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