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Unexcused Absence Protocol. What steps will be taken to help solve unexcused absences. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The educational program offered by a School District is based on the physical presence of the student in the classroom, and continuity of instruction and learning with their peers. A 94% attendance rate is the minimum goal for any particular building or program, during the days and hours that the school is in session.

    Attendance on a daily basis is a mandatory requirement for all students.A written statement is required from the parent or guardian of each student of compulsory school age (or from an adult student) who has been absent from school or from class for any reason, stating the cause for such absence, along with notice that may have been given on the day of the absence by phone or e-mail. Such notice alone must be followed up with a written, signed statement. The school reserves the right to verify such statements and to investigate the cause of any single absence, or prolonged absence.

  • Parent Notification Procedures:Excused and Unexcused Absences:For all absences, the school will contact the home on each day of the childs absence from school whether by automated dialing system or by the principals designee(s) or volunteer(s).Unexcused Absences:The establishment of procedural guidelines is required when a student fails to report to school, and no indication has been received by school personnel that the pupils parent is aware of and supports the student absence(s).The following procedure will be implemented when notifying the Parent of unexcused absences:Whenever any student fails to report to school, and no indication has been received by school personnel that the pupils Parent is aware of and supports the students absence (unexcused absence), a reasonable effort to notify the Parent by telephone to obtain an explanation of the students absences shall be made by the principals designee(s) or volunteer(s).

  • Model for 5, 7, & 15 day notice from the school

    A student is potentially habitually truant under Ohio Revised Code if the student is absent without a legitimate excuse for five (5) or more consecutive school days, for seven (7) or more school days in one (1) month (30 days), or twelve (12) or more school days in one (1) school year (August through June). A student is potentially chronically truant under Ohio Revised Code if the student is absent without a legitimate excuse for seven (7) or more consecutive school days, for ten (10) or more school days in one (1) month ( 30 days), or for fifteen (15) or more school days in one (1) year (August through June).

  • WHAT DOES THE SCHOOL DO NEXT?Nothing, all unexcused absences will be monitored by the Attendance Officer.

    UNEXCUSED DAY 5: (Individual Meeting)If a student reaches their 5th day of unexcused absence they will meet with the Attendance Officer individually. This Meeting will explain the importance of school attendance. At this time a Truancy Referral form will be filled out by the Attendance Officer, so as to create a file and start to monitor that student. Elementary students parents will receive a five day warning letter.

  • ATTENDANCE WARNING LETTER5 Unexcused Absences January 17, 2012Student: DOB: Enrolled School: Dear Parent / Guardian:This letter is sent explaining the need for your child to be in school every day and your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your child is in attendance every day.According to the Ohio Revised Code and our school district policy, a student who reaches 5 unexcused absences will receive this warning letter. Please note our process and legal statutes that specifically reference school attendance. 5- Unexcused Absences: Warning Letter7- Unexcused Absences: Mediation or Intervention Letter15- Unexcused Absences during the School Year: Truancy Charges FiledOhio Revised Code Sections 3321.04 and 3321.19 make you (the parent) responsible for making certain that your child attends school on a daily basis. Under Ohio Revised Code Sections 2151.011 (B) (19) and 2151.022 (B), a child who misses five (5) or more days in a row, seven (7) or more days of school in a month, or twelve (12) or more days in a school year without an acceptable excuse is considered a habitual truant and an unruly child. As a parent of an unruly child, you may be charged with Contributing to the Unruliness and or Delinquency of a Minor, under Ohio Revised Code Section 2919.24 (A) (1) (2). The possible penalties for Contributing to the Unruliness and or Delinquency of a minor include fines of up to $1,000 and up to six (6) months in jail.It is our goal, and we hope it is yours, that your child is in school every day so that an appropriate education may be provided.Please direct any questions regarding this directive to me at 740-349-6100.Sincerely,Glen C. MontgomeryAttendance Officer

  • Truancy InterventionThe mediator from the Juvenile Court, who receives truancy mediation referrals from the ESC attendance officer, can be invited to the school building to meet with groups of students whose attendance has them on the path towards a possible filing with the Court for chronic truancy or unruliness.These meetings, in a group setting, are where the students learn that a) they are NOT currently referred to Juvenile Court, nor do they have a juvenile court record, but b) their attendance status puts them at risk, with as few as one more unexcused absence, for having their parents/guardians asked to come to the school building during the school day for a meeting with a school administrator, the ESC attendance officer, and the mediator for the Juvenile Court. They receive c) a sample letter requesting them to participate in a truancy mediation & the Court description of mediation, and then d)we discuss common causes of unexcused absence.All students participating in a Truancy Intervention are reminded that the meeting is informational only, and that if their parent/guardian has any questions, they are welcome to call the school, ESC attendance office, or the Juvenile Court to clarify what consequences are approaching. Each student is also given the chance to meet with school counselors or administrators if there are personal issues, or problems relating to incorrectly recorded absences -- often, appointments are made as the Truancy Intervention ends to discuss matters with school staff, and old medical excuses that had not been turned in are produced from book bags or students ask to go to their lockers to get medical excuses they had not yet turned in to the office.At most Truancy Interventions, alarm clocks are made available to the students if they wish to take one, both cord & battery type, and the proper use and placement of alarm clocks in general is the last item before the Truancy Intervention meeting is ended, with the reminder that additional unexcused absence will likely result in a contact with the home by the Juvenile Court for a meeting at the school.


  • UNEXCUSED DAY 7: (Medicals Only and Mediation Letter)If a student reaches their 7th day of unexcused absence they will receive Attendance Mediation Letter - Day 7. This letter will explain the importance of school attendance, and the student and parent(s) should be referred to a mediation or intervention hearing. At this hearing between parents, student, Mediator or Intervention Person, & school official, an agreement will be reached and signed, stating that the parents and student understand that more unexcused absences past day 12 will result in truancy filings sent to the Juvenile Court.

    ***Students enrolled up to 5th grade - School Level Intervention Hearing***

    ***Students enrolled from 6th-12th grade - County Mediation Hearing***

    Jeff Gill at 740-670-5384 Licking County Juvenile Court MediatorOnly refer 6-12 grade students to the County Mediator. All other lesser grades will be assigned an intervention hearing at a school level. Training for the local levels will be given by the Family Intervention Services mediator so that all interventions are consistent.In this same letter it is explained that further absence will only be excused with a medical excuse, signed by a doctor or released back home from the school nurse. If there is no medical excuse, then that day will be considered an unexcused absence.

  • MEDIATION AND INTERVENTION:All students of compulsory age to 5th grade shall have their absences reviewed by school district based interventions, keeping the process closely held between the school officials and the family. All students from 6th-12th grades shall be referred to the Juvenile Court Mediator for mediation of their absences (who will also be available for lower grades as the attendance officer requests). During the mediation or intervention hearing, an agreement will be signed and retained, and the student and guardian shall understand that a breach of the agreement may result in truancy charges being filed.

  • MEDICAL ONLY EXCUSES:If a student experiences a medical condition, attendance must be reviewed and accounted for as part of the medical condition. A school medical plan can be a useful intermediate intervention to consider adaptations to any restrictions or limitations requested by a family physician. Outside of such a medical plan, and after seven days of unexcused absence causing the Medicals only letter to be sent, from that point forward medical excuses are the ONLY acceptable excuse, unless the student is brought to the building and then released by the school nurse or building administrator. The excuse must be brought to the school or faxed, and must be reviewed by an administrator or designee to be used as an excused absence.

  • ATTENDANCE INTERVENTION LETTER7Unexcused Absences January 17, 2012Student: DOB: Enrolled School: Dear Parent / Guardian:This letter is sent explaining the need for your child to be in s


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