unesco-bioethics unit ... the guest speakers were awarded university mementos as token of gratitude

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  • UNESCO-BIOETHICS UNIT in collaboration with



    “World Bioethics Day 2018” On

    24th October 2018

  • Organizers: UNESCO-Bioethics Unit of SGT University in collaboration with ICFMT(Indian Congress of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology). Dr Vijay Bhalla, Principal SGT College of Pharmacy, Dr V.K Govila, Dean Allied Health Sciences, Members of IQAC from Bioethics Unit were the organizing personnels. Objective of the programme: Celebration of “World Bioethics Day 2018” Speaker: 1) Ms Harvinder Chowdhury, Advocate Supreme Court, 2) Dr Vijay Pal Khanagwal, Professor & Head, Forensic Medicine and Vice president, ICFMT. Audience : The PG Students. Ph.D Scholars and UG students of the University

    Brief Report of the programme: The UNESCO Bioethics unit of SGT University celebrated “World Bioethics Day 2018” on 24th October 2018 in collaboration with ICFMT(Indian Congress of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology) on the theme “Solidarity and Cooperation”. The actual celebrations of World Bioethics started almost 3 months back when multiple competitions were holded in faculties for students. The competitions included:

    1) Artistic poster 2) Scientific Poster 3) Photography 4) Short film/video

    The competitions were conducted in multiple faculties of SGT University before 31st July 2018. The entries were evaluated by IQAC and shortlisted for the international competitions. The students of Faculty of Dental Sciences, Indian Medical System and Physiotherapy participated with full zeal and gave multiple entries in the category of artistic poster, scientific poster and short Film/video. The theme for the competitions was “Solidarity and Cooperation”.

    UNESCO-BIOETHICS UNIT in collaboration with

    ICFMT Celebrates

    “World Bioethics Day 2018” On

    24th October 2018

  • 1 artistic poster from Faculty of Indian medical system and 1 short film/video from faculty of Physiotherapy was shortlisted for International competitions.

  • The other entries by participants included following posters:

  • 137 Animals suffer in cruel and painful experiments every 10 minutes !

    Results from animal tests are not

    transferable betn species & hence cannot guarantee

    products safety for humans

    Presented By: Vaishali Khanduja The entries of posters as well as the shortlisted video was also showcased during the celebrations on 24th October 2018. This program was done in collaboration with the professional body ICFMT(Indian Congress of Forensic medicine and Toxicology). Their Vice president Dr Vijay Khanagwal was also the guest speaker for the day as well as the panelist. The program was scheduled as per the guidelines received from the “World Bioethics Day” committee enclosed. The minute to minute program included: S.NO. Particulars Timings

    1. Arrival of Dignitaries in the Auditorium 10:30 am 2. Welcome by Dr. Radhika 10:32 am 3. Lamp Lighting 10:35 am 4. Dignitaries sitting on Dais:

    i. Dr. Sham Lal Singla Honorable Chief Guest ii. Dr. Vijay Khanagwal Guest Speaker, Vice

    President ICFMT iii. Madam Harvinder

    Chowdhury Guest Speaker , Advocate Supreme Court

    iv. Dr.T.D Dogra Head, UNESCO Bioethics unit at SGT University

    v. Dr. Dileep Singh Pro Vice Chancellor vi. Dr Kamlesh Kohli Director, Medical


    10:45 am

    5. Brief of Program by Dr. Radhika Rai 10:50 am

  • 6. Welcome Address by Dr. T.D Dogra 10:55 am 7. Address by Dr. Dileep Singh Pro Vice Chancellor, PVC,

    SGT University . 11:00 am

    8. Award to Dr. Astha Chaudhry by Honorable Chief Guest Dr. Sham Lal Singla for the most active member of Bioethics Unit

    11:05 am

    9. Certificates to participants of Bioethics Day 11:10 am

    10. Felicitation of Guests 11:35 am

    11. Address by Honorable Chief Guest Dr. Dr. Sham Lal Singla 11:40 am 12. Dignitaries will be requested to sit off the dais 11:50 am 13. Showcasing of Video and poster presentations of participants

    The program on 24th October mainly included Inauguration ceremony, Guest lectures by speakers and Panel discussion.

    Lamp lighting by the Dignitaries

  • The Dignitaries sitting on the Dais

    The inaugural address was done by Unit Head, Dr T.D Dogra.

    Dr T.D Dogra, Unit head, delivering the welcome address

  • Dr Dogra stressed on the importance and requirement of Ethics in todays world especially in todays world when genetic engineering is developing at a fast pace. This was followed by address by Dr Daleep Singh, Pro-VC. He stressed on the importance of developing Solidarity and cooperation among educational institutions for the benefit of the nation as a whole.

    Dr Daleep Singh, Pro-VC during his address

    As per the guidelines received from World Bioethics Day committee, the most active member of the Unit- “Dr Astha Chaudhry” was awarded with the “Excellence award” by Chief Guest of the program- Dr Sham Lal Singla.

    Award to most active Member of Unit awarded to Dr Astha Chaudhry by Chief Guest

  • The participants of multiple competitions of Bioethics day celebrations were also awarded certificates by the Guests.

  • The List of participants who received the certificates include:-

    S.No Name of participant Faculty Category of participation

    1. Priyanka Anand Ayurveda International Artistic poster 2. Ritika Suji Physiotherapy International Short film/video 3. Priyanka Chauhan Physiotherapy International Short film/video 4. Apoorva Physiotherapy International Short film/video 5. Varsha Gupta Physiotherapy International Short film/video 6. Omansh Physiotherapy International Short film/video 7. Adhishree Dental PG Short Film/Video 8. Alisha Dental PG Short Film/Video 9. Vishal Dental PG Short Film/Video 10. Khyati Dental PG Short Film/Video 11. Harshpreet Kaur Intern, Dental Short Film/Video 12. Vaishali Khanduja Intern, Dental Scientific poster

    13. Pooja Jha Intern, Dental Short film/video

    14. Neha Intern, Dental Short film/video

    15. Pooja Rawal Intern, Dental Short film/video 16. Aishwarya Sharma

    3rd Year BDS Short film/video

    17. Avradita Biswas

    3rd Year BDS Short film/video

    18. Ankita Thakur

    3rd Year BDS Short film/video

    19. Ankita Sehgal 3rd Year BDS Short film/video 20. Archit Singh 3rd Year BDS Short Film/Video 21. Atibha Makhija 2nd year BDS Short film/video 22. Kanika Goyal 2nd year BDS Short film/video 23. Amrita Kaur 2nd year BDS Short film/video 24. Geeta Yadav 4th Year BPT Artistic poster 25. Khumanshi Yadav 4th Year BPT Artistic poster 26. Shweta 4th Year BPT Artistic poster 27. Kumud Rani Ayurveda Artistic poster 28. Rajan Arya Ayurveda Artistic poster

  • The Guest speakers were awarded University mementos as token of gratitude and appreciation.

    Chief Guest Dr Sham Lal Singla presenting memento to Madam Harvinder Chowdhury.

    Pro VC, Dr Daleep Singh and Director Medical Sciences, Dr Kamlesh Kohli presenting

    memento to Dr Vijay Khanagwal, Vice President ICFMT

  • This was followed by Guest lecture by Ms Harvinder Chowdhury, Former additional advocate general of Punjab state in the Supreme court, on the topic- “ Professional Ethics medical negligence and Bio-Waste”. She deliberated on the existing laws regarding Bio waste and the need to effectively implement strategies and ethical practices regarding medical negligences and Biowaste.

    The next brief lecture was by Dr Vijay Khanagwal, Professor, Forensic Medicine and Vice President ICFMT on the Universal declaration of the Human rights and the article 17- Solidarity and Cooperation.

  • This was followed by Panel Discussion with the following panelists:

    1) Dr Vijay Khanagwal, Vice President ICFMT 2) Dr Waheeda Khan, Dean, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences 3) Dr R.K Sinha, Representative Indian Medical Association and Asso. Professor, Forensic

    Medicine and toxicology 4) Dr T.D Dogra- Unit head and Director IQAC as Moderator for panel.

    The Panel discussion was very interactive and it touched on many common ethical issues affecting the medical fraternity, role of psychology and the administrative measures required.

    Effective contributions regarding the legal aspects were made by MS Harvinder Chowdhury and interesting questions were put up by Dr V.K Govila, Dean Allied Health Sciences.

  • The audience for the program

    The program ended with Vote of thanks by Dr Radhika Rai.