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    1420 Stoneridge Drive, Suite C

    Middletown, Pennsylvania 17057Toll: 80075!"#!!

    P$one: 717"021"2!%a&: 717"021"!!

    anuary 2014

    500-Series Design &

    Installation Gide

  • 5/28/2018 Underwater Treadmill




    HydroWorx International Inc.

    1420 Stoneridge Drive, Suite CMiddletown, Pennsylvania 1707


    $oll %ree& '(00) 7*+-**P"one& '717) 02+12*%a#& '717) 02+1**

    Table of Contents

    General Design Information 1-3Typical Contractor Installation Scope-of-Work 3-8

    Design & Construction Checklist 8-Dra!ings"

    #oolroom $ayout

    %ough peningStan'ar' (echanical #it $ayout

    )ousekeeping #a' $ayout

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    Product Description

    The HydroWorx 500 Series pool is a one-piece acrylic design with a fiberglass reinforced shell,

    resistance jets and an nderwater tread!ill" The 500 Series pool !ay be installed abo#e grond,

    partially in-grond, or flly in-grond" The !echanical and electrical pool co!ponents are typicallylocated below the floor srface in the lower le#el !echanical roo! or in an adjacent e$ip!ent roo!

    while !aintaining !axi!! distances of external pool e$ip!ent detailed in this installation gide"

    As regulatory and code requirements vary significantly from State to State and even between local

    jurisdictional agencies, permitting and compliance with State and local provisions relative to health,

    pool/spa, building, electrical, plumbing , mechanical, safety, etc. is the responsibility of the owner.

    t is critical that the owner and/or their authori!ed design representative consult with the agencies

    having jurisdiction to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory and code requirements."ontact #ydro$or% immediately should regulatory or code circumstances arise.

    Access & Serviceability

    %eco!!ended !ini!! architectral, strctral, !echanical, electrical, and pl!bing design criteria

    identified in this design and installation gide !st be !aintained for ftre ser#iceability of the pool.

    Any design that does not meet the minimum requirements must be approved by HydroWorx.

    Site Preparation

    The owner&s pool contractor is responsible for preparation of the site prior to deli#ery" The !echanicalpit and poolroo! strctres inclding all tilities 'power, water, sanitary, etc"( re$ired for pool

    operation shall be designed and installed by the owner&s pool contractor" )or !ore details abot pool

    re$ire!ents, please refer to the sbse$ent technical specifications"

    Pool 'oom

    The water treat!ent area of this HydroWorx pool is designed to acco!!odate fro! one '1( to fi#e '5(

    patients*athletes dring treat!ent sessions in the +&- by 1.&-0 area" The reco!!ended minimum

    di!ensions for the poolroo! are 1/& wide by //& long by 10& high allowing ade$ate installation anddec space arond the pool" dditional space !ay be re$ired for2 deh!idification syste!s,

    cabinetry, storage, showers, changing roo!s, etc"

    )loor or peri!eter drains !st be incorporated into the design of the pool area" 3f floor drains are

    chosen, se#eral shold be placed arond the pool with special attention to the high traffic areas" The

    finished floor 4ST be flat*le#el, s!ooth, and consistent at all edges of the opening" The pool roo!floor shold slope away fro! walls towards the floor drains while !aintaining a le#el setbac fro!

    the pools rogh opening

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    This nit !ay inclde an optional nderwater #ideo !onitoring syste!" When selected, the poolroo!design !st inclde cabinetry located in front of the pool to acco!!odate these co!ponents"

    (echanical PitThe !echanical pit design !st inclde ade$ate unobstructed access to the pool shell, accessorye$ip!ent 'filter, p!ps, heater, etc"(, and the electrical control panel" %eco!!ended minimum

    di!ensions for the !echanical pit are shown in the enclosed drawings" The design !st also inclde

    H98 controls appropriate for the area, lighting, and a s!p p!p or drains" :: of the HydroWorx

    500 external e$ip!ent detailed in the 4echanical Pit :ayot ;rawing is T

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    Water Spply2 The owner shall pro#ide a !ini!! / dia!eter water spply line with anti-siphon

    de#ice connected to the circlation retrn line and a D dia!eter hose bib with anti-siphon de#ice inthe poolroo!"

    @lectrical Ser#ice2 The owner shall pro#ide an electrical ser#ice designed for the HydroWorx control

    panel re$ire!ents which is2

    Standard2 1/0*/07-/.0 #olt, 100 a!p, 1-phase, .-wire configration ':1, :/, grond, netral(

    Sanitary2 The owner shall pro#ide a s!p pit with p!p or floor drains for connection to the pool&s!aintenance syste! and !ain drain" The sanitary syste! shold be designed to acco!!odate /,000

    gallons #ia gra#ity throgh a / P98 pipe" $% &'M draining capacityin the HydroWorx !echanicalspace is the acceptable minimum" The HydroWorx !aintenance p!p 8??ET be sed to drain the

    pool or it will #oid the co!ponents warranty"

    Fas2 ?atral or :P gas heater can be pro#ided in lie of the standard electric heater at an additionalcost" 8onsideration for ignition air and fle-gas #entilation per the heater !anfactrer&s installation

    gidelines is re$ired"

    !ypical cope+of+Wor, )ecessary to -nstall a HydroWorx 'ool

    *ypical +eneral "ontractor Scopeof$or-

    8onstrct the poolroo! and !echanical pit per the owner&s design doc!ents and in accordance withthis HydroWorx ;esign G 3nstallation Fide"

    The constrction se$ence !st consider the opening necessary to deli#er the *) '-(pool shell

    into the poolroo!" The pool shell is a +&- wide by 1.& long by 5&-5 high rigid fiberglass nit withan acrylic finish" !ini!! 7& wide by high path fro! the anticipated off-loading point into the

    poolroo! !st re!ain ntil sch ti!e that the pool is deli#ered" The pool !st re!ain pright at all

    ti!es dring deli#ery to a#oid da!aging the integrated tread!ill and the pool shell" !he pool cannot

    be turned on its side.

    Feneral 8ontractor is responsible for recei#ing and nloading the pool co!ponents and e$ip!ent

    based on the deli#ery date noted on the delivery confirmation form.

    The pool will be deli#ered on a flatbed trc to the project site and it is the general contractors

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    )ollowing place!ent, le#el the pool shell and spport the steps tiliBing the adjstable jacs pro#ided

    by HydroWorx" strctral spport 'pressre treated wood is typical( !st also be installed nder the

    pool&s steps G platfor! in the ca#ity between the rear platfor! and the !echanical pit floor as shownin the pictre below" See the enclosed drawing for jac and spport locations"

  • 5/28/2018 Underwater Treadmill


    The 500 Series pool will ship with a ?S)-appro#ed si!!er at the rear of the pool re$iring a b!p

    ot in the floor as shown below" There are se#eral !ethods to finish the floor arond the si!!er schas a re!o#able stainless steel plate, bt the si!!er will need to ha#e top access and be able to

    spport patients*athletes abo#e"

    Protect the pool throghot the dration of constrction by constrcting a te!porary wor platfor!o#er the nit" The platfor! shall be constrcted of floor joists and plywood decing co#ered with a

    tarp to pre#ent water and constrction debris fro! entering the pool and !echanical pit therebyda!aging the pool and its co!ponents" !here can be no standing "ater in the mechanical pit at

    anytime and the protective platform (A))*! come in contact "ith the acrylic pool shell.

    3f the optional #ideo pacage is chosen, pro#ide a = dia!eter opening*chase * straight pipe or long

    sweep 'no 60&s( dedicated solely for HydroWorx low #oltage control cables fro! the !echanical pit

    into the poolroo!, in close proxi!ity to the pools #ideo !onitoring syste! typically located centeredon the wall on the front side of the pool * front of the HydroWorx pool is the end where the nderwatertread!ill is located" This !st be a dedicated chase * slee#e for the HydroWorx cabling and no other

    e$ip!ent can be rn in this chase * slee#e"

    pon co!pletion of the electrical and pl!bing re$ire!ents, clean and fill the pool and co!plete the

    site analysis checlist procedres necessary to place the pool in ser#ice" !his form must be

    completed and returned to HydroWorx before the customer in+service training can be scheduled.

    *ypical (echanical "ontractor Scopeof$or-

    Pro#ide all labor, !aterials, and e$ip!ent re$ired by the owner&s contract doc!ents and as needed

    to acco!!odate the conditions identified in the HydroWorx ;esign G 3nstallation Fide and per thedesigner&s doc!ents for ade$ate heating #entilation air conditioning and deh!idification of the

  • 5/28/2018 Underwater Treadmill


    the #ariance between the pool water and the a!bient air te!peratre at a !ini!!" The anticipated

    daily pool e#aporation rate nder these conditions is approxi!ately 15-/0 gallons per day" 8hec withjrisdictional code re$ire!ents for !ini!! air exchange and h!idity re$ire!ents"

    *ypical lectrical "ontractor Scopeof$or-Standard2

    lectrical ervice1 pro#ide and connect the re$ired 1/0*/07-/.0 9olt, 100 a!p, 1-phase, .-wire

    configration ':1, :/, Frond, ?etral(" %efer to electrical sche!atic for wiring re$ire!ents a