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Understanding the Value of Online Marketing: 5 Strategies for Increasing Your Bottom Line: This Visual Data Systems presentation was given by Susan Decourcey, Vice President of Client Solutions, at the HomeAway Software for Professionals Breakfast Seminars held in Hawaii, April 2013. These presentations will appeal to Vacation Rental Managers and those in the hospitality.


  • 1. {Understanding the Valueof Online Marketing: 5 Strategiesfor Increasing Your Bottom LineHomeAway Software For ProfessionalsBreakfast Seminars Hawaii April 2013
  • 2. WebsiteMobileSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)Email MarketingSocial Media5 Strategies Bottom Line
  • 3. Custom Website1. Review the Effectiveness of Your Website Brand Your Site- Sell the Experience- Promote Your ExpertiseCalls To Action- Clear, concise- What do you REALLY want them to do? Book Now- Simplify the Booking Process- Integrated Booking Engine (Bonus for SEO!)- Tools Your Guests and Homeowners will use
  • 4. Quality Custom Website
  • 5. This.
  • 6. NotThis
  • 7. Mobile Website
  • 8. Mobile2. Review Your Mobile Strategy Analyze- How is traffic coming to your site?- Who, What, Why and How Invest in Mobile- Increase # of rentals- Increase # of owners- Increase in Guest Satisfaction
  • 9. Online Promotion
  • 10. SEO3. Refine Your SEO Strategy Content is King!- Quality, Relevant and Fresh- Link Building (Think Votes!)Google Analytics- Organic traffic = #1 Revenue Source- Identify whats driving conversion rates(search, display, email, social, etc.) Remarketing
  • 11. http://www.google.com/insidesearch/howsearchworks/thestory/index.html
  • 12. Measure Assisted Conversions
  • 13. Email Marketing
  • 14. Keep a clean,up to date list Dont use 3rdparty listswhen you canavoid it Get as muchinformation aspossible Segment Frequencyand Timing4. Develop an Email Marketing Strategy
  • 15. Close to 5M Emails Sent Over $24M in Revenue Total AVG ROI > $165*2012 Visual Data SystemsEmail Marketing Stats
  • 16. Social Media5. Develop a Manageable Social Media StrategyFocus on 1 Business Objective (Awareness,Sales, Loyalty, Retention, etc.)Define Success Metrics (Likes vs. Engagement)The Human Factor Create a Channel Plan (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • 17. 1. Custom Website Brand Calls to Action Book Now2. Mobile Analyze Develop a Strategy Invest3. SEO Content Links Get Social4. Email Marketing List Segmentation Frequency Timing5. Social Media Promote Define Success Metrics Engage5 Strategies for Increasing Your Bottom Line
  • 18. Susan DeCourcey, Visual Data Systemssusand@vdsys.com410-964-8665 ex 276www.VDSYS.com
  • 19. Visual Data SystemsSusan DeCourceyVice President of Client SolutionsSusanD@vdsys.com410-964-8665 Ext. 276 Custom Web Design Software Integration Mobile Marketing Email Marketing Website Promotion Consulting