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A curated compilation of undergrad work completed 2010 - 2012.


  • Heather Wallis[ P O R T F O L I O ]

  • 1[ P O R T F O L I O ] Masters of Interior Design

    Table of Contents

    untitled 3Fall 20101


    stay 7Winter 2011

    grind 15Fall 2011

    satellite 21Winter 2012

    additional work 272010 - 2014

    [ A C U R A T E D C O L L E C T I O N ]

  • 2 [ P O R T F O L I O ] Masters of Interior Design


  • Project


    StudioID Studio 3.1

    Fall 2010


    constructed volume - design an intimate form - emphasizing volume - for the specific space provided in studio: the corner - the form must be dependent on the corner - on its construction and/or material relationships. Consider it an interior space and architectural installation. What is a corner? What elements are required to define it (spatial and mass)? Consider what an architectural installation is? The body is an essential part of the process.Excerpt from brief, Instructor Deb Scott

    An intimate relationship is created between the form and where the wall planes meet. The corner offers a place of solitude and privacy which is enhanced by the forms mass. The overall form has a simplicity, offered through its organic, curved shape and intrinsic material quality. Contrast also plays a dominant role as the visual and physical mass contrasts the empty void that is the corner, while the forms multiple lines create a visual texture contrasting the strong vertical line that defines the corner.

    Both the organic shape and mass provide an opportunity for a void to be carved out of the backside, allowing the otherwise sculptural form to become a chair. This creates an enclosed, solitary place to escape while protected by the corner.


  • 4 [ P O R T F O L I O ]Masters of Interior Design

    Sketch of initial form.

    Corner: (noun) 1 a place of confinement and solitude.

    Through the reiteration process, of making sketch models from modeling clay, new forms began to be explored.

  • 5[ P O R T F O L I O ] Masters of Interior Design

    Isometric illustration of assembly.

    Materials: Spruce Plywood and Wood GlueTools: Jig saw, Skill saw, angle grinder with a 8-tooth chainsaw blade, and power sander.

    Dimensions: 36W x 42D x 66H

  • 6 [ P O R T F O L I O ] Masters of Interior Design


  • Project


    StudioID Studio 3.2Winter 2011


    Inside the Box

    The Project was to start the design process by researching the parameters involved in transforming shipping containers into habitable space. Then propose a programme and specific site to use as the context for the project. A space was then to be designed, which meets all the programmatic requirements, from shipping containers. As the planning and design process were done successively, not simultaneously, it was important to ensure consistency between the concept, programme and design.

    STAY. CREATE. EXHIBIT. This is the slogan that defines the program for Stay; a hostel designed for both local and travelling artists. Conveniently located in the Winnipegs Exchange District, Stay offers economical accommodations along with an on site studio and gallery allowing guests the opportunity to continually express their creativity.

    The interior is designed around the concept Blank Canvas, encompassing the idea of an empty mind. This concept allows artists to come into the space with an open mind without the space interfering or influencing their creativity. Texture was used throughout the space to create interest, such as concrete floors and 3D wall panels, while color was introduced through fabric and accents, allowing it to be flexible and interchangeable.


  • 8 [ P O R T F O L I O ]Masters of Interior Design





    green space




    Alternate spatial plans were explored, using the modular nature of the shipping containers, to determine the most efficient configuration of the shipping containers, while ensuring all programming requirements were met.

    Massing Models.

  • 9[ P O R T F O L I O ] Masters of Interior Design

    The containers on the second to fourth floor sit perpendicular to that of the first floor, allowing large 8 x 8 glazing walls to sit pronounced along the north facade, acting as features in the guestrooms. The

    buildings front (east) facade if made entirely of glazing, maximizing the opportunity for natural light, allowing the 3D panel walls to be highlighted with shadows and providing ideal lighting conditions in the studio.

    East Exterior ElevationNTS

    North Exterior ElevationNTS

    When youre forced to be simple, youre forced to face the real problem. When you cant deliver ornament, you have to deliver substance. Paul Graham

  • 10 [ P O R T F O L I O ]Masters of Interior Design












    Outdoor Patio



    First Floor PlanNTS

    Second Floor PlanNTS

    Third Floor PlanNTS




    A comfortable, and social Hostel for travelling artists. Welcoming all genres of artists, as well as the general public when space is available. Conveniently located in the heart of Winnipeg, central to the cities large art culture, the hostel will benefit from the cities large art community by providing affordable accommodations.

    The hostel offers a communal studio to all its guests. This will allow all artists the ability to continue creating, whether if for work or personal enjoyment, during their stay. Ensuring that all guest have the opportunity to continually express their creativity, even while travelling.

    Along with a studio, the hostel offers a gallery space. Open to all artists who wish to exhibit their pieces during their stay or leave a piece behind. The gallery is also open to the general -=public.

  • 11[ P O R T F O L I O ] Masters of Interior Design

    *Section B and C not shown




    Section ANTS

    Section DNTS

    Fourth Floor PlanNTS

  • 12 [ P O R T F O L I O ]Masters of Interior Design

  • 13[ P O R T F O L I O ] Masters of Interior Design














    1. Stove back splash in Kitchen2. Counter Top in Lobby and Kitchen3. Sliding bathroom partitions in guestrooms and Main floor room divider4. Floor Finishes Note: Floors have radiant heat5. Wall and Ceiling Finishes6. Armchairs and Accent fabric in guestrooms7. Accent color in guestrooms8. Accent color in guestrooms9. Draperies10. Armchairs and Accent fabric in guestrooms11-13. Throw pillows in lounge and guestrooms14. Accent color in guestrooms15. Accent color in guestrooms

    North Interior ElevationNTS

    Final material selection.

  • 14 [ P O R T F O L I O ] Masters of Interior Design


  • Project


    StudioID Studio 4.1

    Fall 2011


    2.1 - 2.2 Mixed Use

    The project was to program and design a multi-use space, operating a cafe or coffee shop. It was to utilize approximately 50% of 319 Elgin Ave, a brick warehouse building built in 1914. Thoughtful consideration to program, traffic patterns, vertical circulation and concept were critical.

    Grind is a cafe, serving specialty coffees and offering a small menu, through take-out or dine-in service. The cafe caters primarily to locals as well as the staff and students of Red River College. Programmatic considerations included a kitchen and coffee bar, waiting area for take-out orders, a variety of seating areas staff areas, and washrooms. The design focuses on sensory engagement. This is achieved through textured surfaces, acoustic controls, and visual stimulation in addition to the cafes rich aromas and flavors produced by the cafe.

    Public spaces with in Grind are comprised of open volumes, textured, raw materials and dark, cool colors; used to create visual interest enticing visitors to linger and explore the space. Grinds main floor is brightly lit, has 14 ceilings featuring upholstered baffles to help with acoustic control, wall to ceiling acoustic panels covered in graphic upholstery and a feature wall collaged from old reclaimed wood. The remaining, more private, floors offer softer lighting, 10 ceilings, also with baffles. Partitions of horizontal wood planks add extra privacy at washrooms and define quiet seating areas.


  • 16 [ P O R T F O L I O ]Masters of Interior Design

    Coffee Counter

    Utility Room


    Ceiling Baffles cont. to typ.


    Open toBelow





    Main Counter


    Staff Room



    Staff w/cUtility Room

    Ceiling Baffles cont. to typ.




    Front Entrance N

    First Floor PlanNTS

    Second Floor PlanNTS

    Grind focuses on promoting sensory engagement by stimulating all five senses;

    taste, smell, touch, sound & sight.

  • 17[ P O R T F O L I O ] Masters of Interior Design

    Utility Room

    Female w/c Male w/c

    Open toBelow

    Ceiling Baffles cont. to typ.





    Level 03

    Level 02

    Level 01

    Section A1NTS

    *Section A2 not shown

    Third Floor PlanNTS

  • 18 [ P O R T F O L I O ]Masters of Interior Design

    Initial conceptual colour palette.

    Final material selection.

    West Inter