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  • 1. The UltraPERX Toolbar Created specifically for: Xtreme Green A Wholly Owned Division of Pro-One, Inc. Revenue Enhancement Worldwide Announces

2. What is the UltraPERX Toolbar?

  • A custom made application for
  • Xtreme Green distributors
  • Designed to:
  • Increase their business
  • Save them time
  • Save them money
  • Provide additional sources of revenue

3. BENEFITS for Xtreme Green Distributors [Provided by Xtreme Green]

  • Instant access to vital XG data
      • Sales
      • Shipments
      • Downline Activity
  • Improved Communications
      • Direct and immediate communication to down line
      • Fully customizable
      • Easy drag and drop setup and management
  • Superior Filters
    • No adware
    • No malware


    • Unlimited FREE prescription discount cards
    • Unlimited FREE computer back-up programs
    • Unlimited FREE ID Theft Protection programs
    • Monthly discounts on products
    • Special savings on select products
    • Opportunity to win valuable prizes
    • Additional sources of revenue
      • While shopping
      • While searching

BENEFITS for Xtreme Green Distributors [Provided by UltraPERX] 5. Viral Marketing E-mail 6. Easy, Free & Secure Install 7. Benefits to Investors

  • Return on Investment
    • Cash Flow
      • Immediate ramp up - cash flow begins as early as 90 days
    • Accelerated generation of revenue
      • New distributors are added each month by Xtreme Green
    • 50% of REWs toolbar net revenue until 100% of investment is paid
    • 10% of REWs distributor toolbar net revenue after return of investment
    • 10% of REWs prospect toolbar net revenue after return of investment
    • 10% of gross profit from XtremePERX.com
    • Opportunity to purchase stock in REW at a 20% discount of the then offered price up to 3X investment


    • 100% Guaranteed Investment
      • By President of Pro-One
    • Significant increase in Year 2 revenue
        • Additional distributors
        • Additional prospects
        • Potentially higher shopping commissions
        • Potentially higher paid search commissions
        • No increase in overhead

Benefits to Investorscontinued 9. Investment Structure

  • Funding Required:
  • Minimum Investment:
  • Form of Investment:
  • Interest on Note:
  • Repayment:
  • Revenue Sharing:
  • Guarantee:
  • Bonus:

$137,500.00 $25,000.00 Promissory Note 10% per annum, paid semi-annually 50% of revenue until 100% of note is paid 10% of gross income after note is paid 100% of investment backed by President of Pro-One - lessany revenue received 20% discount of REW stock when available up to 3X investment 10. Use of Funds

  • Purchase and Customization
    • Existing technology and customization for XG distributors
    • Proprietary toolbar customization for XG prospects
  • Development(currently under construction)
    • Proprietary Toolbar
    • Shopping Galleria
    • Search Function
  • Payment to NIDR for ID Protection Program
  • Marketing and promotion materials
  • Overhead

11. Opportunity REW has a signed Agreement with Xtreme Green

  • MLM or Network Marketing Companies
    • There are more than 1,000 MLM companies in the US
  • Distributors
    • There are more than 5,000,000 MLM distributors in the US
    • MLM businesses are expected to substantially increase in the next 5 years
  • Distributor Turnover
    • MLM turnover exceeds 50% annually!
      • Usage of Toolbar could increase dramatically

12. Special Note

  • With the UltraPERX Toolbar program
  • XG distributors will:
    • Talk to more prospects
    • Expand their down line
    • Sell more products
    • Generate more revenue
    • Learn about future REW provided benefits

13. Revenue Potential

  • Investors will share in revenue from:
    • Guaranteed monthly Xtreme Green Toolbar fees
    • Commissions from toolbars distributed to prospects by XG distributors
    • Commissions from the Shopping Galleria
    • Commissions from Paid Search
    • Commissions from other UltraPERX programs on the XtremePERX.com web site

14. High Return Minimal Risk

  • REW has a signed agreement from Pro-One, the parent company of Xtreme Green.
  • Investment is secured by the president of Pro-One should REW fail to return 100% of your investment within two years.

15. Summary

  • REW/UltraPERX has a signed agreement with Pro-One
  • The president of Pro-One guarantees your investment
  • Promissory Note pays 10% annual interest, paid semi-annually
  • Cash flow could begin as early as 90 days from receipt of all funds
  • 50% of net revenue from distributor and prospect toolbars is returned to investor until 100% of the investment is returned
  • After return, investor receives 10% of net revenue from distributor and prospect toolbars
  • Investor receives 10% of gross profit from all commissions from the XtremePERX.com web site

16. Summary

  • Revenue in subsequent years should increase substantially
    • Greater number of distributors and prospects
    • Potentially higher commissions on:
      • Shopping Galleria
      • Paid Search

17. Timing is of the Essence

  • REW is seeking up to $137,500 in working capital to complete the Toolbar Program. The company has a signed Agreement with Pro-One and can implement the first phase of the program within 30 days from receipt of funding. Revenue sharing could begin within 90 days of receipt of funds.

18. Offering

  • REW is offering a Promissory Note paying 10% annual interest paid semi-annually to accredited investors.
  • The investment will be fully guaranteed by the president of Pro-One should REW fail to return 100% of the investment within 2 years.

19. Year One Projection 20. Year Two Projection 21. Bonus to Investors

  • Investors will also receive income from the following which were not included in the previous projections:
    • 10% of REWs net revenue from all prospect toolbars distributed by XG distributors
    • 10% of the net profit from all commissions generated from the XtremePERX.com web site

22. Contact

  • Franklin A. Wolfson, CEO & Founder
  • Telephone 310-823-3125
  • REW Corporation
  • 13010 Maxella Ave. Suite 5
  • Marina del Rey, CA 90292
  • [email_address]