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<p>ULANGAN TENGAH SEMESTER 2 TAHUN PELAJARAN 2010/2011 Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4</p> <p>SD NEGERI PLEBURAN 03 SEMARANGJln. Singosari IV No.11 Telp. (024) 8411485 Semarang</p> <p>I. Choose a, b, c, or d for the correct answer! 1. My mother is cooking in the a. kitchen b. living room 2. lets play </p> <p>c. bedroom</p> <p>d. bathroom</p> <p>a. skateboard</p> <p>b. snake and ladder</p> <p>c. hide and seek</p> <p>d. skipping rope</p> <p>This text is for number 3 5. Rendi goes to school very early this Monday. He has flag ceremony. He also has music course in the afternoon. He will have sport lesson on Wednesday. So he has to leave earlier than Monday. Rendi joins extracurricular. They are boy scout and swimming. Rendi has boy scout on Friday and swimming on Saturday. 3. When does Rendi have flag ceremony? a. on Thursday b. on Saturday 4. What lesson does he have on Wednesday? a. sport b. mathematics 5. Rendi has swimming extracurricular on a. Wednesday b. Thursday</p> <p>c. on Monday</p> <p>d. on Tuesday</p> <p>c. swimming</p> <p>d. boy scout</p> <p>c. Friday</p> <p>d. Saturday</p> <p>6. Late I Sunday wake up on. The correct order is a. I wake up late on Sunday c. I late on Sunday wake up b. On Sunday I late wake up d. on I Sunday wake up late 7. What is the ninth month in a year? a. August b. September c. November d. December</p> <p>8. The T-shirt is thirty thousand rupiahs and it is discounted for 10%. So, the price of the T-shirt is a. Thirteen thousand rupiahs c. twenty five thousand rupiahs b. Seventeen thousand rupiahs d. twenty seven thousand rupiahs 9. Mother is clothes a. washing 10.</p> <p>b. reading The correct order is</p> <p>c. cooking</p> <p>d. ironing</p> <p>a. Dont stand on the corner! b. Dont sit on the table! 11.</p> <p>c. Dont open the window! d. Dont bring your bag!</p> <p>The teacher said !</p> <p>a. Close the window b. Open your book</p> <p>c. look at the blackboard d. open the door</p> <p>12. Hair head part is the of. The correct order is 1 2 3 4 5 6 a. 1 4 2 6 5 3 c. 1 3 4 6 5 2 b. 1 4 3 6 5 2 d. 1 2 4 5 2 6</p> <p>13. What is the function of teeth? It is for a. Walking b. talking c. holding</p> <p>d. chewing</p> <p>14. Mr. Arya is Mrs. Aryas husband. Dita is their daughter. Mr. arya is Ditas a. Uncle b. father c. brother d. grandfather 15. Gina has a cousin. Her name is Ratna. Ratnas mother is Ginas a. sister b. aunt c. daughter d. mother II. Fill in the blank! 16. Rama takes a bath with </p> <p>17. Every we have a flag ceremony. 18. Frog live can in the land water and. The correct order is 19. + I have and for lunch.</p> <p>20. Translate into English! a. Ayah sedang mencuci mobil = b. Saya sedang menyapu lantai = 21. We need a for combing our hair</p> <p>22. Eleven balls plus thirteen balls equals to balls 23. Each hand has five while foot has five 24. The comic book is twelve thousand five hundred rupiahs and Roni pays twenty thousand rupiahs to the cashier. How much is the change? It is rupiahs 25. The price of this blanket is one hundred thousand rupiahs. It is 20% discounted. How much is it after being discounted? It is rupiahs III. Answer the question below! Reading text On the break time Dino, Ryan and Arif go to the school canteen. They buy some foods and drink. They are hungry. They didnt have breakfast yet in the morning. Dino orders a bowl of meatball and a glass of ice tea. Ryan orders fried noodle and orange juice. Arif buys fried rice and milk. They enjoy their food after meal they back to classroom. Now, they are not hungry anymore. 26. Who are hungry? 27. Why are they hungry? 28. Where do Dino and friends go? 29. What does Dino order? 30. What does Ryan order?</p> <p>GOOD LUCK!</p>