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<ul><li> 1. Video killed the CV star Screenshot of review page? </li></ul> <p> 2. How video technology ^ addsvaluein the recruitment sector... KirstieKelly Batt Techno lo gy, Recruitment, Branding.... Why Im convinced Social and Mobile 3. What youll get... Context A balanced view Why theneed for change A solution which addsreal value 4. Thefacts Therearean averageof23 applicationsfor every job, which leadsto a figureof 100,464,000 job applicationsin theUK every year. 5. So what? 6. Recruitment technology acrowded space 7. Candidateexperiencereally matters... A study last year of over 800,000 individualswho had applied for jobswithin thepast year provided six solid reasonswhy candidateexperiencematters: 44% said they had aworseopinion of acompany that didnt respond after they applied for a position 32% said werelesslikely to buy productsor servicefrom acompany that didnt respond to their job application 21% said theyveexperienced arecruiter who wasnt enthusiastic about thecompany asan employer of choice 17% said they didnt believetherecruiter wasknowledgeable 15% said they didnt think therecruiter wasprofessional 15% said they had alower opinion of theemployer after being contacted for an interview In addition, arecent survey showed that 52% of applicantsdidn't feel asthough theyretreated as individualsduring therecruitment process. 8. 07/05/13 10 One third of thosesurveyed said they received no responseat all to an application 30% received astandard templateemail without any specific details Only 16% received phonecallsfrom therecruiter/hiring manager providing littleor general feedback 17% received phonecallsfrom therecruiter/hiring manager, providing specific feedback and answering any questions 9. What will change... 07/05/13 Footer Text 11 The dynamic, competitive and efficient multi-channel experience that is becoming an expectation within retail and consumer services will arrive at the door of HR services. Time invested, from the candidates perspective, will become the currency that will fuel their expectations. Their key expectation/requirement will be timely, accurate and transparent communication. A personalised experience, and all that entails, will become the norm. The monitoring and influencing of brand sentiment (corporate and personal) will become an essential. 10. The connected world an opportunity &amp; a challenge 07/05/13 12 Half of Centricas candidates are already British Gas customers. It certainly focussed the mind in terms of how you communicate Matt Berry, Centrica Candidates are demanding more and more every day. Its incredibly similar to e- commerce. Matt Burney, Resourcing and Community Manager at G4S 11. Your mannerisms in the selection process 12. Your technology becomes an image of a business 13. Schizophrenic 14. Turn therecruitment processon itshead... ENGAGEMENT VsSELECTION 15. Video in recruitment whereit sitsand whereit fits... 16. Onlinevideo consumption continuesto show hugegrowth theUSget it. According to Nielsen, therewere... 11 billion video streamswatched by 139 million uniqueuserslast month in theU.S. alone, which representsgrowth of 24.8% and 11.3% respectively compared with September 2008. 17. 90% of information transmitted to thebrain isvisual... Visualsareprocessed 60,000 timesfaster than text... 18. Whats changing? Increased bandwidth: 75% of UK homeshavebroadband access, expected to continuing growing. Theaveragedownload speed is9Mbps. 19. Wherevideo fits 20. Video job description 21. 22. Employer brand video 23. LaunchPad is completely configurable.. Because employerbranding is critical 24. On-boarding video 25. 26. Two way video interview/ meeting (i.e. Skype) 27. Skype alternatives 28. Careerssitesusing video 29. Captured Video interviewing 30. Set the Questions Invite Candidates Review Responses Collaborate How video interviewing works 31. Why it makessense.... 32. A superiorcandidate experience Video interviewing is an opportunity to engage yourcandidates. Reason #1 33. We survey every candidate. Heres what they say: 83% had apositiveexperienceof video interviewing 95% thought theinstructionswereclear and knew what they had to do 45% of candidatessaid that thebest thing about video interviewing was that they could do it at home, in their own time 34. Completely match youremployerbrand to engage yourcandidates Youve spent time creating youremployerbrand Yourtechnology should be able to reflect it. Reason #2 35. Change the look, feel, tone to suit 36. Perfectly fits yourexisting recruitment process because it is completely configurable Reason #3 37. Helps you make BetterHiring Decisions because hiring decisions usually involve multiple people Reason #4 38. Presents candidates to yourclients in a compelling way intelligent candidate marketing Reason #5 39. Whatstheimpact of NOT embracing video technology, social and mobile... 40. How recorded video technology addsvaluein therecruitment sector... KirstieKelly Batt: 07787 130512 </p>