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  • HDGraphic Design raphic design stimulates both sides of my brain. The creative side is highly utilized when creating a new spin on a design. The

    reasoning side joins the party when I apply my sense of grammar to the visual language.

    Whether it is graphic design or 3-D design, I lean toward the modern end of the style spectrum. There is just something about cool and clean lines that are balanced in such a way as to push the boundaries of what we consider to be success-ful design that drives an obsession within me to become better at dictating where those lines exist within space. Honestly, my heart is beating faster just from writing that sentence.



  • 7T he essence of graphic design is that of directing the viewers eye & attention to the client. Knowing how the visual language impacts the psychology & sociology of the target demographic is paramount for success.


  • 9 sing letter forms, images and different shapes to embody and project a groups purpose is no easy task.

    To ensure success in achieving the desired product, designers have to create multiple solutions to be able to hone in on a clients expectations.



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    onvey a message with an object of depth and volume. Communicating in

    this way is like knowing a language that ev-eryone understands to some extent. The act of

    creating these forms is incredibly empowering.

    My preferred vehicle for conveying messages lately has been a raw robotic form but, I plan to include more abstract forms in the future. I enjoy working on custom pieces that are very

    personal in nature for anyone willing to commission their creation.

    I strive to become comfortable working with new materials. Currently metal, wood, clay, Plexiglas

    and plaster are among my favorite materi-als to use.




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    Old Rivet Gearson

    [aprox. 4.5 x 9]Materials: maple, mild steal, copper, steel

    wool, galvanized steel

    This is the first robot that I made for someone else using their favorite music and artwork as reference for the

    initial design of the piece. I listened to music from Radiohead and fixated on the album artwork. This figure is unique due to the

    wooden head. A free moving copper heart resides inside the hollow chest.

    Emotional Robot II [aprox. 4.5 x 6]

    Materials: stoneware, mild steel,stainless steel

    This project was my first attempt at making figurative sculpture with ceramics and metals. The meaning of each piece is not always clear to me. It seems that I can only look at a piece in retrospect and speculate why I made the aesthetic choices that I made while processing the materials into their current form.


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    Optimist Prime

    [aprox. 4 x 6]

    Materials: mild steel, brass

    This robot figure is made entirely of scrap metal found in the Middle Tennessee State University metal shop. I was

    commissioned by a classmate and professional artist to design/create a robot for her. Her reference material that she gave me was

    the band Sting.

    Bad Day Bot[aprox. 3.5 x 2]

    Materials: ceramic/metal

    The ceramic chest piece was sculpted from stoneware clay body and fired in a raku kiln. The arms and head are completely constructed from steel and other scrap parts found around the metal shop at the time of construction. The construction of all of my robot forms are very impulsive in origin.


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    HDPhotography y experience with photography grew from a stroll to a steady jog when I started to explore the many layers of graphic design. Understanding and reproducing what makes a exceptional picture takes a great amount of skill. The visual language practiced within graphic design and 3-D design translates seemlessly into the act of capturing a still image.

    Good Photography is 75% subject matter and 25% is knowing how to take that subject matter to a more exciting place. This is where formal training of a visual language comes into play.

    A successful shot is complete when the shutter closes. However, Utilizing the appropriate software can elevate a golden shot to a platinum one.



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    Create the emotion & capture it.Support and highlight what you have captured.

    Capitalizing these elements inspire me to take my work farther than



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    RawFurnishings unctional art is beauty with

    a purpose. The balance between form and function is give and take. I have found that if I

    strive to uphold the integrity of both to achieve a happy medium and a happy designer. My favorite as-

    pect of designing these pieces is working completely from logic. Instead of researching how these products are tradi-

    tionally manufactured, I construct a functional piece using both reason and creativity. There is something about the problem solving

    involved that I enjoy.

    Building within the modern style is exciting. To be able to design and build beautiful objects that give people

    comfort is exhilarating. With each piece that I produce I gain a greater understanding of how

    furniture functions and how to improve that function. The challenge is doing it

    with unique style.



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    Task Chair[aprox. 3.5 x 2]

    Materials: mild/stainless steel,leather, rubber

    VL-AH SOFA[aprox. 7 x 3.5 x 2.5]

    Materials: mild steel, vinyl, wood


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    [aprox. 18 x 18]

    Material: mild steel

    Rocking Chair[aprox. 4 x 2]

    Material: mild steel


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    Dim Lamp[aprox. 16 x 10 x 6]

    Materials: mild steel, brass, glass, wood

    SpiralFountain[aprox. 6.5 x 1 x 1]

    Materials: mild steel, brass, copper, glass


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