ugly sweater jeopardy

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Literary Terms A to Z


2NicknamesThat Just Aint RightSnafusAKA.3 Degrees.The Connection$200$400$600$800$1000$200$400$600$800$1000$200$400$600$800$1000$200$400$600$800$1000$200$400$600$800$1000$200$400$600$800$100079This persons nicknameCan be heard in a Popular Christmas Carol

80This person can be known by Different nicknames which Depends on her hair color

82This person is known as The sexiest tree leanerIn the world

84The reluctant Rock Stars

.86A Different Language8Worst WeatherDecision Ever 90These two were Involved in a bar fight which Resulted in a bitten belly and an eye surgery

92This person actually got a Tattoo that has a misspelled word94This person has used An iPhone App for an OdometerIn her Hummer.

96Mel and Tara have hidden this personscigarettes in our freezer since2001.98 Once asked to leave a casino bya security guard, this guest had to bewheeled out in a wheelchair.

30This guest was arrested for DWI, But she was acquitted.maybe dueto her girlfriends reaction of trying on her clothes32This person was involved inan event with another vehicle that led to the infamous Bubba Tooth34This person was almostArrested for arson at theFirst ugly sweater party due to Her involvement with a jacket and a candle.36This person has been thrown out ofthree casinos, two bars, and gaveHerself a black eye after walking with The devil 38The party in which LoLo Left squealing tires

40The party in which we rode to a strip club in a limo and shot fireworksfrom the moon roof42The party in which Susan Evans, Woody, and Linder nearly drowned 44At this party, HarryetteShowed up pulling a smokingBarbeque pit46A party that happens on Cross Lake every year

48Thats When I was only Gay on Weekends.

50Id rather climb A tree and tell the truthThan to stay on the Ground and tell a lie

52True story.54Brown hadnt done Shit for me .56Soooo-eeeeyyyyyy!!59 Tha Hissy

61Hooves are hurtin


65FHA 67Convertible


71Who is Slim?35Who is Skimmie?37Who is T-Lea?39What is the 1st Pool Party Eva!!!41What is Slims 30th?43What is the floatTrip or Mellies 40th?45What is the Pork and Beer Fest?47What is the Floatilla?

49Who is Lesley?51Who isSusan?53Who is Millie?55Who is Ginger?57DailyDouble!!

58Who is Melissa?60What is the House?62What is Feet?

64What is Something to Eat?66What is fat,Happy, and Ass-wagging?

68What is a straight woman who has seen the light?70


73That Just Aint Right74Snafus75Sassy Sez763 DegreesFrom West Carroll Parish 77The Connection78Who isLa-La?81Who is Cristy?83Who is Lacey?85Who is JennyAnd Tara?

87Who isSkimmie?

89What is beach trip during a tropical storm?

91Who is Wood and LoLo?93Who is Tammy Gunter?95Who isSusan Evans?97Who is Harry?99Who is Cristy?101What is someoneKnock on someones backdoor?

103What is LoLos Advice?105What is using aTaser gun?107Who is Lesley?109Who is Slim?

111Who is Lesley?113Who isLacey or Woody?115Who is Cristy?117Who is Stephanie?119What is Too Many To Name?121Who areJenny & Ginger?123Who are Tammy and Steph?125Who areCristy & LoLo?127DailyDouble!!

128Who are Les and Lacey?130Who is Margo?132Who are Mel,Jenny, and Ginger?

134Who are slim And Wood?

136Who is Margo?138What is aNarrative?140Who is LACEY?


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