ug3 class teacher and trainee teacher briefing welcome november 11 th 2014


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    WELCOMENovember 11th 2014

    Julie Sutton 2012

  • Outline of Afternoon Registration and lunch

    Welcome Primary Centre Priorities Assessment and Grading Reflective Portfolio Professional Research in Subject Specialism

    Phonics and Mathematics forms to be completed Teacher and trainee Professional Development workshop Career entry profileClose of Session and evaluations

    Julie Sutton 2012

  • Professional support for studentsWeekly observation (two by supervisory tutor, weekly by school staff)

    Joint observation between school and supervisory tutor

    Oral and written feedback following observation (on new observation form)

    Weekly review meeting with class teacher (to review and set targets in line with TS standards for forthcoming week)

    Plenty of informal feedback and encouragement!

    Julie Sutton 2012

  • School Experience expectations

    Week one:Teach approximately 40% of the timetable including one or two whole class lessons each day. Clear lesson plans for all planned teaching sessions.Support the class teacher with the teaching of groups or individuals.Start to gather data for Professional Research in Specialist Subject (PRiSS). Trainees should be allowed half a day a week for this.Set up assessment opportunities

    Julie Sutton 2012

  • SE expectations

    Week two

    Teach approximately 75% of the timetable. Teaching to include at least 2 whole class teaching sessions each day including core subjects (or EYFS equivalent) together with some group work (e.g. 2 whole class teaching sessions and 1 group teaching session).

    Plan the display of childrens work

    Continue with assessment work

    Julie Sutton 2012

  • SE expectationsWeeks three sevenTeach for around 80% across the curriculumTeach the whole class including core subjects for approximately 80% of the timetable (allowing 10% for PPA and 10% for PRiSS research)Where feasible gain experience of teaching all non-core subjects by the end of the SEComplete mid-point review by end of week four and e-mail it to Take responsibility for the day to day running of the class.

    Julie Sutton 2012

  • SE expectationsWeek Eight:All previous expectations apply with addition of :Discuss the SE report with the teacher and/or Lead Mentor. This should be completed using a Word document and word-processed. E-mail to by Monday March 16th 2014.Ensure that all childrens work is concluded and that displays, marking and assessment records are completed.Return resources

    Complete and return SE evaluation online.

    Julie Sutton 2012

  • Grading Structure

    TS1 OutstandingTS2 GoodTS3 PassEmerging

    UG3 Flow diagram

    Julie Sutton 2012

  • External Examiner VisitsApproximately 10% of students are visited during the final week of the placement. Examiners will need to see a cross-section of students. Schools and students will be informed in good time if selected.This is a formal visit by a colleague from a partner institution commenting on the effectiveness of our course and how it is established in school. It cannot affect the students grades!Moderation Visits Approximately 10% of students are visited during the final placement by UW moderators. These are tutors / Headteachers who are moderating the grading to ensure consistency across the Partnership.

    Julie Sutton 2012

  • AttendanceAttendance is compulsory throughout all school experiences.All absence must be reported to the school by telephone, to the SETutor and to Liz Davies at you must have completed 120 days in school by theend of SE3.

    Interview Dates2 days may be taken to attend interviews providing there has beenfull attendance in SE1 and SE2. All absence MUST be reported to Liz Davies and you will be contacted if you are not compliant and need to make any days up.Trainees should not expect to view schools advertising a teaching post during the school day.

    Julie Sutton 2012

  • Useful information for class teachers and lead mentors- only 3 clicks away! on Academic Departments towards bottom of pageClick Institute of EducationFinal click: Partnership workingBrings you to the Partnership webpage(Or you can go directly to )

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  • Thank you !

    Julie Sutton 2012