udsl uni-dsl - one dsl for universal service

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UDSL Uni-DSL - One DSL for Universal Service. ADSL ADSL2 ADSL2+ VDSL VDSL2 . Video Voice Data * Video Voice Data * Video Voice Data * Video Voice Data . IP Network. TI Broadband - From Infrastructure to Endpoints. Infrastructure. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • UDSL Uni-DSL - One DSL for Universal Service

  • TI Broadband - From Infrastructure to EndpointsDSLCableVoIPWireless LANInfrastructurePremisesEndpoints Public Telephone NetworkCable modemsDSL modemsWi-Fi routersWi-Fi broadband gatewaysSmall/medium business and Enterprise voice gatewaysDSL infrastructure products (central office, DLC, remote terminals)Carrier-class Voice-over-IP gatewaysHandheldsConsumer electronicsPCsIP phones

  • Worldwide DSL Market Full of OpportunityDSL maintaining 70% share of broadband market worldwide for data servicesVoIP services are starting to be provided by operators Video is the next opportunity for DSL market growthSource: TI estimates based on various industry reports

  • Operators Next Generation DSL BattlegroundNeed to deliver maximum bandwidth and near ubiquitous coverage in a converged networkVideo services (HDTV and PPV)Near 100% coverage with data serviceManaged networksVoice services: convergence of various voice networks Carrier Network Topologies are ChangingAll major operators are shortening their loopsDeployment at wiring cross connect cabinets is startingMore deployments for MDU/in-building networks

  • VDSL Limited for the FutureToday everyone thinks VDSL solves their problems, however it is limitedRequires Specific Line Cards in the CONew CPEs need to be deployedLimited ReachNot SymmetricComplicated ProvisioningInteroperability ProblemsTIs Proposal A DSL Platform Providing Universal ServiceUni-DSL - UDSL

  • Uni-DSL (UDSL) One DSL for Universal ServiceMulticarrier solution based on DMTSingle chipset support of DMT standardsVDSL1, VDSL2, ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, and Ultra-high speed DSL (UHDSL)Ultra-high speed end to end solution up to 100 Mbps symmetric over existing wiring (200 Mbps aggregate) Scalable 800 Mbps digital device for port density for DSL infrastructure 4 ports at 100 Mbps symmetric or 200 Mbps aggregate 8 ports at 50 Mbps symmetric or 100 Mbps aggregate

    OptDS1f3.75 MHzUDSL*0138 kHz* Example spectrum; flexible spectrum allows any combinations of upstream and downstreamUS1DS2US2DS35.2 MHz8.5 MHz12 MHz

  • UDSL Offers Support for All DSL Flavors CentralOffice EquipmentShelf Remote Terminalor VaultCrossConnect/PrimaryConnectNeighborhoodWiring Pedestal BasementIn BuildingMDU1Kft 3Kft 4Kft 6Kft 1 ft300 ft 500 ft Home NID18+ Kft ADSL/ADSL2READSL2ADSL2+VDSL/VDSL2FTTURemote/ShortLoop DSLUltra High Speed DSLUni-DSLDistance from the CPE9Kft 12KftVDSL Head EndVDSL: Up to 52 MbpsMDU Head EndVDSL: Up to 52 MbpsUDSL: Up to 200 MbpsPON Termination (ONT)FTTUVarious Home NetworksRemote DSL/Short Loop DSL Short Loop IVDADSL2+: Up to 24 MbpsADSL2: 1.5 to 12 MbpsLong Haul IVDNext Generation DLCADSL2+: Up to 24 MbpsADSL2: 1.5 12 MbpsADSL: 1.5 8 MbpsTraditional DSLAMs ADSL2: 1.5 12 MbpsADSL: 1.5 8 MbpsREADSL2: 192+ kbpsLong Haul IVDs

  • Uni-DSL A Universal Service PlatformUDSL equipment in the cross connectADSL up to 8 MbpsADSL2+ up to 24MbpsVDSL up to 52MbpsUltra-high speed 100Mbps symmetric FiberCross Connects:In almost every neighborhood. At most 6000 ft from consumer. Each holds about 600-800 consumer lines.

  • Next Gen Needs for U.S. OperatorsLong loops and older loops, but natural deployment location at cross connect < 6kftNeed migration path to 3 simultaneous HDTV channels over DSL (minimum)Remote DSL from cross connect can potentially supply up to 20% of current voice subscribers, who are not reachable by ADSL today

  • Next Gen Needs for Asian OperatorsKorea Maximum loop reach required is 1 km nowFTTC and FTTH is next step with VDSL or higher data ratesJapan Fiber + VDSL is long term strategy for operators; most loops under 1 kmFiber to the building with VDSL or 100baseT to provide 100 Mbps symmetric capability for data is neededChinaADSL with Reach Extension now to improve coverage followed by ADSL2+, VDSL

  • Next Gen Needs for European OperatorsUKPrimarily focused on providing data services and 100% coverageInterested in deployment at primary connection points (cross connects) if political hurdles can be overcomeStarting to look at deep fiber deployment with VDSL GermanyLonger loop plant than most others European operators; up to 4.2+ kmConcentrating on delivering data-only services at a relatively low data rate Sees remote DSL as potential method to extend reach and lower costFranceCurrent video strategy focused on lower data rate DSL; i.e., 6 to 10 Mbps, solution for single channel SDTV over 3 km; eventual evolution to ADSL2+ for multi-channelItalyIncumbents are rolling out video service in 2004 to compete with CLEC (FastWeb)Interested in high speed symmetric (10+ Mbps) offering to home and small business

  • TIs Current UDSL ActivitiesDiscussions with worldwide operators on conceptStrategic discussions with key customersPotential to leverage incumbency and capture DSLAM/DLC market opportunitiesLooking at standards activityHave over 20 submissions into the standards bodies related to UDSL conceptsNo one is at this level of leadership to drive universal servicesGoal to make Uni-DSL an industry-wide effort to drive growth in the DSL market

  • UDSL Makes Video Over DSL PossibleOperators need an affordable option to support all of their network requirements and servicesUni-DSL (UDSL) provides support for ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL, VDSL2 and a 100 Mbps symmetric ultra-high speed modeOperators will be able to provide all DMT-based services off of one line card or home gateway, making deployment more affordableTI is taking a leadership position in making video over DSL services a reality

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  • Performance Comparison: ADSL vs VDSL

  • Performance Comparison: ADSL vs. VDSL

  • UDSLs Performance Enhancing FeaturesBondingExtend high data rate reachLeverage excess copper pairsDynamic Spectrum Management (DSM)Level 0 with AC7/AR7Levels 1 to 2 with software upgradeLevel 3 ideal in short loop and MDU type deployment with UDSLOptimize transmission latency to match applicationsThroughput improvements with priority queuing at the CPEMulti-latency for voice vs. video vs. data