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  • 1. UCLAINVENTS O F F I C E o f I N T E L L E C T U A L P R O P E R T Y Vo l u m e I I I , 2 0 0 8 NA NOTECH NO MvEentu ENTREPRENEURS CU STARTUPS LAR GEO L E ING re capital - M R GU IOM B A KIT HAO S ELLOGY BRE N S I NOLAR L I C GE S G C L GH E NE TBIE TECHNO H ORAPY material TEN T S tr a s nsfer agreements PA ice vCleantech dical de biosens me ors DRIVING INNOVATION TO MARKET
  • 2. UCLA is a big city school. It's not out somewhere in No Man's Land. It's here in one of the most important metropolitan centers in the world: L.A. The Capitol of Now. UCLA feeds off that. And the city and its entrepreneurs/creators, feed off it, too. Richard Ziman, Chairman of AVP Advisors, LLC
  • 3. CONTENTS OIP O F F I C E O F I N T E L L E C T U A L P R O P E RT Y LETTER FROM THE VICE PROVOST 02 OIP @ A GLANCE 03 INTERNATIONAL REACH OF Life-Saving Fashion Statement 04 UCLA TECHNOLOGY Simplifying Statin 05 Creating Cancer Killers 06 COPYRIGHT Helping California Kids with 07 the Numbers Game STARTUPS Breathe Easy 08 Internal Images at the Right Exposure 09 CENTER SHOWCASE: ENERGY How UCLA is Helping to Power the Future 10 LICENSING A Novel Idea that Stops a Deadly 12 Addiction and Saves Lives Bridge of Smiles 13 PROFILES Small Miracles, Big Science 14 Big Idea for a Small Science 15 Hope From a Mutant Heart 16 TCA MENTORSHIP PROGRAM Business Meets Bruins 17 DRUG DEVELOPMENT PIPELINE Making Miracles 18 OIP CONTACTS 20 They do more than pass out knowledge around here. They create it. 01 U C L A O F F I C E O F I N T E L L E C T U A L P R O P E RT Y | 2 0 0 8
  • 4. Letter from the V ice P rovost a D R I V I N G I N N O V A T I O N T O M A R K E T A new drug to fight cancer. A bet- undertaking the development of nology transfer to benefit the ter way to combat heart disease. UCLA technologies is ris- public good. Faculty in engineer- Portable wearable kidneys. Its all ing. International companies are ing and the physical sciences are in a days work for the UCLA becoming increasingly interested actively seeking alternative ener- Office of Intellectual Property in licensing UCLAs discoveries gy technologies. And, while there and Industry Sponsored in health care, green technolo- is a persistent concern that the Research, (OIP-ISR) team that gies and information technology. United States is falling behind in creates and fosters innovative Its not a surprise, then, that educating future scientists and university-industry partnerships. California was named one of the mathematicians, UCLA faculty Here and abroad, our campus top five states in the nation that are embracing the role of teaching collaborators are moving research are innovative leaders, as meas- young students, for example, from the lab to the marketplace. I ured by international patent about nanoscience and producing am pleased to invite you to read applications, in a recent Ewing innovative materials to help out- our third issue of UCLA Invents, Marion Kauffman Foundation standing math teachers carry out which highlights a number of study. Currently, we have 38 their mission. All these stories are promising projects, including sev- licensees of UCLA patents from available in this issue. eral that are international in scope. other countries. You can count on us to contin- In fact, the number of inter- As more and more pharmaceu- ue to foster innovation within our national companies that are tical and biotechnology compa- campus community, to find novel nies have sought our help to ways to efficiently forge industry develop the next-generation ther- collaborations, to facilitate the apeutics through basic transla- commercialization of UCLA tech- tional and clinical research, nologies to benefit society and to UCLA scientists have risen to the promote economic growth in challenge. Take, for example, California. Agensys, a local biotech company We welcome you to contact us and one of the earliest UCLA fac- and look forward to working ulty startup companies. It was together. created to develop treatments for prostate cancer and was recently purchased by a large Japanese pharmaceutical company (see article on page 6). Health care technology is not Kathryn Atchison, D.D.S., M.P.H. the only place where UCLA plays a pivotal role in education, basic and applied research, and tech- 02 U C L A O F F I C E O F I N T E L L E C T U A L P R O P E RT Y | 2 0 0 8
  • 5. OIP TOP 10 REVENUE-PRODUCING TECHNOLOGIES FOR FY2007 1 Medical coil device for aneurysm treatment 2 Biodegradable medical coil device for aneurysm treatment As one of the nation's 3 Nicotine patch smoking cessation 4 4H2 antibody-based research reagents leading research universities 5 High-resolution gamma ray d