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MBM BC 10 Business Card Slitter Parts List, Repair. Parts List.





  • CONTENTSA Paper feeder tray 12B Paper feeder unit 34C Cutter unit 56D Pressure unit 78E Slitter unit 910F First feeder plate 1112G Second feeder plate 1314H Feed roller 1516I Base plate 1718J Side plate(R) 1920K Side plate(L) 2122L Upper cover, Front panel, Rear panel 2324M Cover 2526N Stacker box,Trash box 2728O Harness 29P Screw,Nut,Washer 30

  • Parts Name Material Q'ty1 Paper feeder tray Assy 12 Frame SUS-304 t=1.2 13 Hopper plate SUS-304 t=1.2 14 Side guide(L) SUS-304 t=1.2 15 Side guide(R) SUS-304 t=1.2 16 Flat spring SUS-304 CSP t=0.2 27 Hopper hinge shaft SUS303B-D 18 Spring stay C3604BD 49 Spring SUS304-WPB 210 Grommet SBR 111 Cork sheet 3010mm t=2.0 112 Set screw 213 Coution label 114 PE bag for fix screw PE0.05 115 PE bag for paper feeder tray PE0.06 112 Screw, flat head M25 SWCH 413 Screw, flat head M35 SWCH 626 Nut, hex M2 SWCH 427 Nut, hex M3 SWCH 14 Screw, B-SEMS M36 SWCH 230 Washer, flat M3 SS400 134 Washer, split lock M2 SWRH 435 Washer, split lock M3 SWRH 137 E-ring, E-4 SWRH 2

    A Paper feeder tray

    KimberlywCalloutUse A9B

    KimberlywCalloutUse A1N for serial #NM

  • KimberlywCalloutUse A9B


    KimberlywCalloutUse A1N for serial #NM

    KimberlywCallouthold's to machine

  • Parts Name Material Q'ty-1 Paper feeder unit ASSY 1-3 Upper frame SECC t=1.6 1-4 Upper beam 1 SECC t=1.2 1-5 Upper beam 2 SECC t=1.2 1-6 Plate 1 SECC t=1.0 1-7 Plate 2 SECC t=1.0 1-9 Cushion 1-10 Static eliminator 1-11 Pick up frame SECC t=1.6 1-12 Pick up motor 1-11 Pick up motor harness 1-13 Pick up motor bracket SECC t=1.6 1-14 Motor shaft pulley 1-15 Timing belt 1-16 Pick up roller 1-17 Pick up holder 1-18 Roller shaft SUS303B-DG 1-19 Roller shaft pulley 1-20 Bearing 4-21 One-way clutch 1-22 Set screw SWRM 1-23 First pressure roller ASSY 1-24 Pressure roller URETHANE/C3604B 2-25 Pressure roller shaft SUS303B-DG 1-26 Pressure roller shaft frame SECC t=1.2 1-27 Roller shaft bearing 2-29 Pinch bracket 2-30 Pinch bracket shaft SUS303B-DG 2-31 Caution label 1-28 Adjust bolt SCM435 1-32 Spring SUS304-WPB 1-12 Screw, flat head M25 SWCH 1-13 Screw, flat head M35 SWCH 16-27 Nut, hex M3 SWCH 2-29 Nut, hex M5 SWCH 1-4 Screw, B-SEMS M36 SWCH 22-30 Washer, flat M3 SS400 1-22 Screw, hex socket set M33 SCM435 6-37 E-ring, E-4 S60CM 4-38 E-ring, E-5 S60CM 6

    B Paper feeder unit

    KimberlywCalloutUse B1N for Serial #'s NM

    KimberlywCalloutB16 roller only B16 complete


    KimberlywCalloutcomes w/B12


    KimberlywCalloutcomes w/B16

    KimberlywCalloutshould use B16C


    KimberlywCalloutcomes w/B29

  • KimberlywCalloutB16 roller onlyB16C complete

  • Parts Name Material Q'ty1 Cutter unit 12 Cutter unit motor 112 Cutter unit harness 13 Cutter sensor 13 Cutter sensor harness 14 Cutter cover SECC t=1.2 15 Cut sheet guide SECC t=1.0 16 S2 sensor ASSY 17 S2 sensor Bracket SPCC t=2.3 18 S2 sensor PCB 11 S2 sensor harness 19 Nut plate SPCC t=2.3 110 Warning label 111 Sticker with sponge 212 Screw, flat head M25 SWCH 216 Screw, flat head M38 SWCH 226 Nut, M2 SWCH 24 Screw, B-SEMS M36 SWCH 417 Screw, hex socket cap M410 SCM435 232 Washer, flat M4 SS400 236 Washer, split lock M4 SWRH 234 Washer, split lock M2 SWRH 21 Screw, pan head M25 SWCH 2

    C Cutter unit

    KimberlywCalloutUse C6


    KimberlywCalloutno longer available as individual comes w/c1

    KimberlywCalloutUse C5N for Serial #'s NM

    KimberlywSticky NoteThis part will be used only after the C8 is out of stock.






    KimberlywCalloutcomes w/C6

  • KimberlywCalloutNo longer availableon its own comes w/c1

  • Parts Name Material Q'ty1 Pressure unit ASSY 12 Upper frame 13 Handle PA 14 Lower frame 15 Guide plate 16 Pressure roller shaft ASSY 27 Roller shaft 28 Roller C3604B URETHANE 49 Roller shaft bearing 410 Hex socket cap bolt M540 SCM435 211 Spring SWP 212 Ball catcher(U) 213 Caution label 113 Screw, flat head M35 SWCH 44 Screw, B-SEMS M36 SWCH 229 Nut, hex M5 SWCH 439 E-ring, E-6 S60CM 423 Screw, hex socket set M34 SCM435 8

    D Pressure unit

    KimberlywCalloutUse D1N for Serial #'s NM

  • KimberlywCalloutUse J19

  • Parts Name Material Q'ty1 Slitter unit ASSY 13 Slitter frame SECC t=1.6 14 Upper beam SECC t=1.2 15 Lower beam SECC t=1.0 16 Side trash guide SECC t=1.0 27 Center trash guide SECC t=1.6 18 Slitter motor 113 Slitter motor harness 1

    14 Slitter motor extention harness 1

    9 Slitter motor bracket 110 Slitter motor shaft pulley 111 Timing belt 112 Thin brade ASSY 413 Thin brade SKH51 414 Thin brade holder C3604B 415 Thin brade holder spacer POM 416 Thin brade pin SUS303B-DG 417 Spring holder POM 418 Spring SWP 419 Thick brade(single) SKD11 220 Thick brade(double)6mm SKD11 121 Thick brade(double)12.7mm SKD11 122 Slitter feed roller /EPDM 223 Tention roller POM 224 Tention roller bearing 425 Spacer 1027 Shim SUS304 328 Shaft thin brade SUS303B-DG 129 Shaft thick brade SUS303B-DG 130 Thick brade shaft pulley 131 Gear(32) POM/C3604B 132 Gear(28) POM/C3604B 133 Bearing 434 Delivery roller 1 ASSY 135 Delivery roller shaft 1 SUS303B-DG 126 Delivery roller 1 POM 436 Delivery roller 2 ASSY 137 Delivery roller shaft 2 SUS303B-DG 138 Delivery roller 2 NEOPRENE 639 Gear(12) POM 140 Gear(12) POM 1

    E Slitter unit

    KimberlywCalloutONLY COMES COMPLETE

    KimberlywCalloutActual part #PAUE-6




    KimberlywCalloutE3, E4, & E5 comes w/E1



    KimberlywCalloutO13 & O14 comes w/E8







    KimberlywCalloutE13 - E18 comes w/E12


  • Parts Name Material Q'ty

    E Slitter unit

    41 Spring pin 142 Collar C3604BD 143 Delivery roller bearing 244 Static eliminator 111 Sticker with sponge 145 Warning label 146 Center label 141 E-ring, E-8 S60CM 137 E-ring, E-4 S60CM 838 E-ring, E-5 S60CM 142 C-ring, C-18 S60CM 44 Screw, B-SEMS M36 SWCH 1418 Screw, binding M34 SWCH 219 Screw, binding M36 SWCH 421 Screw, binding M320 SWCH 112 Screw, flat head M25 SWCH 130 Washer, flat M3 SS400 131 Washer, flat M3(small) SS400 535 Washer, split lock M3 SWRH 127 Nut, hex M3 SWCH 18 Screw, pan head M48 SWCH 322 Screw, hex socket set M33 SCM435 425 Screw, hex socket set M44 SCM435 11

  • KimberlywCalloutComes Complete only

  • Parts Name Material Q'ty1 First feeder plate SECC t=1.6 12 First feeder cover SECCt=1.0 13 First pad base POM 14 Separate pad 15 Spring SUS304WPP 26 Tray bracket SECC t=1.6 27 Push-up spring SUS304 t=0.1 212 Screw, flat head M25 SWCH 24 Screw, B-SEMS M36 SWCH 1034 Washer, split lock M2 SWRH 226 Nut, hex M2 SWCH 25 Screw, B-SEMS M38 SWCH 2

    F First feeder plate

    KimberlywCalloutF1N for Serial #'s NM

    KimberlywCalloutuse F3 for Serial #'s M101001-M101040

    Use F3N for Serial#'s M101327 UP

  • Parts Name Material Q'ty1 Second feeder plate SECC t=1.0 12 Slitter unit bracket SECC t=1.6 13 Slitter unit support shaft SUS303B 14 Slitter sensor bracket SECC t=1.2 15 Slitter sensor MS 25 Slitter sensor MS harness 16 Caution label 114 Screw, flat head M36 SWCH 44 Screw, B-SEMS M36 SWCH 437 E-ring, E-4 S60CM 2

    G Second feeder plate

  • Parts Name Material Q'ty2 First feed roller ASSY 13 First feed roller shaft SUS303B-DG 14 Second feed roller ASSY 15 Second feed roller shaft SUS303B-DG 16 Third feed roller ASSY 17 Third feed roller shaft SUS303B-DG 18 Bearing 69 Collar C3604BD 310 Feed roller URETHANE/C3604B 622 Screw, hex socket set M33 SCM435 1239 E-ring, E-6 S60CM 240 E-ring, E-7 S60CM 2

    H Feed roller

  • Parts Name Material Q'ty1 Base plate SECC t=2.3 12 Spacer, fix for power supply SUM22 43 Power supply(AC100V) 14 Power supply(AC240V) 1

    15 AC harness(Power switch to Pawer supply) 1

    5 Fuse(125V) 16 Fuse(250V) 17 Fuse holder 18 Foot 49 Cable tie 210 Fuse label(125V) 111 Fuse label(250V) 112 Earth label 113 Warning label 111 Sticker with sponge 111 Screw, pan head M414 SWCH 44 Screw, B-SEMS M36 SWCH 719 Screw, binding M36 SWCH 17 Screw, B-SEMS M46 SWCH 45 Screw, B-SEMS M38 SWCH 443 Screw, binding M46 SWCH 1

    33 Washer, external toothed lock M4 SS400 1

    32 Washer, flat M4 SS400 4

    I Base plate

    KimberlywCalloutI2 comes w/I1


    kimberlywText BoxuseP4

  • kimberlywLine

    kimberlywText BoxP-4

    kimberlywText Box

  • Parts Name Material Q'ty1 Side plate(R) SECC t=2.0 12 Bracket, paper feeder tray(R) SECC t=1.6 13 Stepping motor 110 Stepping motor harness 14 Stepping motor shaft pulley 15 Timing belt 16 Timing pulley1 17 Timing pulley2 18 Timing pulley3 ASSY 19 One-way clutch 110 Aidoler bracket SECC t=2.0 111 Aidoler ASSY 112 Aidoler collar C3604BD 113 Bearing 214 Washer, 312 SS40015 Upper cover inter-lock MS 16 Upper cover inter-lock MS harness 116 Upper cover inter-lock cover 117 Paper feeder unit hinge pin SUS 118 Magnet catch 119 Ball catch 120 Spiral tube21 PE tube 122 Spring pin SWO 123 Rear panel holder SECC t=1.6 19 Screw, B-SEMS M48 SWCH 42 Screw, pan head M210 SWCH 26 Screw, pan head M320 SWCH 111 Screw, pan head M414 SWCH 44 Screw, B-SEMS M36 SWCH 822 Screw, hex socket set M33 SCM435 224 Screw, hex socket set M35 SCM435 444 Screw, binding M48 SWCH 128 Nut, hex M4 SWCH 436 Washer, split lock M4 SWCH 439 E-ring, E-


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