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Ubuntu (Desktop Edition). Presented by , Barry, Elh Ibrahima ITEC400 Franklin University Professor Robert D’Andrea April 10, 2008 ___________________. Outline. Definition (about Ubuntu) History (Ubuntu development process) Meaning Name of Ubuntu Ubuntu Philosophy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Ubuntu (Desktop Edition)

    Presented by,Barry, Elh IbrahimaITEC400Franklin UniversityProfessor Robert DAndreaApril 10, 2008___________________

  • OutlineDefinition (about Ubuntu)History (Ubuntu development process)Meaning Name of UbuntuUbuntu PhilosophySub-projects of UbuntuBasic Features of UbuntuHardware Requirements for UbuntuCurrent Releases Some Screenshots of Ubuntu Conclusion Questions / Answers

  • Definition (about Ubuntu)Ubuntu is a free Linux distribution open source software for desktop, laptops, and servers.Ubuntu include many applications such as web browser, presentation, document and spreadsheet software, instant messaging and more.Ubuntu is a derivative of the Debian GNU/Linux.

  • (Source: ubuntu.com)

  • History: (Ubuntu Development Process)2004: Ubuntu released its first official product in October 2004, Version 4.10

    2005: Ubuntu community saw a dramatic growth in development team.

    2006: Ubuntu project took a significant step with the release of its first "Long Term Support" (LTS) release.

  • Meaning Name of UbuntuUbuntu is an African word that has been rendered several ways.Coming from Zulu, the word Ubuntu literally means humaneness.The term itself has been paraphrased in many ways:A person is a person because of other persons. I am what I am because of what we all are. The belief in a universal bound of sharing that connects all humanity.

  • Sub-projects of UbuntuKubuntu and Xubuntu are official subprojects of the Ubuntu project.These subprojects aim to bring the KDE and Xfce desktop environments to the Ubuntu core.Ubuntu uses GNOME for its desktop environment.

  • Basic Features of UbuntuOpenOffice.org productivity suite.Internet browser Firefox.Instant messenger Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim).GIMP Games:Sudoku Chess

  • Hardware requirementsFor version 7.10, the Ubuntu live CD requires at least 256 MB of RAM to run the desktop install CD. Processor: 700 MHz x86 processor for Desktop Edition, and 300 MHz x86 processor for Server Edition Ubuntu needs 4 GB of hard disk space

  • Current ReleasesUbuntu version 7.10 is the current release in use.

    Ubuntu version 8.04: (Scheduled for April 24, 2008).

  • Some Screenshots(Source: ubuntu.com)

  • Some Screenshots (cont.)(Source: cybernetnews.com)

  • Conclusion All in all, Ubuntus popularity has climbed steadily since its 2004 release. It aims to provide users with a regular stable and security-supported snapshot of the best of the open source world.

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  • Questions?Ill be glad to answer any questions you ask.